Good Saturday morning, friends.....

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by timer lady, Mar 1, 2008.

  1. timer lady

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    Yup, I know it's early....just pretend I'm visiting Marg & am enjoying a wonderful getaway weekend to Australia. :rofl: It's just so nice to get out of this place.:salute:

    :painter: I've spent the night painting (stuck on one corner of this painting & am ready to shred it) & listening to a Ken Follett novel World Without End. Since I've started downloading MP3 books I'm hooked. Ended up joining - find it reasonably priced & 2 books a month (fairly long ones) are keeping me going. Didn't need to buy an IPod or other piece of technology - turns out my PDA handles this stuff (along with music) wonderfully.

    kt left for respite at 3:30 yesterday afternoon - haven't heard a peep from her since then. For the 1st time not hearing from her isn't making me nervous.

    Today, I expect will be a day of doing whatever husband & I want to do. Naps always come to mind; my new work stool for the kitchen came & husband will be putting it together - hence I feel the need to try out a new recipe. Or maybe one of our old favorites like linguine & clam sauce with bruschetta (sp?) & a spinach & raspberry vineagrette salad. AND I have all the makings on hand for the linguine. How scary is that?

    Enjoy your Saturday - I hope you get the time to play some time this weekend. To enjoy your favorite thing to do or try something new & exciting. :hawaii_girl: (I'm going to attempt my piano playing sometime today - keep your fingers crossed. )

  2. Marguerite

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    You're welcome to visit any time, Linda. It's getting cooler here but still a lot warmer than your neck of the woods. Enjoy your respite, the talking books are a brilliant idea. I have some classics on my iPod - "Under Milkwood" with the 1955 original all-Welsh cast, Richard Burton as First Speaker. I had them playing that for me when I had my last MRI. I use it for my writing classes - a wonderful example of metaphor.

    It has been a beautiful day today, classic autumn weather. Sunny, but with a cold wind blowing. We had the coldest Sydney day since October, but it warmed up to 22 C by lunchtime. I nearly put a cardigan on, but instead I went out in t-shirt and long skirt, I was warm enough. It's hot in the sun out of the wind. I'm told there is no wind on the beach, but I just didn't feel like testing that out. besides, difficult child 3 had schoolwork to get on with. He got it all done, except for his Geography work which has somehow got lost. I did see it briefly, he had it almost completely done but if we can't find it he will have to get another one from the school and do it again.

    Tomorrow will be another sunny day, the rain seems to be easing off, apart from occasional storms.

    Talking recipes (yes, you spelt "bruschetta" correctly) - husband bought some redfish fillets this afternoon and cooked them for our dinner. Delicious, and good to challenge difficult child 3's tastes away from pre-packaged processed food (which is always predictably the same). Tomorrow night I'll probably make osso bucco, we're getting back into comfort food but I still have the quantities of summer herbs I need, especially the thyme and basil. Parsley's all gone to seed though - another week or two and I can uproot my vegetable beds, dig them over, replenish the soil and plant a winter crop. I'm enjoying the planning.

    Enjoy your Saturday, everyone.

  3. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Linda-An Australia getaway to visit Marg sounds like fun! So does a day of respite and although I don't get a full day I do get 4 hours this afternoon.:D Enjoy your linguine dinner:spaghetti: Crossing fingers your piano playing goes well!

    Marg-Between Linda's linguine and your husband's fish your making me hungry! I love Autumn days. Plus that means if you are having Autumn like days we might actually get Spring this year!!!! :laughing:

    We actually did hit 37 degrees yesterday!!!!! Tomorrow it is supposed to get to 45. They are starting to worry about flooding in our city. Next week it's back to more winter like temps.

    I'm off to work in a bit. I'm glad it's only til 9:30! Not much on my agenda today. difficult child is going to respite for 4 hours! Thank goodness he is finally feeling better:abouttime: husband, too seems to be on the mend. I'll probably get in the grocery shopping and maybe a trip to the club. For sure napping is a high priority.:sleeping:

    It's a Saturday-enjoy your day, relax, do something just for you:bath:
  4. tiredmommy

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    Good morning Ladies. :coffee:
    Linda- I really hope your piano playing goes well. Just remember you haven't played in a long while so set your expectations accordingly. The linguine sounds delicious!:spaghetti:
    Marg- I hope difficult child 3 finds his geography homework. I can't imagine telling Duckie she had to re-do her homework, it wouldn't be pleasant. :not_fair:
    Sharon- Are you excited about respite? You mentioned it twice in your post! I'm glad to hear everyone is feeling better. :its_all_good:
    Duckie has dance and I have some errands. I think I'm going to spread them out because I still feel lousy.:ill: My two closest friends each cornered me yesterday and said it was time for me to see a doctor since this is just dragging on and on. They think I have mono. Great!:hammer:
    Have a great day! Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:
  5. LittleDudesMom

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    :flowers: Morning Friends!

    I've been up for hours. easy child is taking her first SATs this morning so I got her up early and we had an energy breakfast together. One boiled egg, piece of whole wheat toast and a half of a banana! After she left at 7:15 I thought I would take a little nap but the hmj had me wired!!!!

    Linda, cooking sounds wonderful! Enjoy your respite.

    Marg, not sure if redfish is similiar to our red snapper, but it's one of my favs! Ugg about difficult child and the redo.

    Sharon, how did difficult child's check up go yesterday? Enjoy your weekend.

    TM, you need to take it easy and heed your girlfriends' advice - go get that checkup. You have been under the weather for some time.

    easy child should return at noon but then she and her two best friends are driving down to her boyfriends for the afternoon and early evening. difficult child and I have the day to ourselves. Get this, he has an online birthday party at 3 this afternoon! They are all logging on the computer and playing a Gary's Mod game together for one of his friend's birthdays. If that's not an example of how far things have come since I was his age, I don't know what is?????!!!!!!!

    He and I are making homemade pizza for dinner. His will be plain 'ole cheese but mine will be muchrooms, sun-dried tomotoes, red peppers and onions!! Since joining WW, I've found that making our own pizzas is so much healthier (not to mention cheaper!!!!)

    Wishing everyone a relaxing weekend :bigsmile:

  6. AprilH

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    Here's to hoping that ALL of us have good weekends (raises glass of virtual red wine in a toast). We are planting bulbs in the front garden this morning and possibly playing some board games this's to hoping...fingers crossed, EVERYTHING crossed, HAHA! :laughing: