Good Saturday Morning

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  1. Wiped Out

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    A very good early morning to all,

    It is way too early for me to be up seeing as I went to bed way too late. Part of difficult child's new plan is he is to have a punching bag (a real one-nothing inflatable or easily ruined)so we bought one yesterday. Last night husband and I took 3 1/2 hours putting the darn stand together. I'm sure to people who know what they are doing husband and I looked quite comical and don't ask me how but my back is killing me from it!

    Long day ahead but a good one. I need to leave for work in a bit. While I'm at work husband and difficult child need to go pick up all of easy child's stuff from her dorm room as she will be coming home later today.

    Then I'm going to try and squeeze in a workout. By 12:00 or so we need to leave for easy child's ending celebration. Her part is a little play and she is the narrator. After that she gets to come home!

    As soon as I get home I need to run to a friend's surprise 40th birthday party. Somehow I need to get the gift wrapped, buy a card, and make a dip or pasta salad that I promised I'd bring! Nothing like being ready ahead of time!

    This may be my first no nap day this summer:surprise:

    Ah well, I hope to be home relatively early (by 7 or 8) at which point I will hopefully do nothing the rest of the night.

    Wishing everyone a day filled with laughter, smiles, and sunshine!:sunny:
  2. KateM

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    Good morning, Sharon and all to follow!

    Sharon -- no nap??!! You do have a busy day ahead of you! Enjoy your friend's party! Let us know if easy child and difficult child have a great reunion; I thought it was so sweet how they greeted eachother during easy child's weekend home!

    My easy child's flight left at 1pm yesterday to Chicago then onto Los Angeles. From the west coast, they were catching a plane for the 14 hour trip to Sydney, Australia.They should land late this afternoon our time, 6:30am Sunday Australia time. I found a neat web site that has the time, temp, and 7 day forcast for Sydney.

    LDM (Sharon) had asked the other day if this was a service trip. It is not that but a gathering of Catholic youth/ young adults from around the globe. It is called World Youth Day and is celebrated every year locally, but every three years, there is an international gathering. There are all kinds of activities for the youth during the week long celebration.It concludes with a pilgrimage to the site of the Papal Mass. The kids sleep under the stars ( of course, there is little sleeping and lots of music, dancing, and conversing among the thousands) the night before the Mass.

    Hubby, difficult child, and I leave for the shore tomorrow. It is the first vacation we will take that doesn't include our whole little family. easy child will definitely be missed!!

    Enjoy this beautiful weekend, all!
  3. Andy

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    Good Morning!

    Wiped Out - A true test of a marriage is spending 3 1/2 hours assembling something - that is so frustrating and to not take that frustration out on each other can be a talent in itself. (or to be able to handle the frustrations taken out on each other)
    If I remember correctly, you were also wiped out yesterday morning - I hope you can catch up with sleep tonight. easy child's ceremony will be nice.

    KateM - What a wonderful experience for your easy child. I hope the weather is perfect for all her events.

    Yesterday was a little different then expected. I arrived at the garage at 9:25 and said I needed to leave by 10:30 for an 11:00 appointment. I then fortunately pulled out my calendar to verify the appointment time and found we were to be at therapist's at 9:30!! So I called therapist to say we were in town and I would be there in a few minutes. After the therapist, back to the garage for oil change and a transmission fluid flush - didn't get out until 12:25 with a 1:00 neurologist appointment accross town. The 1st McD's was way too busy to wait for service - The 2nd was three blocks from neurologist so we had to scarf down our food. Then shopping for Vacation Bible School materials (about one hour allowed for that) before 3:30 hearing doctor appointment. easy child calls when the hearing test started!!! She wanted me to go to the mall to purchase a swimsuit. difficult child was nervous about possible bad weather. We bought baseball pants at Sheels and then came home.

    Today difficult child is looking at going to the lake with Dad though it will be too windy to take the boat out. If he does go, I will go into work. I need to get to the laundry also. So nothing exciting going on today - that can be a good thing also!
  4. LittleDudesMom

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    :good_morning:Good Morning Friends!

    Sharon, I hit WW yesterday right before the noon meeting. They do have a Sat at 8 meeting like the one you work at! difficult child's science teather (the great one) suggested a punching bag for him as well. She said that kids that carry frustration and use the bag, seem to be able to relieve some of their stress and therefore have fewer "hot molments". I'll touch base with you prior to his birthday in August to see how it's working for him. Sounds like a busy day. Sorry no nap today :(.

    Kate, I actually read the post by Marg's Man that addressed World Youth Day. I'm sure easy child will have a meaningful and wonderful trip. Hope you guys have a restful and fun trip to the shore :sunny:.

    Adrianne, what a day you had yesterday :surprise:. You need a day of little excitement and scheduling. Perhpas you can catch Sharon's nap!!!!!

    Mom arrived yesterday afternoon and proceeded to go up and take a nap. She came down at 7, had a couple glasses of wine, ate dinner and went back to bed! I said to her before she went to be, "You'll probably be up before I go to class in the morning?"

    "What time is your class?"

    "It's at 10, but I'll leave around 9:30 because I like to swim a few laps to warm up - I'll take a shower there (might as well use their water!!) and will be home by 11:45."

    "Well, I think I'll sleep in tomorrow. I'll probably stay in bed until 12 or 1."

    Guess when she comes to my house she's on vacation ;). She said she and her sister were really busy and out running around every day. Actually, they were shopping every day! I did get a case of my favorite wine from all that shopping!!!!

    Not sure what the afternoon will bring for mom and me. easy child is doing a wedding photo job and difficult child is spending the day with the bonehead. Perhaps when mom gets up at 1, I'll take a nap :tongue:.

    Have a great Saturday everyone :salute:

  5. Marguerite

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    G'day, people.

    Sharon/Wiped, the punching bag for difficult child is a brilliant idea. We used to use a jogging trampoline for our bouncy difficult child 1, it meant he could still jump indoors in wet weather.

    KateM, it's gearing up to be an amazing week. The radio had about had an hour on it this morning, constant discussion on what is planned as well as a lot of the changes to traffic that our commuters should by now have taken on board. I'm glad she's packed warm clothing, it can be pleasant in the middle of the day with temperatures up to 20 C (68 F) but it quickly drops when the sun gets lower, and the wind is cold. It doesn't get below freezing even in the middle of the night (not in Sydney CBD) but it can get close to it at the moment.

    I just went for my evening walk (haven't done it for weeks, because of my torn muscle) and I wore my wool beanie, my scarf, wool gloves and down jacket. And uggs with possum insoles. I did not begin to feel at all hot even on my second lap. My cheeks were icy by the time I got home. And that was with no wind outside.

    Adrianne, your racing around and narrow squeaks with timing sounds like my days sometimes. It is really tricky trying to arrange everything to fit in. On Wednesday we had to fit in mother in law's eye surgery, some shopping, and difficult child 1's ultrasound test on his wrist (turns out to be a small ganglion, he's back to work on Monday).

    Sharon/LDM, I hope you and your mother can schedule some time together when you are both awake at the same time. I'm looking forward to the day when I can choose to sleep if I want to, without having to worry about keeping watch over a difficult child.

    We finally got the History essay finished today. Now all difficult child 3 has to do is turn it into palm cards and then deliver his speech online, to the school's website. It will record him giving his speech and we then post in his palm cards, hopefully to arrive before the teacher gets back from holidays.

    difficult child 1 invited a friend over today, a young man who lives on the other side of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It took him two hours to drive to our place. He stayed for dinner (nothing organised, nothing formal) and it's now heading for midnight so it looks like he's staying the night. Luckily we have a spare mattress we can put down for him. husband & I are heading for bed soon, so we'll dig out a sleeping bag and a pillow first. Which reminds me - we need more pillows. Every time a kid moves out, they take their pillows. And with BF2 just having moved out, we have a bigger shortage than usual.

    Enjoy your Saturday, everyone.

  6. KateM

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    easy child called right after I posted this morning.There were mechanical difficulties with the plane they were to fly from LAX to Sydney. They sat in the plane for 6 hours over night and then were bussed to a hotel this morning in LA. "Hopefully" ,they will leave tonight. Please hold a good thought, pray, light a candle,or whatever you feel comfortable doing, that all the travelers have a safe journey.Thanks!!
  7. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    KateM, So thankful that these mechanical problems get found before they are in the middle of nowhere miles above water! I will be praying - now you have to let us know when easy child arrives anywhere safely (especially home).
  8. TerryJ2

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    Oh my gosh, a flt to Australia, delayed, constructing a punching bag stand, and a surprise party. I can't keep up with-you all!
    I'm sending fairy dust, rattling whatever, and generally wishing you all a safe and happy weekend.

    I'm going for a walk. It's going to be hot today. Then I will come home and figure out what to do about the ant invasion in the kitchen. :(
  9. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    Terry, We have found that Terro is the best for ant invasions. We usually get a start sometime in the Spring or Summer - put out the Terro and then it's over.