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    Who ever made the appointment for the family meeting didn't explain things correctly. Grandpa will not be moving in with Mom & Dad!!

    There were two points:

    If he continued to improve he could go into assisted living IF someone would live with him that could take care of him.


    If he continued to improve, he could stay there and all but $30 of his social security will go to the home.

    So...YEAH! One hurdle passed. Now we just have to survive Grandma.

    It's a good thing that D has been doing my hair since she finished beauty school in the mid-80s. Grandma just wanted her hair washed. We got there and then it was just give it a little trim, oh make that a cut, just dry it, oh could you style it too..... And D said your grandma is so sweet and cute, I just can't say no to her (a condition that she takes full advantage of) So, D stayed late to do my hair. And I went home with wet hair so that D didn't have to be too late getting home.
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