Good Saturday Morning

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Wiped Out, Jun 14, 2008.

  1. Wiped Out

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    Happy Saturday!

    Hopefully everyone is still sleeping peacefully. I'm up because of work. Being it's the beginning of summer break I probably should have took the morning off so I could sleep in but we always have a good time the Saturday after the last day of school because a two of the others I work with are also teachers!

    Later this morning the people I work with at ww and I are going to lunch to celebrate one of the lady's 50th birthday. We'll probably go to Applebees because of the ww menu.

    This afternoon, after a nap, husband and I will go to the club:exercisebike: Tonight we'll probably watch movies as they are calling for more storms and more rains.:thunderstorm:This is something we definitely don't need!

    Hopefully sometime today I will be able to run out and look for difficult child's birthday presents as his b-day is on Monday.

    Wishing everyone a fun Saturday!:try2fly:
  2. KateM

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    Good morning, Sharon and all!

    Sharon -- i love Appleby's WW menu. My current favorite is the grilled lime chicken spinach salad. Enjoy!

    I work the night shift, so I'm just getting home. Today will be a busy, fun one! We are having the family over for a graduation celebration for difficult child. One of his Aspie special interests is Patriotism. So the theme of the party centers more on Flag Day than his graduation. It is also the 21st anniversary of his baptism. Boy, the years fly!

    Have a wonderful Saturday, everyone!
  3. LittleDudesMom

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    :hawaii_girl:Good Saturday Morning!

    Sharon, sounds like a great day planned for you today. Have fun at lunch and I hope you get difficult child's birthday shopping done!

    Kate, sounds like you have a nice day planned as well. Perhaps this is a trend today for our membership! Enjoy the party!

    I'm sitting here watching the coverage on Today about Tim Russert's passings. He was one of my favs. Many Sundays I actually taped his program because it was so informative. At the beginning of the political season, I watched the program for a couple months straight as he had each condidate one-on-one for 30 minutes until they all had an opportunity to present themselves. He will be a great loss to his family and friends and to the integrity of political reporting.

    easy child is getting ready to go do another wedding photo job. At least this one is inside!!! This is an early wedding, it begins at 11, but she is getting ready to head out now since they do all the prep pictures! Her boyfriend's band is playing at a local club tonight and she is stoked. Money and the boy in the same day! What more can teen girl ask for!!??

    difficult child and I will have a fairly mellow day today. I'm heading to the gym shorty. I've some laundry to do, then difficult child and I will head to the gym together for a dip in the pool. We've joined another health club beause the woman's gym I belong to (and easy child works) will be closing. She is selling the equip, but not the business. There is a new tennant that will take her space, but that is not until September. They may take over as soon as July, as they have lots of work they want to do. So, sometime between July and Sept the doors will close.

    I've decided to join a large chain of health clubs. It's more money (lots) a month, but all three of us can go, they have lots of stuff for difficult child, and there are more young people for easy child.

    There are also more of those "perfect Pauline" type members who are fully coiffed, fully make-uped, jewelry, and no sweat. But, I am committed to keep this thing going and it is really close to home - can you say $4 a gallon gas???!!! I'll keep going to my ladies only gym for working out until the doors close, but will use the other gym for swimming and some family time with the kids.

    Have a great Saturday all :bigsmile:!

  4. Andy

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    Wiped Out - Special days at work are so much fun. Enjoy Applebees (one of our favorite resturaunts). Let us know what you find for your difficult child's birthday.

    KateM - Happy Flag Day Graduation baptism birthday to your difficult child.

    Little Dude's Mom - Tim Russert was a good role model. I will be smiling for your easy child today, it is fun to watch our teenagers having a great day. I hope your difficult child has fun today also. Family time at a gym is so good.

    Well, I am going to join everyone in a GREAT day! The very BEST thing happened last night (too bad husband was gone at a church meeting or I am sure we could have gotten him to join in). difficult child went out to practice baseball in the back yard. I decided to go out and help. So, I had him pitch to me and I actually hit some balls! (WOW). Then I pitched to him. His I-don't-want'-to-do-anything-with my mom-let alone my brother easy child diva sister came out and JOINED US!!! difficult child pitched to her a few times and then she pitched to him. And it gets BETTER - difficult child hits the ball and starts running - and guess what? easy child actually enjoys chasing him from 2nd to 3rd to get him out!!!

    Earlier in the evening difficult child and I went for a long bike ride - shortly after we started, I fell and scrapped my knee but we kept going. I planned on riding bike downtown this morning with difficult child for our Summerfest but my leg is so painful (the entire leg) so I am not sure if I should or not. It is getting somewhat better. Anyway, how ever we decide to, we will get downtown. It looks like a nice day for this. We usually go to the parade in the evening and tomorrow morning our small airport has a fly-in, drive-in breakfast that we will go to.
  5. Fran

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    Good morning all. I wrote a long good morning yesterday but my computer went down and I lost it.

    Wiped out, glad to hear school is out and you will have a little more flexibility in your schedule.

    KateM congratulations on difficult child finishing school. It was a high point in my family's life. Savor the moment.

    LDM, good for you for joining another gym. I did step at the local Y. Believe me there were many more beautiful, young women in my class. I was the oldest many days. I went with old t shirts and shorts and no make up. I didn't care. I focused on my goal which was to get in shape. I ignored all the normal anxieties of not fitting in and kept my focus. Eventually you realize no one really cares and we sabotage ourselves. There were still more beautifully made up and dressed women when I left but I was fit and trim which meant I had achieved my goal. No one cared one bit who I was but they did notice how trim I was getting. Women get so caught up in misplaced priorities that men don't. Who cares what you look like to work out? Keep going. You are a warrior.

    My mom is settling in and getting used to being here. She is more frail than one would expect but she is hanging in there. I try to bite down my frustration of her not getting hearing aids or using a wheel chair but her vanity is a strong motivator to stay home and be disabled. She should be here until after the 4th of July. I am trying hard to not lose my patience. My tongue is almost bit in two with trying to not speak up.

    difficult child is doing pretty well. He is going to stay a few more months in NJ then we will re evaluate his needs.

    easy child is happy and working way too much. He says it's not work for him. He loves what he does. There are worse things than a child who works too much. LOL.

    Our sweet Honeysue was found to have mets to her lungs. :9-07tears:Fortunately the leg tumor hasn't gotten worse so she isn't lame and her pain seems minimal. Her chemo was changed to andriamycin for now. I'm sick that I couldn't change the outcome despite my best efforts. Only 5 to 10% go into remission and even that is temporary. I'll talk to our regular vet but it may be time to just keep her comfortable and let the disease takes it's course.
    All in all she has given us so much more than I could have possibly expected. I wish I could fix this but it's not mine to fix. :9-07tears:

    It's another hot day in NC so we will do some chores and errands then hunker down through the hottest part of the day.

    Have a good day all. Enjoy your summer.