Good No Meltdown Monday Morning!!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by LittleDudesMom, Dec 6, 2010.

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    :mornincoffee: Good Monday Morning All!

    I think winter has really decided to stay...I believe we are under 45 degrees for the foreseeable forecast - that's a sure sign in this area of the country! That, and the little snow dusting we got Saturday night :coldday:

    You know what they say about "best laid plans"? The tree did not go up yesterday. We got the area cleared, the kids went to the garage and pulled the tree in, we started putting it up and realized, "Houston, we have a problem!"

    I believe that one of the "guys" (these would be employees that come nito the garage where bonehead still has some large pieces of equipment and some misc large tools) must have smashed the canvas bag, or laid something heavy on it, or something.....There were about 11 branches where the lights were out (and these were connected to other branches who shared the same strand that was working?!) and about an equal amount of branches that were broken to where they wouldn't stay "at attention".

    easy child and I worked for at least an hour or more to see if we could salvage our beautiful tree. No go :sigh:. She had to run and teach a class at 4:30, so we didn't have a whole lot of time left. We hit Lowes, nothing. We hit Garden Ridge, nothing. When I say nothing, they just didn't have anything large or nice enough. Kinda picked over you know. Anyone recommend a good place to look for a nice artificial pre-lit tree?

    However, it didn't mar the rest of our plans. easy child went to work while I put the final touches on dinner and difficult child began eating Christmas cookies!!!!!

    My cousin, easy child's boyfriend, difficult child, easy child and I enjoyed a great dinner of pulled pork burritos while watching Christmas Vacation! Our tradition is tree-trimming followed by the movie every year to ring in the holiday season. So, no tree, but it's the holiday start at my house!!!!

    You know what I'll be doing this morning......hope I can find a new tree.....also have my usual Monday chores like laundry, etc.....

    Hope your Monday is a good one and your difficult child remembers what Monday means!!


  2. SRL

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    Good morning Sharon! I'd be thrilled to see 45 degrees today--my cat took one step outside this morning and turned right around so I checked the temp and see it's 7 degrees, wind chill -10.:coldday: He turns into a real difficult child cat if he doesn't get his inside time so I'm probably in for it today.

    Bummer about the broken tree. No thoughts on where to get another one but feel free to send the clean up/set up crew over to my house. My husband has been out of town so I got the bright idea to do some long overdue sorting and cleaning. Unfortunately I was overzealous and tore into too many areas instead of concentrating on one and now it looks like a hurricane hit. I need to put some realism back into the project today so I can get Christmas out.

    Have a good day everyone! I think this weather calls for cookies, hot drinks and cozy blankets. :forsanta: There's still time to make more for the guy in red.
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    G'day, people.

    Sharon/LDM, sorry your tree got damaged. Really annoying. Here if we get stuck for a tree, we get a dead branch off a gum tree, stick it in a bucket of sand, spray paint it silver and hang teaspoons off it.

    SRL, it sounds really cold at your place. I've never been anywhere where it's that cold - I don't blame your cat for wanting to stay in!

    I had to leave difficult child 3 to study on his own today. He didn't announce he got all his work done, so I suspect he didn't get much done at all. I had to go out to see the neurologist and also take mother in law. For once our appointments coincided. I also had a phone conference from difficult child 3's school, another staffing panel. Normally I'm supposed to be there in person, but we live a long way away from the school, and we had the doctor appointments...

    After the doctor we went shopping at the mall. I had ordered a mobility scooter for mother in law, she was still having difficulty and we had trouble getting everything done in the time we had. We got home late, just in time to put dinner on.

    While we were at the mall we saw easy child 2/difficult child 2 and SIL2, doing their grocery shopping. We only had a few minutes to talk but it was good to catch up.

    Tomorrow we stay home for most of the day before it's time to go out for difficult child 3's drama class. If the rain holds off we could get some beach visit in, The weather has been very wet and more rain is on the way - it's the La Nina effect over here, warm currents and a lot of coastal rain. Some rain has made it inland and there is a lot of inland flooding. The Murrumbidgee is flooded, about to break its levee banks at Wagga and Coonamble. Holding for now, but more rain forecast could be all it takes. They've declared disaster area and are carefully monitoring the situation.

    Oprah and her US audience arrive in the next day or so. It should be fun - wish I had tickets, but I missed out.

    Enjoy your Monday.

  4. HaoZi

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    Morning ladies. In the teens and up to the 20s today. Ug. Hate snow. Hate cold.

    I got our pre-lit tree at Wal-Mart. Ours is not huge, but they do have really big ones there. They might also have one you like online and use the free ship to store option.

    Hope you get your beach time, Marg.
  5. SearchingForRainbows

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    Good Morning Everyone,:mornincoffee:

    Sharon (LDM), Sorry about the tree!!! Hope you find a really nice one to replace it with this morning!!! One of our family traditions is watching Christmas Vacation too. We've been watching since it first hit the screen and bought it as soon as it came out on VCR - No CD's back then, lol...

    SRL, I totally agree with you - Cookies, hot drinks, cozy blankets... I'M MORE THAN READY!!! Now, back to reality...

    Marg, I hope the rain holds off - Some beach time sounds like an excellent idea:beach:!!! It's in the twenties here and snow flurries are in the forcast:2cold:

    HaoZi, Hope you manage to stay WARM today!!! Have a good one...

    I'm happy to say that my house is finally CLEAN:xmasdancers: (Well, at least the entire downstairs, lol...) I need to clean my room and the office. easy child/difficult child 3 was supposed to clean the upstairs bathroom yesterday but it's still a mess:mad:. However, it's cleaner than her room... difficult child 2 actually ran the vacuum in his room - Too bad he "forgot" to dust... It's finally time to get this place decorated!!!:xmasdancers::christmaslights:

    difficult child 2 is spending time with his "life coach" after school today. She is helping him with some paperwork so he can get free books (from Vocational Rehab) when he attends our local community college in the fall. Speaking of vocational rehab, his rehab counselor wrote an absolutely wonderful plan for him with lots of community supports.:happy-very: Keeping my fingers crossed all goes well...

    Hope everyone has a great day and a peaceful evening... SFR
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    SFR you said:
    It's in the high twenties here too but 29 degrees Celsius is a tad warmer than 29 degrees Fahrenheit!

    Marg's Man