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    Maybe I'm late to the game, but there's a recent development on the Risperdal front - an every-two-week injection! This could be very, very good...will be calling the psychiatrist to update tomorrow, if GFG17 ever leaves the house. Sigh.

    Today his caseworker visited, which was really just the culmination of the day. Hmm, how shall I begin?

    He had asked me to wake him at 8, and said he'd start my truck and go with me to take DS12 to school. Of course, this was in exchange for signing him up at a gym he wanted to join but, being 17, he needed me to do so. He did get up, not in time to start the truck in our lovely 4 degree weather, but okay. So I did sign him up for a free week - gets him out of the house, you see!

    He went to work out, back in less than an hour. Ugh. Said he was going to the "office", which to him means he "does charity work" for his FFM, but really means he hangs out and acts like Mr. Big Shot.

    I told him no, so you can imagine how this set the tone of the day. He wanted to know why, I said "because", that old standby. So he left. Oh yeah, I also told him to give FFM her phone back. No, he sure did not. Surprise, huh?

    He came home, said she wasn't there, and ate lunch and plopped on the couch. Fine by me, he did finally make his bed and pick up his room, and yes, he appeared to take his medications this morning. I really do NOT think .5 mg is working, but it's just been 3 weeks. He is a bit more even, but still pizzy and argumentative and snotty and all the rest - while he's hassling and verbally abusing me. And lying and sneaking, etc.

    The court family therapist called. She and I talked, determined there was no benefit to continued counseling, and she was preparing a report for our next court date. She also talked to GFG17. After he got off the phone, he was TICKED.

    And so it started - he didn't want us handling his money, it was HIS and HE WORKED for it. He didn't WANT to take his medications, he didn't WANT to give up the phone and use his old Boost account, he didn't WANT------blah, blah, blah. Next, as per usual, were the accusations of what a rotten mother I am, how awful, how dumb, blah, blah, blah.

    Then the caseworker arrived. She talked to him first, I was in and out, because he had to get to work. Oh, my, the stuff he told her - fortunately, she's got his number (finally, it took six months!), and we straightened it all out. He keeps insisting he doesn't have his grades yet - but I do - and that he's going to switch school this semester, says his Pell will cover the cost; of course, yes, he got the letter saying that because he failed EVERY class, there will be no more Pell Grant, but he conveniently ignores that, thinks he can get around it, or just lies to everyone. Probably all of the above.

    husband put in a call to GFG17's probation officer.

    I am really, really concerned what the judge is gonna do THIS time. Last court date, he read him the riot act, assigned 25 more hours of community service, and ALMOST put him back in detention. And that was when GFG17 told the judge that he "thought" his grades were pretty good. Right. In fact, the caseworker thinks he might go back.

    And yes, I feel bad. I'd prefer independent living, or transitional, or not here ALL the time. But with CD, and maybe Auditory Processing Disorders (APD), I'm not sure locking up is best either. Sigh. Next court date is not until Feb. 4, maybe we can get back in with the psychiatrist before then.

    Suggestions? Ideas? He's still not doing what he's supposed to, much, still being a PITA, still sneaking and lying and who knows what....
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    No real advice but I can tell you about the Risperdal shots. They are called Risperdal Consta and are pretty pricey....about $300-400 per injection. My difficult child is on them and in his case is still on his daily oral Risperdal. The injection is done as an additional/backup. The vial needs to be refrigerated so when the psychiatrist gives us a script, I have it filled (two injections worth at a time) and take it back to their office where the nurse keeps it in their locked frig. As long as they have his vials, all we have to do is show up during certain hours, difficult child runs in, lets the nurse know he's there, gets his shot and leaves. Normally he's in and out in less than 5 minutes.
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    Is that with insurance or without? I still don't know the cost of the pills, since he was still on Medicaid when it was filled. Shouldn't have been, but the pharm messed up.

    My understanding is that they stay on the pills for a few weeks until the shots start kicking in....
  4. mstang67chic

    mstang67chic Going Green

    That cost is without insurance. difficult child has Medicaid and we pay a minimal's either 3 or 6 bucks, I forget which. As for the pills and the injections, it may vary but for difficult child, he's still on both.
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    What a day!
    I agree, jail isn't a good place. Surely the judge knows there's something else going on here? And can recommend a placment or something?
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    If he truly has Auditory Processing Disorders (APD) he will be difficult to help, no matter where he goes because Auditory Processing Disorders (APD) means he has no conscience. Maybe he was misdiagnosed?

    I don't have good advice, just sending good vibes and hoping you find a good solution for your family and your child. Remember...take care of yourself. You won't be good for anyone if you aren't good to you. (((Hugs))).
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    I'm not convinced of the full diagnosis yet - well, okay, pretty convinced, but hoping...Know what I mean?? We'll see.

    As for the judge, he was ready to toss him back in detention in December, but I spoke about the psychiatrist and the medications and pointed out that punishment - of that type - wouldn't necessarily be beneficial if it's chemical/wonky, ya know?

    Wonder what today will bring....

    Oh, and I looked up the Risperdal cost with our insurance - around $40 a month or less, for the pills. Whew!
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    Well....I will be the voice of possibilities here. If you can get him on medications, either the shot or just the pills before court and even if the judge does order him into detention, it is moderately possible that you will be able to get them to continue his medications inside detention.

    I say moderately because jails/detentions are supposed to continue inmates current medications. If they are seeing a psychiatrist, then the inmate should make that request going in. Now at my local county jail I couldnt bring my sons medications in but at another county jail I could. Makes no sense to me but whatever. You would have to check with the local authorities as to what your jurisdiction allows.

    As far as whether detention or jail would work for a CD or ASP kid or even for some sort of PD-not otherwise specified seems to have worked in my sons favor. Nothing else got his attention like serving some time in jail. After serving a few stints of it, he really doesnt want to go back so he is doing all he can not to do so. Even though I tried telling him he was on the road there he never listened to me. I begged, I pleaded, I took him to counseling, I had him on so many medications it wasnt funny. He had to find out for himself.

    You remember how when they were little and you kept telling them the stove was hot? They wouldnt believe you until they touched it themselves? Thats my boy!
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    Mine too. I had thought, last March, that 3 weeks in the slammer would have knocked some sense into him, diagnosis or not. Alas.

    Maybe a couple more times are needed.

    Yes, they do continue drugs here, by scrip only of course (!), and they have to be left there, not brought in....

    We'll see - just made my report to the psychiatrist, they'll be calling me back. They don't do the shots, but will look into it, and well, whatever they say, I'll do.

    After all his carrying-on yesterday, he came home from work a different kid...pleasant, conversational, etc. Got up the same way this morning. ACK!!!!!!!!!!! I'm in the Twilight Zone!
  10. DammitJanet

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    He is 17. They arent human Honestly, it took mine until he was around 22 until he started really turning around. Now he is a different kid. Not perfect by any means but much much better. We had Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner at his house this year! We would have never imagined that a few short years ago. We really thought he would have been in prison for a long time.

    We still dont know that he wont mess up. And if that happens, we will be sad but we will face it and he knows it will be on him. He hopes he has grown up enough not to mess up again. He knows he has some problems. Unfortunately, he has both physical and mental problems.
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    I hear you on the "human" part, lol! We have 3 older and 1 younger than GFG17, they're 29-28-23 and sometimes still struggle - but it's humorous and head-shaking, not heartbreaking and frustrating....

    psychiatrist never did call back....

    However, difficult child was indeed "human" today. Like yesterday - a complete PITA in the afternoon, came home from work and "normal", got up "normal", stayed "normal" all day. WTH?????

    He was: pleasant, helpful, thoughtful, rational, and so forth.

    D'ya think he left his evil twin at work? Or is this just another day, another trick??