Good No Meltdown Monday Morning!!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by LittleDudesMom, Mar 8, 2010.

  1. LittleDudesMom

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    Good Morning Everyone!

    Just heard the forecast for this week - we will be in the low to mid 60's! The spring flowers have sprung and the trees are just beginning to bud. And, right on schedule, I saw my first pair of purple finches at the feeder on Saturday morning!

    I had a great weekend. My exBIL and my two nieces came on Saturday. ExBIL's girlfriend did not make it - she had her second chemo round on Thursday and just was not up to the trip. She is having very aggresive chemo every two weeks....But we had a good time together and my nieces and I had some good Auntie talk time as I took them to the mall yesterday.

    Book Fair this morning then home for about two hours to do some laundry before I head back. My Aunt and Uncle are in town and it's my Uncle's birthday today. easy child is coming over after her last class at 5:30 and the three of us are heading over to my cousin's house to visit for about an hour. easy child will the join difficult child and me for dinner.

    I hope your Monday is a great one and that the difficult children in your life remember our Monday motto!

  2. Marguerite

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    G'day for Monday.

    Sharon/LDM, it sounds like a busy but enjoyable family time at your place. Enjoy the spring weather.

    I had a busier day today than I really wanted. I went to the doctor and then the physiotherapist with mother in law (my physio too). I didn't actually go in to see the doctor with her this time, but I have an appointment to see the local doctor tomorrow.
    Meanwhile - I had to call my post-surgery support mob, it feels like the infection is coming back, so I've been told by the surgeon to go back onto the antibiotics. I've always got two tablets to start with, it gives the local pharmacist time to order in my (expensive) antibiotics.

    I'm still trying to organise my radiotherapy. I started telephoning them on Friday morning, there is some sort of computer glitch with my file, they tell me, and they can't give me an appointment until it's sorted. They keep saying, "I'll call you in half an hour," or "I'll call you first thing Monday morning."
    I'm still waiting. I knew there was a waiting list for radiotherapy - I didn't know there was a waiting list to get onto the waiting list!

    mother in law & I got back home with barely half an hour to grab lunch and head back out to collect sis-in-law from the airport. I did stop off at the mall briefly to buy husband's bread rolls (it's the only place that has the ones he likes). I have other groceries I needed to get but I knew I didn't have enough time.

    I was glad I didn't have to take easy child 2/difficult child 2 to the doctor after all - daughter in law came to the rescue, including bringing easy child 2/difficult child 2 my spare crutches for her to borrow. One girl finishes with them, the next needs them. The doctor told easy child 2/difficult child 2 that it was just a bad sprain.

    We did a little shopping on the way home, but no time for fruit & vegetables. Got home at 5.30 pm, ready to collapse. I dropped mother in law & sis-in-law at mother in law's place then went home for as much rest as I could get in an hour. Then it was back down to mother in law's for dinner.

    We just got home - my brain feels fried. Usually when we eat at mother in law's we have a fairly quiet relaxed dinner and watch TV together. Tonight sis-in-law was showing photos of her daughter's school formal (= "prom") to mother in law while husband & I tried to watch a documentary. Everybody was talking loudly (so mother in law could hear) and my brain feels like mush. difficult child 3 was talking loudly and constantly, and by this time of night with medications worn off, he tends to use his own jargon and get scathing (or frustrated) if we don't instantly understand the 'technical' terms he invents to describe his own specialised interests. Sometimes I'm too tired to concentrate.

    Tomorrow is forecast to be sunny, and then the weather will get cooler and damper. I'm hoping to be able to get to the beach tomorrow even briefly, or I won't get a chance for another week or more. difficult child 3 has his drama class tomorrow, after which we'll have dinner out, just the three of us. I'm looking forward to a quiet dinner with husband.

    Enjoy your Monday, everyone.

  3. timer lady

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    Good morning all,

    Sharon/ldm, what a fun weekend. I remember those days of visiting my aunts & cousins.

    Marg, don't make me start scolding you again. I hope today is a bit easier on you physically. You seem to get one day out of 7 to really relax. Or is that MY imagination.

    Normal Monday stuff - bills, laundry. Added into that is another staffing for kt; this time the entire team is meeting at school/day treatment to get school & team on the same page.

    Home to a nap before kt gets home from school.

    Have a good one, friends.

  4. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    Happy Monday everyone. It is definitely feeling like spring in my part of the world.

    LDM, I love being an aunt. Lots of fun and not much down side on my part. Hope you enjoy the birthday party.

    Marguerite, rest your body to fight that infection. Force yourself to listen to your body and not your push to do everything as you alway have. Seems you need more time to heal before resuming a grueling pace.

    Timer, hope the staffing goes well.

    We got out to a dog park with our puppies. It was ok. Lots of people and dogs out. Later, husband and I slipped out for an early dinner alone. Seems we miss our alone time lately. Both mom and difficult child got a good earful when I found them eating breakfast that was not appropriate. If I make it, set it up and give it to them, they enjoy but on their own, they are not eating correctly. I was not happy with either of them. LOL. Honestly!

    Today is a busy day as usual. Laundry, bills,gym, vet visit, and trying to organize the house for being away for a long weekend coming up. difficult child has chosen to stay home and take care of the dogs and keep an eye on mom. He makes nice money. My mom can cook what she wants and force feed difficult child. LOL.

    Hope you all enjoy a productive Monday.