Good No Meltdown Monday Morning!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by LittleDudesMom, Jan 7, 2008.

  1. LittleDudesMom

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    :smile: Good Monday Morning Everyone!!!

    I had a terrible sleep last night. I went to bed later than usual for a "school night" and then just couldn't seem to go to sleep solidly. I kept tossing and turning and waking up. I was awake when the alarm went off at 5 :bloodshot:

    But, it is a usual Monday which means I'm here at the house doing what needs to be done - got some laundry (actually light, just 2 loads) and misc stuff around the house. I'm picking difficult child up 1/2 early this afternoon because he has a therapist appointment 2:30.

    I hope to be able to hit the sack by 9 tonight. Sad that I'm already thinking about going to bed tonight :rolleyes:

    Don't forget that Mondays are No Meltdown! Have a productive day.

  2. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Sharon-I'm sorry you didn't get a good night's sleep. I know how hard that can make the day. I hope your day goes smoothly and you are able to get a better night's sleep tonight.

    There were two bad pileups here on the interstate yesterday due to very bad fog. They happened around the same time and involved over 30 cars-at least two people died. The accidents happened about 3 miles apart. Very sad. The dense fog warning continues til noon today.

    I too didn't get a good night's sleep-I woke up almost every hour and today it's back to work for me. Luckily before I left for break I had things totally planned but I still hate starting the day tired.

    Sometime tonight I plan on going to the health club and hopefully I'll get to sleep early tonight.

    I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful day-hi if you snuck in :flower:
  3. timer lady

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    Good morning friends,

    Sharon, I know those nights very well. A small cat nap may help you get through the day.

    Sharon, I saw coverage of those accidents & of course thought of you - hoping you or your family weren't in the midst of them. It looked awful. Hope your first day back to school goes smoothly.

    Today is my bill paying, laundry & grocery day. I may be overdoing it as I'm actually going out to get my groceries. Even though I'll miss the cute delivery guy, I want to get some normalcy back into my life. Face the community on a more regular basis. Wish me luck - haven't done a regular grocery run since last July.

    I hope your Monday is peaceful & your difficult children are cooperative. There's always a reason to smile!
  4. Marguerite

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    G'day, everyone.

    Sharon I, I'm not sleeping well either. I'm blaming it on a combination of hot nights and menopause. I had to go off HRT a few months ago.

    Sharon II, those car accidents sound really bad. Don't you just wish drivers would slow down in fog?

    Linda, take it easy. If you find it gets too much for you, cut it short and maybe try again on a quieter day.

    husband & I saw the pain specialist this morning, we may need to see him more often if my new GP is nervous about writing my pain medications prescriptions. He also wants me to consider seeing a liver specialist again.

    difficult child 3 & I did some grocery shopping afterwards - restocking bulk supplies, mainly - then came home. I was really exhausted, catnapped briefly then rang the speech pathologist (separate post on language issues). Mid-call, my phone beeped and I took the second call, it was my client who was supposed to visit last Sunday but was turned back because the boat broke down. He and his family were in the village! So I went down to meet him, he gave me a copy of the book with a lovely inscription for me, then I waved him and his family off on the next boat out. After high seas stopping the ferry, the sea was like a millpond today.
    I went back home and got difficult child 3 and we went to the beach.
    I know I said I was going to take our neighbours - but they forgot, and sent their son off to a friends for the afternoon and night. They COULD easily go without us, but it's fun to do things together. This way, they don't have to walk back up the hill from the beach. Our car can fit all of us.

    Tomorrow husband sees another doctor, and difficult child 3 & I hit the mall. All the rain that was forecast - it's blown away. The sun is out again, the sea is warm and clear, our little beach is a family chat zone. One of the kids saw a small stingray this afternoon, dinner-plate sized. They knew to leave it alone. I can't remember when I last saw one - they may be there, but I keep missing them. probably a good thing...

    Enjoy your Monday, everyone.

  5. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    Good Morning everyone. I typed a long good morning then hit the wrong buttong so it's gone.

    We spoke to difficult child last evening. He told us that many of the residents in the dorm come to him because he is smart. I translate that to higher functioning. He felt overwhelmed with the demands on his time. He went and spoke to someone instead of losing his temper. It's a good thing. Maybe being the bigger fish in a little pond is a good life lesson. He knows he has to be patient with those who struggle more than him. He isn't invisible now is he? He isn't simply that kid with Learning Disability (LD)'s who bags groceries. He is the "go to" guy for his peers. Of course this is really just the beginning but I'm glad he is doing ok.

    Have a peaceful day.