Good New Year's Day on Saturday!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by tiredmommy, Jan 1, 2011.

  1. tiredmommy

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    Good Morning! :coffee:

    We had a lovely evening with a few friends over, it was a great time. We had Duckie's "stage" mom & dad & their two girls, husband's cousin, wife & son, my neighbor's daughter (who slept over), and Duckie's good friends (twins) that went home a little early to ring in the new year with their family.

    We had way too much food but most of it was eaten anyway and only one wine glass was broken. The kids had a great time putting on their little hats & running outside with their noisemakers (sorry neighbors!). And speaking of the kids: they were extremely well-behaved. Not one episode of drama! (Of course we'll have to see about that later today when dealing with a sleep-deprived Duckie, lol!)

    So it was a lovely evening... and I have some cleaning to do once the girls wake up. :rofl:
  2. HaoZi

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    Morning ladies. We went to the same friend's house we spent Christmas at. Once again we had a great time, and the only time kiddo got yelled at by anyone was when ALL the kids as a group got hollered at for being too loud. Lots of games, name-calling, no drinking, plenty of food, and a great time. Intended to have a drink when we got home, but it was almost 2am so I passed on that and went to bed. The kids also got sent outside at midnight with their hats, leis, and noise makers. One of the best birthdays I've had in years! Which reminds me, even though it's a day late I should make myself a cake... after I finish the cleaning.
  3. tiredmommy

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    Happy belated birthday, HZ!
  4. KTMom91

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    Happy New Year!

    Haven't been to sleep yet...Hubby went to bed about 3:30, but Miss KT and I had the giggles, and then the paper hit the front door, so she went out after it, and tripped over her own feet while walking back to her room, and broke the hook for Hubby's bathrobe off the wall, and then fell into a bookcase, which irritated Hubby even more, so Miss KT and I went into the living room and watched Blue's Clues and Yo Gabba Gabba till she got sleepy. I just finished reading "Going Rogue," and am now watching Good Morning America. I'm still not sleepy. Maybe I should have breakfast.
  5. TerryJ2

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    Ohh, Mary, I know who's going to take a nap today! ;)

    husband brought home sushi last night. We stopped by his couins' house a blk away, for an hr, and were in bed by 11:30. Fine by me; I'm getting over a cold.
    I awoke this morning to the sound of crunching ... my dog, Google, ate my glasses. Hey, what's another $462 ? :sigh:

    Happy New Year everyone!!!
  6. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    OMG -- you people are funny!

    TM, only ONE wine glass broke? Were you on sedatives this year??? :rofl:
    HZ -- happy belated birthday!
    Mary, I think Yo Gabba Gabba would give me nightmares, too. Maybe you can take a nap today!
    Terry -- the dog ate your GLASSES?!!! Yikes! Has he always liked seefood?

    I wish I could say our NYE was without drama, but it wasn't. We had bacon burgers for dinner and creampuffs for dessert. Then we watched the first two discs of House season 6. difficult child 1 was crabby and likely tired well before midnight. husband was being a bit giddy and starting to annoy all of us. Then easy child did something that annoyed difficult child 1 and a scuffle broke out on the couch. husband tried to intervene, and couldn't do it without saying a series of things that sent difficult child 1 over the edge, and both he and easy child went storming off to their rooms. They came out a little while later, but by midnight difficult child 1 had exploded yet again and went to bed, and the rest of us went outside to wake the neighborhood with our pots and pans, along with difficult child 2's trumpet.

    I am so done. I'm thinking of running away today and letting husband deal with everyone!

    Happy New Year, all!
  7. tiredmommy

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    Come here. :bigsmile:
  8. KTMom91

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    gcvmom, I'm watching Mythbusters and making bean soup and cornbread. You can come over, if you don't mind panther fights around your feet.
  9. Frazzledmom

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    husband has the "flu" but a great time was had by all. We have an arsenal of nerf guns and huge amounts of ammunition, the house is still a mess. difficult child was at a friends so we were able to relax. He's back there tonight, wonder if they'd accept room and board.... :)