Good Saturday morning, my friends......

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I hope this weekend morning finds you sleeping in & enjoying the peace & quiet of the day.

As many of you can tell, my sleep patterns are off just a bit - I'm learning to work around this; use the energy I have when I have it - nap when necessary & appreciate the nights of more than 3 hours of sleep in a row.

kt is at respite this weekend. She called in around 9 or so to wish husband & myself a good evening & let me know what the plans for today are. A good bit of swimming seems to be involved. :dance:

husband & I are going out to visit wm this afternoon; foster mum invited us for a glass of iced tea & a light lunch to share with them & wm. We'll see how it goes. Apparently, wm had been practicing being a host much of the week.

After that, it's nap time & really not much else. If I find the energy I'm considering making dinner - if not, it's every man (woman) for themself this evening.

Enjoy your day - keep it calm.


I can relate to the odd sleep patterns. No kids today. No visits today. I plan on doing as little as possible for one day. (Hopefully). Hope yours goes well Linda and all those after me.


Welp I am running on 4 hours of sleep and I can't wait for the day to be over.

I do hope to get a pedicure today just for me, before I can not afford one, LOL

Have a good day all.


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:smile: Good Saturday Morning All :smile:

Linda, if I open the forums and see that you have posted the morning post (a lot lately), I know you've not had a good chunk of sleep. I usually hope that you are asleep by the time the rest of us come along and resond! Have a good visit with wm and a good nap this afternoon. And, don't worry, I give permission for husband to cook for you tonight :smile:

MrsCat, I hope your day of nothingness goes as planned :thumb:

Ianav, I think I would go back to bed if I were you :crazy: Hope your toes look pretty at the end of the day!

I'm waiting for my coffee to perk as I'm up waiting for easy child to finish getting ready. I have to have her at her friends house at 7:30 when they will leave for a week at the beach. She is really excited but difficult child and I will miss her.

difficult child and I will chill today. I will go to my class at the gym at 9 and then difficult child wants to go see Rush Hour 3. A friend is coming over to grill out tonight so it's a mellow day for me :beach:

Wishing you all a relaxing Saturday :thumb:.



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G'day, all.

Seems like a lot of us aren't sleeping properly!

I got down to mother in law's this afternoon and put in a lot of those plants, with difficult child 3's help. More tomorrow. difficult child 3 & I got a little bit more schoolwork done and I'm trying to get him to finish his lo-o-o-ng New Zealand report. All I need now is for him to get some photos off his sister's CD ROM, only we can't find it. Now husband thinks he might have taken it to work to copy it... so no access to it until Monday night at least. So much for getting this finished tomorrow.

easy child 2/difficult child 2 has bought herself a laptop. Brand new, Apple. Lovely. I'm jealous. She will need it for college. We're discovering some lovely new software which I know she will enjoy exploring and putting assignments on. So somewhere between the hunt for a flat and the acquisition of material possessions, there is a lot of demand on her bank account.

I'm hoping to head for bed early tonight. Wish me luck!

Good morning, all! Not too much news here. Cubs are trying to talk us into taking them to a water park today, but I don't want to risk a sunburn just before I have to go on a week-long business trip. Perhaps next week. difficult child did much better this week than his previous week. His behavior is so environment-dependent. easy child has been more pleasant, too. Gives me some hope that this weekend will be a good one! Hope everyone has a good day!


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Good morning!
Linda- I hope you are able to get back to a more regular sleep pattern soon. This can't be helping your recovery. :doctor: Fingers crossed that lunch is fun and wm is a top notch host!
Mrscat- Doing nothing sounds absolutely inspiring about now! :princess: Unfortunately, my "do nothing" day doesn't come until the first day of school.
guest3- I'm with Sharon. Nap first, then a pedi! :thumb:
Sharon- Have fun grilling! It sounds like you a great day planned.
Marg- I bet mother in law's garden is looking gorgeous! I only have a few beds and I desperately need to schedule time to weed. There were none for weeks and now poof! They are pretty yucky! :hammer:
I'll be working a sausage stand for a church fundraiser today and tomorrow. It's usually fun. :hypnosis: husband may bring Duckie for an hour to help.
Have a great day! Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute: