Good Saturday Morning

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Coookie, Jan 19, 2008.

  1. Coookie

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    Good Morning All,

    I bet you are all snuggled in your beds... right? :smile: Well, I am getting ready for work. I open today and tomorrow which means getting up at 3am. :bloodshot: It's ok though. :smile:

    Just work today and then difficult child wants to buy some clothes..he wants me to go with him so will probably do that after work... then it is home, cook dinner and in bed by 8. :sleeping:

    Off to get another cup :coffee: and then to work. It is bitterly cold here and is supposed to stay that way for a few days. :blizzard: brrrrrr.

    Praying for a peaceful day for all.

  2. Marguerite

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    G'day, Robby.

    Nope. Not in bed yet. difficult child 3 just went to bed though.

    Good to see you on the morning thread, Robby. But crikey, you've got an early start!

    husband & I went out window shopping for a new cooktop today, we've decided to wait until technology catches up with what we want. I think it will take that long before we can afford it...

    We just watched a hilarious short film on TV called "I Am Bob". It stars Bob Geldof as himself, stranded by a limo driver at a small country pub; no money, no ID, no credit cards - nothing. And nobody believes he is who he is, because that is the night of the annual celebrity look alike contest! You can probably guess the ending, but it is absolutely hilarious when it's down to the real Sir Bob and his lookalike, both having to answer quiz questions about - Bob Geldof!
    Which brought us to reminiscing about an Australian TV presenter who made a fascinating discover on his TV show - that if you put a real celebrity up against his biggest fan and ask them questions about the celebrity's life, the fan almost always wins. It makes for fascinating television - and not a little bit scary... the celebrity's face, when the fan beats him to the buzzer with answers to questions such as "what is his birthday?", "What is his star sign?" and "What was the name of his childhood dog?" is absolutely priceless.
    Hats off to Sir Bob for being prepared to make a total idiot of himself in this way!

    Tomorrow should be another quiet day, it's been gently raining here, too wet to go to the beach (where do you put your towel so it's still dry enough to dry you?) so we will probably visit mother in law to watch a movie - my vote is for something Tim Burton.

    Enjoy your Saturday, everyone.

  3. mrscatinthehat

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    Robby hope your day at work goes well and that shopping isn't too crazy.

    Marg the day of relaxing with movies sounds good. Hope it works out.

    I am off to work soon. Then when I get home I am cooking cornish game hens in the roaster. I love to have these. Takes me back to medieval times in my mind. Don't care what everyone else sees but me I am in my castle when I make them. Lady of the keep and such. I know I have slipped into a dream land but hey what can I say.

    Hope everyone else has a good day.

  4. LittleDudesMom

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    :coffee: Good Saturday Morning Robbie, Marg, Beth and all to Follow! :coffee:

    Robbie, I think 3 am is a tad too early to get up for retail work :bloodshot:. Nice that difficult child wants you to accompany him shopping - does that mean he wants to use you credit card as well :wink:? Hope you day is smooth and issue free.

    Marg, it's great to hear that you are having a wet summer. I remember how dry it was last year for you guys. Have a relaxing Sunday watching movies :thumbsup:

    Beth, :princess: well take away her sash and she looks like the queen of her castel!! Enjoy your rustic meal your majesty!

    :blizzard: The cold air is moving in as we speak this morning. They say we may get a little of the white stuff, but I'm not holding my breath.

    I cannot tell you what is on the agenda for today. The laundry is done, the house is clean, the groceries bought......... I didn't get around to making my vegetable soup yesterday so short of doing that, I'm free today :dance:.

    Wishing everyone a relaxing Saturday :its_all_good:

  5. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    Good Morning all. It's a quiet Saturday at the Mrs. Fran house. Well other than the pups barking everytime the washing machine shifts gears. :hammer:
    We are expecting snow and ice and a whole mess. Yikes!who knew this happened in NC? husband and easy child are driving up from Orlando. Hope they miss the worst of it. Their car doesn't have 4 wheel drive.

    Cook, you must really love your job. :thumbsup: Glad it is working out for you. What a nice thing that difficult child asks for help and your opinion. Enjoy those good days. I heard about the frigid,arctic blast you are getting. Baby sis runs a petsitting,walking,caring business. She is out walking dogs 2 to 3 times a day. Not pleasant.

    Marguerite, seems I have remodeled several kitchens in my lifetime and I'm the biggest sucker about the stove/cooktop. I like lots of burners and gas. I don't necessarily need all of it but it is convenient when I do.

    Beth, I love that you feel you are in your medieval castle cooking game hens. Really cute. Creating little scenarios in your head is fun.

    Sharon, sounds like a wonderful day for you since all your chores are out of the way. Enjoy it and hope you get some snow.

    I'm going to do some laundry and maybe turn difficult child's room back into a guest room.(positive thinking).
    Seems I should go out to get milk and such before the big freeze.
    It's what people do isn't it? Predictions of 1 to 2 in of snow are going to happen soon. I wonder what the mountain pups will think of snow since they are texan. LOL :rofl: I need a life.

    Hope your day is warm, snug and peaceful.
  6. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Coookie-Wow-you are up even earlier than me for work on Saturdays. On Saturdays I have to be to work by 6:15 and I thought that was early! Stay warm!! :beach:

    Marg-Sounds like a fun movie!! My easy child would agree with your vote, she loves Tim Burton. :flower:

    Beth-Sounds like a nice day in the kitchen! :princess:

    Sharon-Enjoy the free day!!!!!!!!!!!!!Sounds great! ::lady::

    Fran-Sounds like a yucky icy mess! I bet the pups will love the snow! :cool-dog:

    I'm already done with work for the day-now I need a nap-or two!!

    We have been having such major computer issues-yuck-I hope husband has them cured soon.

    Today the main story is the cold!!!!!!!!!!!!!It's 8 below zero with a windchill of -23 :blizzard:

    We do have to go out to take easy child to get her hair done and I need to get the grocery shopping done. We might hit the health club but I'm not sure.

    I hope everyone is enjoying a peaceful day! Stay warm :swimming: