Good news on the Christmas front.

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    Ok, little background here.

    A) husband's sister (sister in law) went to a two year tech program to be a mechanic. She has never had a job in the field and doesn't even change her own oil.

    B) Two Brooms does allow husband to drive their ancient (and doesn't run very good) truck when his vehicle is in the shop in exchange for the work he does out there. He drove that truck to work for approximately 4 days prior to getting this "new to me" car. Shocking, I know.

    C) On the 4th day of driving said truck, nephew called husband and told him he needed the truck 'cause his car wouldn't start. Nephew said he'd be working on his car the following weekend. Nephew picked up the truck 6 weeks ago. His car is still sitting in our yard. Hasn't been touched.

    So here's the story...husband was fixing venison loin last night and his phone rang. Nephew, in the truck, had a flat tire. He didn't know how to change it.

    sister in law was there and didn't know how to operate the jack!

    So husband had to go rescue them. Once he got there, neither one of them did anything. He changed the tire.

    WE hadn't had a chance to discuss the Christmas issue much, but when he walked thru the door after that, he said "We will go to her house and eat, if its early enough, then we will open gifts, and we are coming STRAIGHT home. 'Make it special for them' is a crock of bull."

    YEAH!!! husband came to his own conclusion, and that makes it even better! And we may have Christmas on Christmas Eve at our house, too, but either way, we aren't gonna be stuck out there the whole night and we'll get a chance to be our little family for a few hours on Christmas.
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    Shari IsItFridayYet?

    PS - I was retelling this to a co-worker, and she was shocked at the I might add that "Christmas dinner" is cold ham sandwiches, chips, and maybe some salads. That is what Two Brooms has always served, and sister in law is planning the same menu.
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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Glad he was able to come to the conclusion on his own! :bigsmile:
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    He came to the conclusion on his own!

    BULLY FOR HIM! :bravo: