Good news on husband's MRI

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  1. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    The rice-sized cavernoma in his right temp. lobe has not changed since February, so the seizures he's continuing to have (had two today) are not the result of any new bleeding (whew!). We are very glad for this news -- which means we don't have to worry about another surgery any time soon. The seizures are likely something he'll have to just deal with (possibly due to leftover hemosiderin staining from the one that was removed in Feb., or possibly due to scar tissue, or possibly due to the little bugger still in there, or...), and hopefully the medication change he has planned for early next month will start to help that. He did agree that waiting until after our Vegas trip was a good idea :D

    So we're breathing a bit easier, and he'll plan on an annual MRI just to keep a watch on things. Maybe by the end of this year the Trileptal will be working for him (and we'll have something else in place for his mood issues since he's saying goodbye to Lamictal).

    Thanks for all the words of support while I sat on pins and needles!
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    That is wonderful!! I'm sorry for the seizures, though. That has to be frustrating. Keep us updated.

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    What good news! I'm so glad to hear the results of husband's MRI are promising - anything with the brain keeps me on the edge. I personally hate having a seizure. Even more I hate watching another having one - I know that exhaustion. Has neurologist considered keppra as an add on medication with the trileptal? It's been a good medication for me. As always, it could be different for husband.

    Keeping you & husband in my thoughts & prayers.
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    That's excellent news! Thanks for the update!