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    husband wanted me to post some good news about difficult child, because he is convinced that I never post anything good about him. Hmm.
    Last wk, husband took difficult child and his friend, E, to the mall to get a video game because they bet on the football game and husband lost. (So much for the "give to get" plan, lol!)
    In the car, he teased difficult child and said, "Where were we going again? To buy a pink tshirt for you?"
    difficult child picked right up on it and said, "I want a bright pink one with-sparkly things all over it."
    husband was shocked at the spontaneity and levity. (So was E. He thought difficult child was serious.)

    difficult child has generally been a bit more "even," and nice, to the point where he actually said hello and goodbye in a nice tone of voice, and also thanked me for dinner the other night. "Thank you for the dinner, Mom. It was really good."
    Can Abilify cause kids to become well-mannered? Shock! Still, he is addicted to his Xbox games and his phone. Clearly, Abilify doesn't help with-addictions. At least, not in the first 3 wks.

    So, it fell apart yesterday. He was hyped up to have E come over and play a video game after school, and after tutoring. They would have only had an hr, but difficult child insisted it would work. I was on my way to a massage appointment. (taking care of moi, trying to disengage from difficult child, aka the other note on this board about becoming consumed by our g'sfg), and he called and fretted because he didn't have the TV cord. I told him I had locked it up. He threw a fit and wanted me to come right home. I said no. He wanted me to call husband. At that instant, husband called and I told difficult child I that talking to husband would be a waste of time, because I knew for a fact that it was locked in my ofc.
    I told husband to be prepared because difficult child wanted us to stop everything and come home to get the cord for him. (husband was not at work; he took off the afternoon to judge science fair projects at a local school.) difficult child has been known to call us nonstop a doz times in a row if he wants something.

    By the time I got home, having not heard from difficult child except that he wanted McDonald's for dinner (No, I'm making dinner), difficult child was sitting in the LazyBoy, playing his game.

    "Where did you get the cord?"
    "Your ofc was unlocked."

    After dinner, I came upstairs to get a box of choc mint cookies (Andes tastes a lot like GS cookies for anyone who gets a craving at the wrong time of yr :) Plus, I make Betty Crocker gluten free choc chip cookies for him almost twice a wk, or a cake, so it's not like he's deprived). They were gone. I went into difficult child's room, where he was on his cell phone, and said, "Where are my mint cookies?"
    "I DON'T KNOW!!!""
    Anytime he responds like that, I know he's guilty. I looked under a few things in his room but couldn't find them. He yelled more, clearly posturing, because at that point, he held his cell ph in the air like a microphone and we were on Reality Family TV. :rollingpin:
    I got husband and he looked downstairs, then I heard the door shut in difficult child's room. husband came out 1 min later, the empty box of cookies in his hand.
    "He was sitting on the box."

    I was SO ticked! They have wheat. They were mine. They were supposedly locked in my ofc. difficult child not only went into my ofc with-o permission, he also took and ate the cookies, lied, bold faced, and held the phone up so his friend could hear us arguing.

    "You're grounded off of the TV and games, and the phone. Give it to me."
    "NOooooooo!" He got all teary eyed.
    "I'm sorry!"
    "No you're not. You're sorry you got caught."
    "That's not true. I AM sorry!"
    Yelling and screaming, standing up and backing me into a wall is not the way to convince me he's sorry, Know what I mean??
    "You have 30 seconds to give me the phone or it's being turned off tomorrow."

    He continued to rant and rave and followed me into the bedroom yelling.
    "Lower your voice," husband said.
    "Why should I? She won't leave me alone!"
    (Who followed whom?)

    So, I turn off the phone today.
    He's 2 wks behind on his reading anyway so now he can catch up. He thinks he can do homework, text, play video games and eat all at the same time.

    So anyway, he is slightly better on the Abilify ... he says please and thank you more often, and has been much more social. And his appetite is more normal.

    Somehow, I don't think this counts as the good news note that husband wanted me to post. He wanted to know what you all thought about his new-found sense of humor. (He's always had a sense of humor but he's often so angry and cranky that it doesn't show.):sigh:
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    Hopefully it IS the Abilify and this is the new difficult child using skills that have apparently gotten through over the years but been blocked by "mental stuff". I get the whole cookie & phone thing. We have MANY similar situations here....basically every time difficult child 1 does something spontaneous, realizes he's done something wrong, and then get busted on top of it. Boy, can I relate.
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    I think it is both. Real life, nothing is going to be a magic cure and you know that... but maybe the signs of the sense of humor coming thru more easily and the politeness ...both things that he already has the skills and personality for, are better because he is in a better place. Maybe it is a sign that the other things like frustration tolerance, problem solving, planning ahead, whatever his issues are???? can be worked on more successfully with this medication????

    Just a thought. I could be way off base of course. It is just what hit me when you said this started since the new medication.

    I sure hope so for all of your sakes. (I am kind of wondering that about Q and the lithium too, small signs it might work, but then again, maybe it is just that it has been a long time without the medication that didn't work and we weaned off the prozac and it has been a couple of months away from the intense attention for super negative behavior in the psychiatric hospital??? It is hard to sort thru it all when I live in the middle of it)

    Really hoping this is a good trend for you and that the wheat effects will wear off quickly. Now, go buy a better office lock or find a better hiding place, lol. and get some new cookies!
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    Thank you! Next time, the cookies go in husband's trunk. And I will wiggle the door handle b4 I leave, even after I hear the click.
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    LOL I have lots of hiding places, yup.... I know that story. (happily I can fake my son out at times.... it is locked in the car trunk so dont even bother looking...and then he gives up) other times, my house looks like burglars came thru and tossed the joint!
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    Buddy, are you sure your son doesn't live at my house?
  7. buddy

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    I"ve thought that many times you post! if we lost our vision, and they did a trading places thing... there may be moments we couldn't tell, lol