Good Saturday Morning

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  1. Wiped Out

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    Happy Saturday!

    I can't tell you how glad I am it's Saturday!!!! Yesterday at work things were quite stressful-I'll probably post later-so the fact that it is Saturday is awesome! Last night husband and I went to the game easy child was cheering at-it rained the entire second half! Poor easy child was so cold after the game and tired too!

    difficult child is off to respite for the weekend, things are very peaceful right now. In a bit I'm heading off to work. At some point today husband and I will go to the health club and later this afternoon we will watch the Michigan vs. Notre Dame game. I sure hope Michigan wins but I think this may be a long year.

    It is suppose to rain the entire day-we are under a flash flood watch and they are predicting up to 3 inches of rain!

    Wishing everyone a happy, relaxing Saturday!:peaceful:
  2. Marguerite

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    Sharon/WO, I'm sorry easy child's game was rained out. I hope she kept moving to ward off at least some of the cold. What a pity! I hope you're safe from any flooding in your area.

    I had a busy day today - up early, down the road to vote (local election) then out to meet easy child then girlfriend & easy child 2/difficult child 2, three brides plus me, looking at wedding dresses. We slowly lost people as first girlfriend then easy child 2/difficult child 2 headed their own ways. Finally easy child & I drove home (she's staying overnight). I'm struggling with my pain levels at the moment, there's something wrong with both hips and both shoulders. I got easy child with her professional hat on, to assess my range of movement. Useful, having an Occupational Therapist (OT) in the family.

    Tomorrow we head back out for more bridal shop appointments and then easy child will be catching the train back home. We probably won't see her again until difficult child 1's wedding in November.

    Today the weather was a taste of summer. A one-day heatwave, we were wearing singlet tops and skirts, with sandals or thongs (the foot version, not the underwear). easy child has just gone to bed, it's almost 9.30 pm, but if we walk outside you can feel the heat wrapping you like a blanket. In the village as we got home we could see girls in bikinis or sarongs, boys toting surfboards or surf-skis. They had forecast some thunderstorms to break the heat but they never arrived.
    Tomorrow is supposed to be a slightly cooler version of today. All next week is going to be warmer - I'm going to be busy, it's maybe time to pack away the ugg boots and cord jeans in exchange for my silk patchwork skirts and singlet tops. And thongs. On my feet.

    Enjoy your Saturday.

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  3. timer lady

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    I know it's early for Saturday but I'm moving freely this morning so I'm up & about...enjoying it while I can. :beautifulthing:

    Finishing up a carafe of coffee I had made earlier last evening...soon to put on a small pot of coffee to help me last through the day.

    kt went on her first "group" date last night.... it was a success. I'll post a thread on it separately. However 10 kids ( mainstream & Special Education) went to the Friday night football game together. Our team lost horrendously 14-0.

    I'm heading out to a nearby lighting store this morning (I hope). Three out of four of my kitchen lights have died all at once & it's getting darker sooner every night. Need to replace the dead ones which means I might as well replace all 4 lights. If I don't the 4th one will go toot sweet.

    Have a good one today....hope the day is one of laughter, love & just plain good times.
  4. mstang67chic

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    It's the weekend!!! :happyguy:

    WO, I hope you don't get any flooding. It's supposed to rain here all day too but I haven't heard any flood warnings. (Go Notre Dame!)

    Marg - sounds like quite the day. I hope you're feeling better tomorrow (today....whenever you get up! LOL) Good luck with the wedding plans!

    Linda - Glad you're having a good day too! Good to hear Kt had fun! It's nice to hear her doing typical teen girl stuff without problems.

    It's pretty quiet around here right now. difficult child is at work and husband is in Ohio with a friend of ours. They are camping at the friend's brother's pond and plan on doing some fishing and male bonding. Which basically means he'll be doing his own laundry when he comes home (AFTER he takes a shower) because it will all reek! LOL I've got some corn bread in the oven to take to my uncles. He has a cook out every year around his birthday that's become one of those automatic things each year. Of course, with the rain, it should be interesting to see how many people we can squish in his small house! difficult child, I believe, is going to be picked up from work by a friend's mom. There's some kind of drama going on with this friend and his (now apparently) wife and the friend's family. I've told difficult child to stay out of it as much as possible but .... well, he IS a difficult child. Eh. I'm not going to worry. As he reminds me daily, he's 18 now and can do what he wants. I may post seperately on this as it's quite the soap opera.

    Anyhoo....Hi to anyone who snuck in on me and have a good weekend all!
  5. LittleDudesMom

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    :abouttime: It's finally the weekend!

    Good morning friends! I've no formal plans today - I'll just flow where I choose!

    My thoughts and prayers are with our board family members who are/were in the path of Ike - and all those other fellow citizens who are facing fear and uncertainty as this storm roars on :angel2:.

  6. Andy

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    Wiped Out - Glad you are enjoying fall sports - Stay dry!

    Marg - I hope your pain goes away real soon. difficult child and I drove past a park with a wedding party having pictures taken yesterday. Enjoy the warm weather heading your way!

    Timer - I am so glad that KT has a group of friends to do things with. Have fun light shopping!

    Mstang - I love corn bread. I hope your husband has a good time. Does your difficult child like to save the day like my easy child does? I keep telling her she does not have to solve her friends' problems.

    difficult child is making breakfast and then I think we will get on the bikes and go to some nearby garage sales. I need to go on-line to check out when a draft horse presentation will be - will probably go out there. Also have to do some serious cleaning so need to decide where to start.

    Everyone have a GREAT weekend! Find a way to make your difficult child laugh.
  7. Andy

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    Little Dude's Mom - you snuck in on me (probably when I went to take croissants out of the oven). Have a great day "flowing"