Good No Meltdown Monday Morning!!

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    :elf: Good Morning on a No Meltdown Monday!

    What a holiday weekend I had - Last week I had one of the most intense weeks of work ever....I also had a Christmas Party at my house Saturday night. Friday was a day filled with grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, you get it, party prep. Saturday was the same. I actually spent 3 hours putting one of those standing propane heaters together to use on my patio since there were about 8 smokers in the bunch and it was cold here.

    I had several guests spend the night and we didn't hit the sack until 3 am! Up at 8 and by 8:30 we were all in the kitchen cooking bacon and making pancakes! Last guest didn't leave until around 3:30 or so yesterday afternoon. After that it was helping difficult child study for his biology test and then making sure the house was put back to order.

    It was nonstop and exhausting, but it was fun to spend time with friends (and several were old friends from college!) so it was also heartwarming and fun. Sitting around laughing and talking made me realize how little you realize life is zooming by. Sharing stories from the 80's let's you know the time has gone by....while we are all in different places in our lives, deep down the young, impulsive, thrill-seeking, crazy young folks are still there! Needless to say, I was in bed by 9 last night!

    Wishing you a great Monday and wishes that your difficult children remember its NMM!

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    G'day, Sharon. You've been busy!

    Well, we're down in our nation's capital visiting easy child who's in hospital having just had her baby yesterday morning. I'm a grandma! I brought difficult child 3 with me, as it is easier. Besides, he can drive some of the way. It's a 3 hour trip each way and we've been here since yesterday. Heading home tomorrow just for the night then back down here again until easy child says she's managing fine.

    We're using the GPS to get around but Canberra seems to be the city that invented roundabouts. When we arrived yesterday we went straight to the hospital, which for us meant going right past Parliament House (a large earth-covered dome in the middle of Canberra). We got lost, had to go round it twice before we got off on the right exit. Headed past The Lodge (where the Prime Minister lives) which reminded me of a funny story form President Obama's visit recently - Tim Mathieson, our PM's partner (boyfriend, whatever - First Mate or First Bloke) at some stage in the official proceedings decided to head home to the Lodge. Maybe he had to feed the cat or something. But he walked. It was a nice day, it's not far, only across the road a bit. And the US security people went ballistic, they couldn't understand how he could take such a risk. But here we do that sort of thing all the time. When Oprah was in Sydney filming, Russell Crowe just walked round form his place to the Opera House and gave her security team all kinds of conniptions.

    Back to us - when we left the hospital yesterday, we got caught in a massive storm cell. We'd watched it develop, it looked like one of the storms you see in a storm chaser video. I half expected to see a funnel come down from the cloud. Then the skies opened, while difficult child 3 (my learner) was driving. His first ever hail storm. he did well. We managed to eventually get to the side of the road. When we got to easy child's place we found the sudden downpour had flooded the yard. We had to unblock the drains and clear the yard so the water could drain away. Driving back past Parliament House this morning we could see their lawns waterlogged and muddy - they're usually perfect.

    The baby is beautiful, she's the image of her mother as a newborn.

    I've got to be back home for tomorrow night's concert, then we turn around next day and come back here. husband & mother in law will hopefully visit over the weekend.

    So I'm on cloud 9 enjoying seeing my granddaughter. I've even had the chance to hold her a couple of times. Not easy when she's sound asleep almost every time I'm there. But it's early days...

    Enjoy your Monday.

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    Good morning!

    Sharon, sounds like you had a weekend filled with lots of fun - glad you enjoyed it!

    Marg, you sound like you are definitely on Cloud 9, ready to love up your granddaughter. How wonderful, I am so happy for you all.

    Saturday I decorated the outside of the house went through some clutter on the inside and cleared some spaces up (have to make room for our tree) and easy child did some more baking. Yesterday was a pretty laid back day. I spent 3 hours with my mom watching an old movie and enjoying some relaxing time with her, very pleasant. I also spent an amazing amount of time crocheting little lap blankets for the old folks at my mom's nursing home for their holiday party. There was one that I had to rip out because it looked too pointy to me, lol. I can't figure out how to bring it round so it's less pointy and more appropriate as a shawl than a hideous triangle, HAHAHA. I'm laughing at myself because it might be the time of day I try to tackle these things, late evening. By then, my brains about shut down.

    I began this morning with a blood draw in preparation for my surgery, fun times. I hate having blood drawn! Monday is here so it's back to the grind. Over the weekend I was looking at our company's ARA and it's a mess so I'll be working on that for a better part of today. I'm already thinking about my bed, lol.

    Have a great one all!
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    Congrats on becoming a grandmother!!!! Somehow I missed that your daughter was having a baby....what a joyful time for you family!