Good Saturday Morning - welcome MrsCatintheHat and Junkdrawers

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Wishing a happy Mother's day week-end to all the moms at the CD board. :mothers_day: I wish for the lofty goal of a stress free week-end for all.

@mrscatinthehat I totally get your username. I had SEUSSED on my license plate for years as I felt like I had been dropped into one of those crazy Dr. Seuss lands.

My significant other's mother has invited me to a Mother's Day luncheon today. It's a nice group of ladies of all different ages. I think it's a great idea to have mothers celebrate with other mothers.


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Good morning! I just spent an hour working on my flower beds...or shoukd be known as weeds and fall leaves beds. Last summer I had some strange digestive problems, probably stress related, and had the Hershey squirts for two months. I was very weak and had to stay close to the bathroom. So my flower beds got neglected last year.

We have company coming in 3 weeks...from Holland! An exchange student from 20 years ago and his wife! I need the motivation to get busy. I Know I have been depressed and unmotivated.



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Good morning!

Hubby and I went to breakfast, as we do every Saturday morning, and then went grocery shopping. I'm cooking for my mom tomorrow night - Dijon chicken with warm potato salad and roasted tomatoes, followed by a fruit tart. Hubby got me a new Fitbit Alta for my Mother's day present. I've had the Charge for about a year and a half, and the band is wearing through.

Miss KT sent me a book on the history of Nancy Drew, my very favorite detective of all time. I've only read about half of it so far, but it's really interesting. Though the author of record was Carolyn Keene, different people worked together to create the stories.

I worked yesterday - first grade - and came home in serious pain. hubby dragged me to the chiropractor this morning, and I do feel better. The weather is beautiful and I SHOULD go clean out the car, but...I really don't want to!

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Hello, Everybody

We went to see D H mom today. She is doing really well, and was happy to see everyone. It was fun to see her again. While we were there, two young girls so beautifully dressed for their Prom came to see their grandmother, and that was very nice to see, too. There was live music and a Mother's Day Tea. There was a photographer there, and everyone was able to have their pictures taken.

D H mom enjoyed the day and the family and the music, very much.

Wishing everyone a nice rest of the day!



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I took my mom out last night for mother's day. Her birthday is on the 11th. We are planning a surprise party for her on the 22.

I spent an hour at a friends and really enjoyed it. went home took a nap and just woke up. I have been exhausted for the past week.

Tomorrow, I will go out with my daughter and grands.


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Had a fun group in my Zumba class today. There's a Latino couple that has been coming the last two weeks and the gentleman is the only dude in the class and he has so much fun. When he gets the step, he really has fun with it. He's a big guy with a very gentle aura. So cool.

Drizzly and cold here, got some gorgeous flowers from my daughter up in Seattle (Puyallup, actually) for Mother's Day. The grandlittles, my husband and myself are watching the Giants game (our team) and it's extra innings. Then we will watch the Warriors basketball game tonight. Having leftover lasagna, so no cooking. Tomorrow I'm making a big favorite of my family's: bacon-wrapped pork loin roast. It's easy, delicious, not too expensive, and looks fancy even though it isn't. The marinade is soy sauce, a little rice vinegar, chopped garlic, onions, ginger, and brown sugar; your standard teriyaki flavor. And the leftovers are so yummy. I bought each of us an artichoke the size of our heads as a treat. The kids love them, but they are so expensive! They're in season now so they won't be getting any cheaper, so I splurged. They used to sell them out of cars on the side of the road for next to nothing, but not anymore. It's funny that those cost more than the pork loin.

Difficult Grandson went to the library today on his own and got his own library card. He is so proud of it and has been there four or five times already. He got this huge book on the history of WWII. Interesting.


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Good evening everyone. Jabber and I had a tiring day, as we had to travel to a funeral of one of his cousins, a 40-something husband and father of two very young boys and just a generally nice guy. There were over 100 people at the visitation and funeral. A freak on-the-job accident. The family is, of course, devastated, but holding in there. Afterwards Jabbers extended family got together at his parents and people do. We did have a nice visit, notwithstanding the sad occasion.

Our son had to work and, since we weren't going to be home, we left him :eek:MY CAR! Haven't heard from him, but I'm sure he's at work. He already hates it and wants to quit. :rolleyes: But hopefully he's learned his lesson about quitting without another job to go to.

We're now ensconced on the couch watching TV, dogs firmly planted on my lap. I'm thinking about food. Jabber's still stuffed from his mom's house. Those people know how to put on a buffet...even if it's just sandwiches and desserts. Apparently he grazed more than I did...though I really shouldn't be contemplating food at all.

Hope all of you had a nice day and have a pleasant Mother's day tomorrow.


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Hi all. Nice to read about your days so far.

Here it's a nice sunny day in Wisconsin. Hub and I shopped for a gun that will fit my child size hand for when we go to the range tomorrow. Having a cop to be daughter really changed this once anti gun mom. To.morrow will be at the range than out to eat with hubby, Sonic, Jumper and her boyfriend. Today I Skyped with Princess, Buddha Baby and later on Barts little Junior, my adorable grandson.

Wishing a good weekend for all. Take good care of yourselves and make sure that you do nice things for you. Good bye!!!


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Miss KT sent me a book on the history of Nancy Drew, my very favorite detective of all time. I've only read about half of it so far, but it's really interesting. Though the author of record was Carolyn Keene, different people worked together to create the stories.

I LOVED those as a kid! I treasured those books. I remember the pretty blue covers with gold writing; some of my most prized possessions. I sure wish I had them now. I have no idea what my foster parents did with them, but I had a bookshelf full.