Good Saturday morning, my friends....

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Hope you're all still sound asleep & enjoying the quiet.

Another pretty day is promised; I intend to get as much laundry done today (with help of kt & a good friend) then sit on my patio reading a book. I had promised kt a trip to the mall this weekend & I pray it wasn't today - a little above what I think can be managed today.

PCA will take kt out to the mall, if necessary & kt is stable; I may take her up on it.

My month of good intentions (with ESY over) is being revamped - not much available that I had intended for kt as a parent needs to be part of some of these outings. Mental health case manager may see about changing the status of a couple of our PCAs for a week or two - not sure how that will work.

In the meantime, I had scoped out a couple of drawing programs that kt would like to attend & a rec center swimming outing each week.

Enjoy your day - keep it calm. :flower:


Good Saturday morning!

Linda, hope you are able to find enough for kt to do over the next month. Can't be easy. After laundry, a good book on the patio sounds about right.

It's expected to be hot and humid today. This afternoon we are planning an outing to our pool complete with picnic dinner. With all of our traveling out of town and appointments while in town, we haven't had much opportunity to enjoy the pool.

Keep it cool. Hi to anyone who snuck in.


Saturday morning already!

You should all be sleeping in and enjoying it.

Linda, a trip to the mall may be to much for you. I have recently been there and so many people, especially the teens shopping for the school clothes. I would opt to take it easy with the book.

sw - enjoy the pool. Wish I would of done more of that. The picnic really sounds like a good time.

Weather has cooled down a bit here. Out of the 90's, into the 80's with so much less humidity. I don't plan much on the days I work. difficult child is at an all night lock-in, so hopefully he will sleep most of the day. Then has a birthday party this evening.

Enjoy !


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Good morning. :coffee:
Linda- Fingers crossed that kt holds it together for PCA to take her out for awhile. :princess:
Smallworld- A pool day sounds fun and so does the picnic. :beach:
Kjs- Enjoy the party this evening! :dance:
I have altar guild this morning and we have a pretty open day after that. I may take Duckie to a carnival for a little while, but I'm not sure. :wink: We'll probably hit the pool later.
Have a great day. Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:

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Good Morning All!

Linda-I hope the PCA is able to take kt to the mall. Relaxing with a book is always good! :reading: I've read three books so far this week!

SW-The pool is one of my favorite spots in the summer. Enjoy it and the picnic!! :beach:

Kjs-I hope difficult child is enjoying the lock-in and that he has fun at the birthday party tonight! :smile:

TM-I definitely vote for the pool! :beach:

Seeing as difficult child has been up since 5:00 this morning a nap will definitely be on my agenda today! Poor guy he tried not to bother us but kept popping in the room with a question or to check the time-at least he made the effort to let us try and sleep.

It's cooler here today so I'll skip the pool-the heat is supposed to return tomorrow. I'll probably just read when I get the chance and try to find something for difficult child to do. Tonight my nephew and his wife are coming for dinner. I'm just going to put some Italian sausage links in the crockpot with sauce and then make spaghetti.

I hop everyone enjoys a peaceful day-hi to anyone who snuck in. :dance:


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Good Morning Everyone!!

I've been kinda MIA for the last couple days but remember, my mom :surprise: is here!

Linda, hope you are able to handle all the laundry and get that book read on the patio - your weather must be much nicer than ours /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/hot.gif

SM, the pool sounds like a great plan today! Our weather is the same and it is hot, hot, hot!!!

Kjs, catch up on your sleep while difficult child is catching up on his!

TM, another vote for the pool!

Well mom is here and I've been running for the last two days. She loves to go, go, go and with it being hot, hot, hot it is draining, to say the least :crazy: But, we have had a nice visit and after taking care of her sister for two weeks, she needs my pampering!

easy child got back from South Beach yesterday afternoon and had a ball! An armani wallet, two pair of Steve Madden shoes, and a Lucky dress later............. Bonehead was good to her and it's about time!!! He's promised difficult child a trip on the air bus to Cincinatti and difficult child says he'll do that (even though he wouldn't fly to Miami - and this is the kid whose first word was "plane"). Hope it materializes because this meant to much to easy child I know it would be great for difficult child.

easy child and I have our class at the gym at 9 - difficult child and my mom are still sleeping. After that mom wants to take us out for lunch and we actually plan on coming home and watching a movie!!!!! easy child has a show tonight and her boyfriend gets to meet "grandmother".

Have a great day all - find some time for relaxing on this 4th to the last weekend of the summer!



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G'day, all. I left it a bit late to say hi to everybody (serves me right for working on a pm instead!)

A quiet day today, slaving over a hot computer. Tomorrow I have to visit my client with the update on her book. I'm hoping to send it to the printer tomorrow.
difficult child 3 got some more schoolwork done today then spoilt it all by breaking the rules about playing computer games after curfew. The punishment in the contract - no dessert. It also meant he went straight to bed without reading time, I suspect he was glad about that.
Still, hopefully he will get the message.

Have a good Saturday, everyone.

Good morning, all! We're going to the beach today -- first time this summer! I feel bad about that -- how are the cubs going to have memories of summers at the beach if I can't even drag them down there for a couple of hours on the weekend? That's our modus operandi -- get there by 9 when it's still a bit cool and there aren't many people and then run them until about 11:30ish, before it gets horribly hot and the beach is packed. August already and not a single trip yet. Sigh. Anyway, hope everyone has a good day!