Good Saturday morning

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    It's Saturday and it's still summer!! One week from today my favorite time of the year starts-no not going back to work-COLLEGE FOOTBALL!:fan:

    It's very warm and muggy here right now-the temp is 76 and at this time in the morning that is unheard of even at this time of the year. I'm off to work in a bit. Whenever the alarm goes off at 5:20 in the morning I wonder why I do this job but once I'm there I have so much fun.

    After work it's cleaning and hopefully at some point the club. We do have a 25th wedding anniversary surprise party to go to for a bit this afternoon. Any good, inexpensive gift ideas? Nothing like putting it off to the last moment!

    Wishing everyone a fun-filled Saturday:icecream:

  2. tiredmommy

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    Good morning. :coffee:

    Sharon- Do you have a vintage wine dealer in town? How about a bottle of wine (perhaps a port?) from 1958? I'd call first, though, for pricing if it's available. Otherwise, a gift certificate to a local restaurant is always nice.

    Our big pool party is today. I just need to vacuum (again!) because the cats keep shedding and finish setting up. It should be fun! The weather should be cooperating... mid-80's with rising humidity. :swimming:

    Have a great day! Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:
  3. timer lady

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    Good morning all,

    Sharon, I like TM's idea of the '58 vintage wine. My PCAs parents are hard core scrabble players (nightly) & she & her brother chipped in for a special heavy duty scrabble game. husband & I cook together on weekends & we always appreciate anything to do with the kitchen. Anything that this couple does togethery & appreciates.

    TM, what time does the party begin? I'm surprised I haven't rec'd my invite yet. :2dissapointed::bigsmile:

    Last minute respite was set up yesterday so kt is off for the weekend. husband & I haven't had a chance to make any plans & that's fine.

    I'm sipping my hmj & enjoying fresh air ~ for the first time in days I've been able to turn off the a/c & open windows. We're to have cool (for summer) & breezy weather today. I'm hoping to move my painting out to the patio & enjoy the weather. I'd like husband to set a fire in our firepit tonight & sit back & watch the stars (if it's a clear night), & talk.

    Enjoy your Saturday ~ I hope the weather is tolerable & you have peaceful, fun times with family. :flowers::fan::happyguy:
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    :D:D Good Morning Ladies!!

    I'm back from the beach and ready for business!

    Sharon, have a good morning at work. Your weather is actually warmer than ours! I think that is the first time all summer! It's only in the low 60's here. Have fun at the party this evening.

    TM, sounds like perfect weather for your annual end of summer bash!! Have a ball!

    Linda, sounds like a quiet day planned at your house. Enjoy the fresh air and the quiet!

    It will be anything but quiet at my house starting at 5. It is difficult child's 13th birthday today and the zombie party begins then. I'll fill you guys in on a seperate post........easy child and I have gone a little crazy with it!

    easy child is in starting on his cake now. Bonehead is coming around 9 to pick up difficult child, take him to breakfast, then take him out to pick out his new cell phone!!!! easy child and I will hit the gym for class at 10. After that, it's all about difficult child!!!!!

    Wishing everyone a fabulous Saturday :peaceful:

  5. tiredmommy

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    Linda- Of course you're invited! :rofl:
  6. Marguerite

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    G'day, folks.

    Sharon/WO, the surprise 25th anniversary sounds like fun. It's the silver anniversary - anything silver would be a good gift. You could have fun with that idea. A silver photo frame with a wedding photo and a 25 years later photo might be nice too.

    TM, I hope your pool party goes off well. Make a big splash!

    Linda, enjoy the cooler weather. I hope husband gets the fire set up for you.

    Sharon/LDM, good luck with the zombie party. The movie project should be a lot of fun.

    We had an interesting and busy day. There was a promotional home show this weekend in our area, I persuaded husband to take me. We brought mother in law with us; after the really cold day yesterday (and more of the same today) she wanted the chance to get out and about. difficult child 3 came as well.

    Before we left, difficult child 3 & I used his Nintendo DS Cooking Guide to make a big batch of Hungarian goulash. The recipe asked for 12 tablespoons of paprika - it was far too much, even for 3 pounds of beef. Most people liked it (especially after I played with it to salvage it) but difficult child 3 found the flavours just too strong. We're going to have to make it again, and modify the recipe. I checked online - there is a BIG fault iin the programming, I think.

    But it is great to involve difficult child 3 in cooking like this. He's really enjoying cooking new things, even though it's challenging for him.
    The Cooking Guide isn't available in the US yet, husband told me today. I'm surprised - we're usually the last to get something new like this.

    After we got back, I sat with difficult child 1 and girlfriend to finalise the design of the wedding invitation stuff. At this stage it looks like we'll have them ready and back from the printer maybe as early as Monday.

    Enjoy your Saturday.