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    Minnie has been a member of my stray pride for several years, she's about 3-4 yrs old now, but she came to me at about 3 months old and parked in my yard with her brother Underfoot. Underfoot has long since up and vanished more than a year ago. Which is usually a sign they've passed away for some reason.

    I'd bought Revolution for Maggie and the cats more than 6 wks ago. That is when I realized Minnie was no where to be found. I don't normally get the strays flea medications because, well they're strays and if I did that I'd be broke within a week, but Minnie had a rather nasty infestation going on and I suspected a tick issue due to her losing weight. So I'd bought her some Revolution to help her out as it kills just about anything from worms to flies, including ticks and fleas. I've watched for her all that time....did see her about a week later but when I came in to get the flea medication she was gone when I got back outside. Then nothing.

    Minnie rarely leaves the yard except to hunt sometimes. Her days for the past years have been spent on my front porch or in the back yard. I missed her quite a bit. The grandkids missed her. She's an awfully sweet cat, especially for a stray. She's my old cat Willie's daughter, no doubt about it. (one too many cat fights did him in poor guy)

    I go out to potty Maggie out back this morning because there is yet another stray dog wandering the neighborhood. (looks like he just got out) And out of nowhere appears Minnie! I nearly fell over. But I was so happy to see her! Then I petted her...........and she has been bathed!! All the scabs that covered her are healed. She's had a gaping gash on her neck for about 2 yrs now (massive but the deepness of the wound healed ages ago, it looks horrid but is mostly just the top layer now) Each time it would be just about healed up.......something must've gotten hold of her again and would tear it open. Well, her time inside has been enough to heal most of it, looks like a section might have been stitched together, but there really isn't much skin/fur to work with. Now the would is the size of a nickel, clean. I'm not sure if it will ever close completely.

    I have no clue who this good Samaritan would be, but I am thankful for their kindness and I'm certain Minnie is as well. :)