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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Californiablonde, Mar 18, 2013.

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    I got the apartment!!! Got the one I wanted. The low income housing. They are asking for a higher deposit but I expected that. Good news is the cat stays for free. There is no pet rent like at the place I'm at now. And this place pays for water so no more bill! I am so happy! I start moving this Friday. I am going to get difficult child transferred to my school and she will start next Monday. I have already spoken to her counselor and the school psychiatric has reviewed a copy of her IEP. I am getting her three year psychiatric evaluation for him today so he can review that as well. Then we will discuss proper placement for her. difficult child is disappointed. She does not want to leave the boys and girls club because that's where the boy is that she is in "love with." But my mom has agreed to take her there once a week after school so she can still see him. And thank goodness she will be leaving the group of smoking, drinking boys that she is hanging around now. Of course she could easily meet the same type of kids here, but she will be in classes with more girls and most who are not mentally disturbed. I really think this is the best move for us even though she can't see the positive in it right now. I am so excited. I thought for sure when they didn't call me back on Friday that I didn't get approved. But I just got the phone call today at work that I've been accepted. What a relief! I am doing the happy dance.
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    I'm doing the happy dance for you.....congrats! It sounds like everything is falling into place.
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    Very good. That's a load off your mind!
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    Congratulations. Very happy for you.
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    Congratulations!!!! Sounds great!!!!!!!!!!
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    Awesome :)
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    CB, we're ALL doing the happy dance with you, this is wonderful news, congratulations! I am very happy you got the one you wanted, it sounds perfect.
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    I started to do the Peppermint Twist to celebrate but LOL remembered I'm too old so I'm doing a slow version of the Hully Gully. I may even have a Cutty when I get home to toast the new beginning. Congrats. DDD
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    That's wonderful news!!! I'm so happy for you, this must be such a relief. Sounds financially beneficial as well. I hope that the move goes smoothly.
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    I've been waiting, hoping you had some good news to post about your apartment hunt! Yay!
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    Now that you HAVE this one...

    Can you tell us more about it?
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    Yay! Livable rent. Bedrooms. Yippee!
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    Well the grounds are huge. The lady had to drive me in a cart over to see the apartment. There are 564 units so it's really big. The property is owned by the state. Apartments are rented out to state employees first then other non state employees are accepted second. The place is in huge demand and has a very big waiting list. I'm lucky I got it when I did. It has two pools, jacuzzis, a fitness center, tennis courts, basketball courts, and volleyball. The only downside is visitors parking. There is hardly any. And they hired a tow company that circles the grounds and tows cars left and right. So my boyfriend is going to have a very hard time finding parking when he comes over. He may have to park at a nearby shopping center and have me come and pick him up. So that is a downside but something I can live with. I am so happy I just wish Friday would hurry up and get here already!
  16. InsaneCdn

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    Is this a... 3 br townhouse? a studio? a 1br appointment-style...???
    What are you moving INTO... we care about the INSIDE... <grin>
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    It's a one bedroom one bath. Same as we have now.
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    Take a corner somewhere, and set up a space for easy child. Make it multi-use, don't put up the "walls" yet, but... he NEEDS to know that there is a space there for him. (example... a futon, or fold-away, or something... all ready to go, with a box/footstool of his favorite bedding etc.)

    HE needs to know there is a spot to come to.
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    Yay!!! That's awesome! Congrats CB!
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    Way Cool!

    And all those common areas will make it easy for you to help your dieting with exercising. And maybe get your difficult child to join you.