Good News on Picking up Lincoln

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by MrsMcNear46, Jun 21, 2009.

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    Thanks all for your good thoughts and suggestions...I know I can always count on my board're the best.

    Let's start by saying you know how squewed difficult child's see things. Sweet Bets, no exception.
    Although I had never met Lincolns other gma and was going by what Bets and Scott said, she really is a nice person, who had NO intention of keeping Lincoln. No cops, social workers,etc. needed.

    Turned out B-ma, is really a very nice lady with 2 VERY difficult child sons. We have alot in common and don't be surprised if you see her here, I suggested it...she could certainly use some lessons in detachment. And of course, you guys could help her emensley.

    Lincoln and I had a wonderful adventure on the I will never forget. He came running toward me at the airport, yelling, MYMA, ole Myma heart could not have been more joyous. He LOVES airplanes, and we flew home looking out the window, me kissing the back of his neck over and over, and just looking at each other. It's amazing how much the eyes of an almost 2 year old can tell. He is happy, healthy, and glad to be home. B-ma took great care of him and I can tell he misses her.

    I am letting Bets and he stay here tempararily...she should have a place in a month or so. Don't know how well I am going to do after living alone the last 6 months, but we shall see. I think Sweet Bets has figured out, I don't do drama or her games anymore, but will continue to be supportive. My how things have changed.


  2. Andy

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    It is great to hear that the Lincoln story turned out to be unneccessary drama. I am glad his other grandma is a good person and you had no trouble bringing Lincoln home.
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    Is that you and Lincoln in your avatar? What a cutie-pie!
  4. Hound dog

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    I'm so glad there was no drama and you and other gma can get along. :D Win/win for the baby. Wonderful that he has 2 loving grandma's to look out for him. I bet the lil guy went totally bonkers over the airpain. lmao

    Snitch some sugar off his neck for me.

  5. KTMom91

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    Glad it went smoothly and Lincoln is happy to be home!
  6. Suz

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    Whew/Phew! :bravo:

  7. judi

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    Glad things went well.
  8. Fran

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    Wonderful that Lincoln has another warrior granny in this world. All kids should be so lucky.
  9. standswithcourage

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    That is great! I am sure you are so relieved!
  10. Star*

    Star* call 911

    So how is Sweets doing? Haven't gotten an update on her running and partying life yet. Just thinking about you all.
  11. MrsMcNear46

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    Yes, we are happy to be at home, as Lincoln calls it, 202, which is my apt. number. We have spent the afternoon marching up and down the hall, smacking plastic bowling pins together, saying "March, march, march" in unison. Doesn't take much to make him He is now saying "Please and Thank you" in the cutest lil voice.

    As for Sweet Betsy....she is working. She called Scott to watch Lincoln this afternoon, but he felt her shift was too long for him to watch Lincoln....sigh..same ole, same ole. She had to be reminded already that this is not the "Hotel California". Why is it when it's their own place, they keep it clean, but at moms, Heck, why should I pick up? I hate to make a list of rules and expectations for an almost 21 year old, but it may come to that. And how is it she is soooooooooo tired, when I'm working as many hours as her and getting less sleep? Guess some things I'll never understand.

    She has been home most of the time, no partying or staying out all nite. She does take care of Lincoln when she is here. The break seems to have done her some good. TODAY she is stable, calm and responsible. Her biggest issue seems to be with Scott not sharing the parenting respsonsibilities equally with her. I told her to give up on that's just not going to happen. Scott has so many issues, I really don't want Lincoln there at all, but I am doing my very best to just stay out of it.

    Today, good...tomorrow, who knows. I'll take today.


  12. susiestar

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    I am glad that today is good. I am glad to hear she is not outpartying all the time, that she is back to being a mom rather than being a partygirl.

    I think making a list of ALL the household chores that must be done, how often (daily, weekly, monthly) they must be done, and then who is to do each chore. each of you should pick tasks until they are all assigned.

    Remember that "clean the kitchen" likely won't be done, but if you break it down into steps there are NO excuses for not doing each step. You can find chore lists online to print for free. I used to have them inside clear page protectors and posted on the bathroom door with a pen to put the date it was done, who did it and who checked it.

    This is something I did with roommates, and right now SB might think she is more a roommate than a child (not saying this is the way it is, just that it may be how she thinks of it).

    Make sure that things like the baby's sheets, toy cleanups, feedings, etc.. are all spelled out. And that Sb takes them all on, on top of her fair share of housework. After all SHE had the baby. So she is responsible.

    I am sorry that the sperm donor will not watch Lincoln unless it is "fun" for him. I hope that sooner or later she can see the light above his head is NOT a halo, it is his relatives all reaching out to knock him upside of his head for not being a responsible parent!

    He is such an adorable little guy, isn't he? Sperm donor is missing so much, ahs deprived himself of so much.