Good Riddance TW

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  1. Hound dog

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    It has taken me 3 yrs............

    Good riddance Time Warner!! OMG!

    I realize that in some places they're just fine and dandy. But from the moment we signed a contract with them.......our phone cut in and out all the time, our internet cut in and out all the time. Can't tell you how many times their little box was replaced, or that they came out to "fix" it. Only it NEVER fixed anything. The ONLY thing that worked right was the cable itself.

    So........we went back to AT&T. It's loads cheaper. Yeah, I gotta deal with a new phone number, which I'm having issues reversing the darn numbers, but I'll deal. At least I can TALK on my house phone and actually surf the net without constantly having to wait for the internet to come back on.

    Due to the switch to AT&T and Direct TV I cut the cost of phone, internet and tv to under half of what it was costing me. NOT complaining about that either!

    I think the issue with TW may be the town itself (or ours just stinks in general) as everyone has the same issues with the phone and internet, just some worse than others.
  2. DammitJanet

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    You're lucky you have a choice. We live in an area where we have blocked areas. You can get one in this area, one in that area. I was just able to get TW in the past year. Before that we had no high speed internet or cable in my area. The only thing we could get was satellite and dial up internet. What a pain. I have entered Cory's address into every internet provider known to mankind and he cant get it either even though there is an internet cafe about 1/3 of a mile from him and a school less than a mile from him.

    I wish I could get a lower price for internet and cable. Actually I wish I could go back to Dish and internet on a different provider. I hate the cable because it doesnt have all the channels I had on Dish and I pay through the roof for it.
  3. buddy

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    This summer I made big switches to things too.... I am stuck with my cable company (yes in this big city...our complex made a deal so ugg) but I switched to Clear internet which I can take anywhere and I have to say has never been a problem 4g and relatively cheap...45 dollars plus the rental unit total of 54 dollars a month for unlimited use.

    I got rid of the home phone. I had to hide it anyway so it always charged down... Q would grab it and call whatever numbers he saw on tv and lots of car catalogs showed up at my house which hten opens the door to all kinds of sales calls...and the number he knows?? my cell number. so they are still calling me...sigh.

    For my emergency phone?? I use now the fee google number thru the computer. That is really cool. I have tried it several times just to see if it works. Plus no caller ID on their end so I can call mystery numbers (which always end up being insurance.....what is that?)

    It felt so good to lower the bills and get rid of the lousy service.... I can totally relate

    Thanks for the ramble.. that has been in me for a long time, lol...haha (plus it was a not nice morning and I needed a distraction...did you plan that for me?? haha)
  4. AnnieO

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    Lisa, I think it's mostly Ohio!!! I had OK service with TW, then agreed on a 2-yr contract that really dropped bills and - horrid service all the sudden, the bills were NOT what was agreed on, we GOT the bills days after they were due (or weeks) and they wouldn't take off late charges even when postmark clearly showed they were mailed AFTER the due date, international call charges when we were not even supposed to have LONG DISTANCE - it was blocked they told me time and time again, but it wasn't, and they refused to give me the numbers we supposedly called without a subpoena (but a call to the BBB and PUCO fixed that), then to find out not only did we not know the numbers the calls were made 1) when we weren't home and 2) NOT FROM OUR HOUSE - they were "bill to" calls made in FL, NJ, AK - yeah. When we had the windstorm in 2008 and all power was out, it messed up the modem and they said we owed them $450 for a new one because we didn't turn it off. Errr - it was off, ALL power was... We turned everything off!!!... As soon as the 2 years was up I switched to AT&T and we have had ONE PROBLEM - ONCE - and they came out on a HOLIDAY and fixed it at NO CHARGE! So we're missing MTV (oh darn)... I love AT&T.
  5. skeeter

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    Cincinnati Bell has what they call "FiOptics" that includes TV (also high speed internet). We were watching and waiting as they came down the street to switch to it (we already had internet, home phone and cells with Cincy Bell, but still had TV through Time Warner). I hated Time Warner - and for just the basic cable the price just kept going up and up and up. We now have a lot more channels, and HD, and it's much cheaper than our basic Time Warner.
    Time Warner also sent me a bill for $0 for 4 months after we disconnected.
  6. donna723

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    I live in an area where you can't get anything on the TV but static unless you either have satellite TV or you're on cable. The cable service here really stinks so almost everyone has satellite. I've had DirecTV for years. It kept getting more and more expensive but I've had no problems with it. The only practical internet connection I could get for a long time was dial-up service through my phone company and it was bundled with my landline phone - I'm way too 'old school' to give up my phone! When the phone company finally came up with high speed internet in our area, the only way you could get it was if you bundled your home phone, internet, and Dish Network satellite service! I don't WANT Dish Network because of the horrible service my son and his roommates got from them! They only installed two of the four hookups they paid for and they never did get any of the network or local programming they were supposed to get! It took years but the phone company finally made the high speed internet available without being part of their "bundle". But they still send me several ads each week promising 1-cent laptops or flatscreen TV's if I sign up for their bundle and switch my satellite provider! Makes me so mad! We are really limited here from being in a rural area and from being a part of our goofy little phone company!
  7. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    donna where I live it is impossible (seriously) to get tv without cable or some sort of satellite. I've tried. I've bought high powered antennae and everything. Short of putting up one of the old time type antennae on the roof and making it about 10 ft tall........yeah, nothing but snow. Peeved me off because when we lived in the Dayton area I never had to have anything but an antennae on the tv. Sure I could just get local but actually that wasn't that bad.

    TW is outrageously expensive even for basic, which is what I had........and it was all bundled and STILL outrageously expensive. I only have the phone and internet bundled at the moment and it's still super cheaper than TW. And I must be old school too cuz I'm not ready to give up my landline phone either. lol

    Now I can't wait for the runaround I'm gonna get when I take back their equipment. That is never pleasant. But I told them the past few months, I wasn't signing a contract cuz I was finding someone better and cheaper.