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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by ksm, Aug 11, 2011.

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    Thanks for those who suggested seeing a neuropsychologist. I had googled and found four in a larger town an hour from us - but only one sees patients under 18 years old. AND she is the only one in our state! AND she is on the list of providers for our insurance! AND there is only a two month wait! The receptionist apologized for that - but I can live with that!

    We have not made an appointment yet - as the therapists has testing scheduled for Tuesday next week for J (our GPG) that will take about two hours to get thru. Once we have those results, hopefully, I can get our therapist to make the referral, or our pediatricians office to do it.

    Also, J has had about 5 good days in a row - lost it last night - I think she gets so angry at biomom that she just goes in to a rage. She hasn't called us in 2.5 months - after promising the girls she would call every Sunday night. J has written a pretty harsh letter that she had better get help, get sober, or don't plan on being a part of J's life in the future. And... "Oh, and who is my bio dad??" I have to try and track down where she is living now and get a mailing address, her parents don't know the address, but I got a cousins name... and I think I can find him on facebook and send a message to him that way. I really don't want to talk to J's biomom - I always feel "slimed" after just talking on the phone with her. She can try to sound like everything is just wonderful and how well she is doing, etc... when I know that isn't the true story. She left the state we live in and moved about 1500 miles away - and didn't tell her girls - until she had been gone for two months! Then when she did call, it was because she "wanted to get better and be the mom they deserved". Well, we adopted them 6 years ago and they have been out of her custody 8 years... so it is a little late! I tried to explain that she could still be an important part of their lives... but she couldn't step in and be "THE MOM". She just doesn't get it. Thanks for letting me vent. KSM
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    That is so awesome. I am happy for you. I do have one piece of advice. Call the pediatrician tomorrow and have them write a referral ASAP (is the therapist "qualified" by your insurance to make the referral anyway?). Get the neuropsychologist appointment on the books. The therapist can still do the testing and you can take those results with you to the neuropsychologist. When things start going haywire with difficult child again, you will be glad you have the appointment coming sooner than if you wait.
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    Congrats on finding a neuropsychologist close bay and having it covered by your insurance! Yes, yes, yes. Make that appointment ASAP.
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    Ditto on TeDo's comment...

    Book neuropsychologist ASAP. Any testing already done and appropriate, will be taken into account by the neuropsychologist - so nothing lost there.

    If by any remote chance the current testing were to cover all the bases (maybe the remotest of possibilities... as in, theoretically possible but not much more than that), you can always cancel the neuropsychologist. There will be someone else glad to take that appointment and jump the queue.
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    I 3rd, 4th or 5th setting up that neuropsychologist appointment now. You can go ahead and get your current doctor to fax over the referral as soon as you can get up with them. Any testing done between now and then will just be sent over. Im not in the "end all, be all" camp of NP's but they have their place in the diagnostic toolbox. My neuropsychologist testing was a total waste of time but thats another
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    I don't think J's pediatrician will make a referral without seeing her. He changed facilities, and it has taken about 6 months for him to get back on the insurance provider's list. So he hasn't seen her in a long time. The therapist won't until they get results of testing. So I am kind of stuck. I do plan to call pediatrician and try to get in next week. He has been out of the loop for a while - and things really escalated since he has been unavailable to us. He has been her doctor since she was born. Unfortunately, he doesn't have her original chart... as the clinic he worked in was bought out - and he signed on with a different clinic. Will have to try and get her chart copied and sent to him again - but at least he is familiar to her background. In the past, we were mainly dealing with nightmares, and school problems - like ADD. Now it has turned to rages. KSM