Good news! He's in jail.

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    My 20 year old son has been on the lamb since July 16th when he called me after he missed his last court date. When he called he said he was going "underground". Then altered checks started bouncing in our joint account. The account was closed. Then nothing.

    Every day I wasn't sure if he was dead or alive. All I knew is that he was on meth and was in the company of less than desirable people.

    Here's the crazy part. I went to an Al-anon meeting at noon yesterday. I left my phone in the car while attending the meeting. During that time my son called me twice from jail. I have been worrying about how I was going to handle that first call. The al-anon meeting took care of that for me!

    I've decided that I'm not going to answer his calls for a couple of weeks. He needs some time to detox and get used to his new situation. After all, he had no problem cutting me out of his life while he was on the run. He's only me calling now because he has nowhere else to turn. If he wouldn't have been caught, he would have never called. Is it cruel for me not to talk with him?

    I'm happy he's alive, and I know he's safe, but I'm struggling with this next phase.

    This is hard.

    Today will be handled a minute at a time.
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    Not in the slightest. Right now he is freaking out and detoxing, neither of which are very conducive to civil conversations. I would give it at least a week before trying anything, and longer as you feel necessary. You know him and how he will react, we don't. When you do contact him, remember that YOU are doing HIM a favor and a possibly expensive one at that depending on how that jail charges for phone calls.
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