Good Saturday morning friends......

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It's a quiet, cool, dry morning here. The rain has finally stopped! :bow: Prayers & good thoughts being sent out to those of you still in the path of the storms & flooding.

kt is away at respite this weekend. I will be resting today & tomorrow. I have a friend coming in to visit today with custard from Culver's. I'm so looking forward to that.

husband is heading up to visit with wm.

The tree guys finally finished clearing away all the debris from our trees from the storm a couple of weeks ago. :smile: I have a sunny front yard - it seems so strange.

Enjoy your Saturday. :beach:


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Good morning Linda! Enjoy your respite weekend. I think your rain came here to stay. We are on almost 3 days now.

I'm up early to take easy child to her cheerleading camp, final day. She's been having a blast.

Today is also difficult child's try-outs for hockey and my stomach is in knots for him. I hope it goes well. He's tried so hard this week, I hope it can continue for him.

If you ladies could keep him in your thoughts today. I don't think he'll find out today, but hopefully the stars will be in the right alignment with the moon and everything will stay well for him.

Then it's off to braid and bathe easy child's pony and then groceries. Maybe if there's time, go and view a house...

Haha! I wonder why I am so tired.

Have a great Saturday everyone! Tomorrow is easy child's show so have a great Sunday too as we are up and out by 5:30 am.

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Good Morning,

Linda-Sounds like a nice quiet day for you!! I'm with you about the rain finally stopping! :bow:

Christine-Sounds like an incredibly busy day! Keeping good thoughts for difficult child! :flower:

I'm off to work in a bit. We're getting Direct TV put in today instead of cable so we can get the Bit 10 network-football starts next weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :smile: :smile:

easy child has a birthday party sleepover-first they are going rock climbing! We are going out to dinner with- difficult child to a restaurant we all love but easy child doesn't.

No workout today! I've done 6 this week and am taking today off!!

I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful day! :kisses:


Good Saturday morning to all.

Linda...looking forward to the custard, makes my mouth water!

Christine..keeping fingers crossed regarding hockey tryouts. I am sure he will do just fine.

Sharon - you deserve a day off. have a fun birthday party.

I will have 4 days off after I am done at noon. husband and I are going on a "date" for our anniversary a few days ago. Don't even know where to go. difficult child's idea!

Rain is still by me. Ten inches in 6 days. Many roads closed. Backyard still underwater, as is the garage. Guess we just cannot cut the grass!

Enjoy the weekend everyone.


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:coffee: Good Saturday Morning All :coffee:

Linda, glad you have a day of rest - enjoy the custard and the closed eyes! :flower:

Christine, keeping my fingers crossed for difficult child! You are really busy this weekend - hope you do find a little time to rest.

Sharon, I tried to get direct tv here at my house but they couldn't put it on the roof because I have spanish clay tiles and they can't attach to that and, in order to get the good sattelite angle angle, they would have had to put the dish in my front yard .......... no thank you, I'll stick with cable. I know you and husband are going to enjoy the heck out of the football this fall and winter!

Kjs, hope you and husband have a special dinner and evening.

Well, I am bleary-eyed but alive after the big party last night! difficult child had a blast! easy child's boyfriend and his buddy arrirved at 2 and we all went out for lunch together. At 5, the company delivered the HUGE slip and slide. This thing was about 10 feet high and 35 feet long!!!!!!!!!!!! So difficult child and the teens started parting at 5 with everyone else coming at 7. They would run through that slip and slide, where the water coming down was cold from the faucet, then spend 5 or 10 minutes in the hot tub, then back to the S&S, then in the hot tub, then back...........

By 9:30 all the younger set was gone and I let the older ones hang until 11. By then both difficult child and I were dead on our feet. Told the girls (easy child and a her friend) that the boys had to leave (their boyfriends) since I was going to bed and no boys allowed when mom is asleep!!! The guys filled a box will bubble gum and tons of $1 bills for difficult child's gift.

So birthday week is finally over!!!!!!! We are heading up to Maryland to visit family tomorrow but will return on Tuesday. From there it is the countdown for school!!!!!

On my way out to do the grocery shopping now. It's going to be really hot here today so I want to get my running around done early. I'm kinda afraid to look into the hot tub this morning because I'm sure it's filled with grass and mud!!! I'll look in there when I get back then I have a few loads of laundry and two friends coming for a cookout. Hopefully there is time for a nap in there somewhere.

Have a great day everyone!



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Good Morning All, i hope you each have a great day. I am running behing this morning . difficult child and ihead back out school shopping today, he loves it so it is a huge help. He is very picky when it comes to sneakers, and being that we live in a rich town, and are not rich i try to let him get what is in style. If not the kids will eat him up, if we didn't have the best schools you can get i would move. The last two days at work we had no kids, had to tear my room apart and get ready for the new class that starts on monday. It will be okay except, we are getting 3 kids that are not even two, and one does not talk yet. Well off to the mad house1 Have a nice day!


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Good morning! :coffee:
Linda- Enjoy the respite & custard! :smile:
Christine- Fingers crossed for difficult child... :warrior:
Sharon- My husband loves his Direct Tv for sports, I'm sure you will as well. :bravo:
Kjs- Enjoy your date! Happy belated anniversary. :smile:
LDM- The party sounds like a lot of fun!!! I think you should definitely make time for a nap, it's good for you! :smile:
Well, I'm in a bit of a tizzy this morning. My friend took Duckie to a theme park yesterday and said she'd have her home around 8:30. They didn't get here until 9:45. :hammer: Now, Duckie is exhausted and we are hosting a big pool party this afternoon. I really hope she doesn't have a meltdown over this. Good thoughts for this and the weather (threat of t-storms) would be appreciated. Sigh. :rolleyes:
Have a great day. Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:


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G'day, everybody. I'm also running late - it's the usual problem, difficult child 3 gets demanding at this time of night, then we finally had time to ourselves to eat dinner undisturbed, then husband had his turn on the computer - he had to go to bed early tonight, he's collecting niece from the airport at 6 am! Poor kid, catching the red-eye from Perth. She's staying with mother in law until Friday.

APEC starts soon - apart from a few politicians, nobody wants it. The Queen can visit and not disrupt us as much as a single dignitary from the US. Sorry, guys, but there it is. Cheney's last visit caused a lot of dissent - they closed the Harbour Bridge, something that hadn't been done since it opened. Closed just because he was having a beer with the PM. Closed while his boat passed under the Bridge, in case us evil Aussies tried to do something - I dunno what. But the closure made it more tempting!
They're shutting down the city for a few days, husband is getting an extra day off work. difficult child 3 has a study day at school (inner city) and I'm hoping it's not disrupted too much by all the barricades and traffic changes. Our police have been given powers to search anyone - no reasons needed.

We're really looking forward to what Aussie-style silly clothes they'll all be made to wear this time - there has been a lot of speculation. Stubbies, thongs (on feet) and zinc cream on the nose; Ken Done colourful shirts with koalas and Harbour Bridge garishly across them; replicas/surplus from Sydney 2000 volunteer uniforms - it will be the most enjoyable thing about it.

Don't look for me on the news. We're giving the city a wide berth until all the hoo-ha has died down.



Good morning.

Linda - enjoy the custard and respite quiet is always a good thing.

Christine - will think good thoughts for difficult child. Hope you find some time for yourself today.

Sharon - What's cable or a dish? I refuse to pay for such things with children in the house as they all have at one time or another become addicted (ok maybe I did too). Now just standard tv for us unless a movie. I promote more reading this way. ( I know I am wierd) Maybe I will motivate and since no one else is up take your workout.

KJS - Hope dinner goes well.

Sharon sounds like B-Day party went well. Hope cook out does later.

Jen - hope shopping goes well.

TM - hope duckie has melt free day.

Marg - Hope things go well down your way.

husband took a saturday night off so we can go to a wedding. This is one of those miracles that has only happened like twice in 5 years. easy child is going to b-day parties both today and tommorow. Hopefully no calls from RTCs.

Morning to anyone that snuck in.