Good Saturday morning friends....

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Up again & bouncing about the house. I expect to sleeping again by 3 a.m. my time as the GP doctor increased some of my pain medications for break through pain during the night hours.

Today will be a day of hanging about the yard. kt & her PCA have picked out the "perfect" back to school outfint - I'm riding to the mall with kt & PCA to pay for it.

husband & I will also be scoping out new stoves. Ours finally bit the dust. Our repair guy told us to buy new; he couldn'g & wouldn't charge us to try & repair this old girl. On the plus side, there are a lot ofsales during this weekend & that I have the money saved in the bank to handle this today. I believe the stove we picked out can be delivered by tomorrow.

Enjoy your Saturday.


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G'day, Linda. Enjoy the retail therapy! Most of our schools in Australia have school uniforms, back to school shopping usually consists of getting all the various bits organised. Each year I watch with delight, knowing that difficult child 3 no longer requires school uniform - a good thing, too, as most uniforms are not very practical either in design or materials. They're also more expensive, as a rule.
Sorry to hear about your stove - enjoy picking out something new. Is it wood-fired, gas or electric?
I was cleaning my electric cook-top yesterday, it's not much longer for this world. The elements work OK but the other 'bits' are literally falling apart. When we replace it, I'll have no choice but to get something smaller overall, which will mean new benchtop. Which will mean new kitchen. We also need a new oven (electric wall oven, currently) because the cook-top and oven are a pigeon pair, both have irreparable problems.
Part of me dreads the bother and expense, another part of me can't wait for the updated technology.

I've had a quiet day today, still taking things quietly. I'd like to plan a total getaway for next Thurs-weekend because I just want to be right away from Sydney during APEC - a lot of demonstrators seem determined to exercise their democratic right to protest, despite warnings that it won't be pretty. Australia has a capital city (Canberra) perfectly designed to host this sort of thing, but we have a Prime Minister who prefers Sydney, and so inflicts this security nightmare onto us and brings the city to a standstill. They've declared a Public Holiday for Friday to keep as many people away from their inner city workplaces as possible. The Sydney weather will be cold and wet, typical for spring, while Canberra is beautiful at this time of year. The man is a fool.
We've been watching the news today - the preparations have begun. The "Great Wall of Sydney" is going up, they began in the small hours this morning. Roads are now closed, pedestrian areas blocked off, barricades up and security in place. Anyone needing to go through the barricades (which will include almost all the legal professions in Sydney) have to be searched physically each time, showing ID. Anyone with ANY record of ever having been questioned in regard to protests in the past will not be allowed entry under any circumstances and people on this list have already been notified of this by mail - including people who have never been found guilty of anything.
I'm feeling very uncomfortable about this, very nervous. Things just don't work this way in Australia - until now. Even the 2000 Olympics were not like this and the security they had in place for that was absolutely brilliant - but low profile. This feels like George Orwell's future. Not happy at all.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone. Don't let me bring you down.



Good morning

Linda - hope the pain medications help you feel more comfortable. Now to break in that new stove with a great meal!

Marg - Sounds like pretty tight security there. More and more you hear of such awful crimes happening, I'm sure they just have the best interest of everyone in mind. How long will this go on?

difficult child has a Red Cross Babysitting course today. An all day class to be child care certified. I don't plan on him using this any time soon. He will be able to use this knowledge in everyday activites.

I had a flat tire tonight just as I pulled into work. Luckily it wasn't on the highway.

Have a great day.

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Good Morning,

Linda-A new stove sounds like fun. I've always wanted gas but we have electric. Ahh the joys of new school clothes-I bet kt is excited!

Marguerite-I hope you can get in that getaway you would like to plan. Sounds like it would be good to be away.

Kjs-Good for difficult child for taking the class! I'm glad you made it to work o.k.

I'm off to work in a bit then home to watch MICHIGAN FOOTBALL!!!!! I can't believe it is finally football season! Can you tell I'm a bit excited!

Other than that sister in law is in town and coming for dinner tonight and I hope to squeeze in a nap. It's my day off from the club since I have in my 6 days this week!

I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful day!!


Good Morning.

Linda hope shopping is good.

Marg sounds like things are getting ramped up there.

Kjs good for difficult child in taking the class.

Sharon hope the game and everything go nicely.

It's my birthday. Biggest present I am hoping to get is no problemss. I am off to work then who knows how the day will end up.



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Happy Birthday Beth and Good Morning Everyone!

I planned on getting to the grocer early this morning but I spent an hour and half on the phone with my mother! The kids and I came up with a list for school lunches and I have changed my cookout from tomorrow night to tonight. The weather is gorgeous and tomorrow will be a tad hectic with easy child returning from the river and her boyfriend and some others here in the afternoon before a show tomorrow night.

difficult child has some birthday money that is burning a whole in his pocket. He wants to get a game for his 360. I'll see if he wants to do that then accompany me to the grocer so I can do it all in one swoop. easy child took my car to the river since she was driving on the highway and I wanted her to have a big reliable vehicle. Now I get to put her ragtop down on this beautiful Saturday. Good trade don't you think.

Linda, hope your day of stove shopping goes well and that kt settles today.

Marg, pick someplece nice for your gettaway!

Kjs, ejoy the quiet while difficult child is in class.

Sharon, I know you are excited about football season. I actually like college ball better than the pros. I will probably sit for awhile and watch the Fighting Irish this afternoon!

Enjoy your Saturday everyone.