Good Saturday morning....

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by timer lady, Sep 27, 2008.

  1. timer lady

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    A very good morning friends & fellow warrior parents! :warrior:

    It's the weekend & life is good - no demands, appts or major obligations on my calendar.

    I think I've recovered from my Mayo trip earlier this week & actually made dinner last night. (If I make dinner I'm having a good day.)

    It's to be another beautiful day albeit 18 degrees cooler than yesterday. More fall like weather today. husband promised me a walk around the block (or as far as I can make it) today. We're debating the home modifications we've gotten bids on; which ones we need to do first & the ones we can let go until next spring. I know the stair handrails throughout the house are the number 1 priority. Wheelchair ramp is on hold, however new front stairs are needed with a decent hand rail. The back of the house will/should have new half tiered stairs with a small deck ~ I should be able to navigate it fairly well. I'm quite excited to get these modifications finished - I feel like I'll have a bit more personal freedom.:jumphappy: Now I need help getting in & out of the house because of the stair situation. If we skip Christmas this year I think we can get everything done before the end of the year.

    Next year, a remodel to the bathroom - lose the clawfoot tub :bath: & install a decent shower stall. The fun part will be the several men it will take breaking apart the tub & getting it out of here. It will be sad - ah well, that will be next spring.

    (by the way, husband told me "you're worth it". Believe I'll take that as a compliment.)

    My day is not scheduled; I'm doing whatever comes to mind. I may sit all day & listen to my newest book on tape; do that & paint or sit outside on the patio & direct kt in weed disposal (weeds need to be pulled).

    Have a fun Saturday - hope it's not over scheduled unless it's all fun. :try2fly::fall:

  2. DenitaS

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    Good Morning to ALL!!!
    Linda sounds like a great day to try and relax a bit! Enjoy your quiet time!
    I have nothing planned for the day either. I have a nasty head cold and going to try to stay home and nurse it a bit!
    difficult child 1 is supposed to come home this week and we are a bit nervous. I met with her Case Worker and Therapist earlier this week to discuss where we were and what we needed to do. She has to meet with them before she can see the baby so they can make sure that she is rational. I have a horrible feeling that this is really just not going to work. If I understood correctly, if she follows program but can't get along with me (a MAJOR issue) then they will remove both of them from our home and place them in a theraputic foster home. If it is just her all around they will remove her and possibly put her in a Residential Treatment Center (RTC). So, I guess now it is just a wait and see type of thing!
    Hope everyone has a GREAT weekend!!!
  3. Marguerite

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    G'day, people.

    Linda, it's good to make plans, even if they're prompted by your needs due to disability.

    Something to think about re the bathtub - you don't have to give away a long soak in a tub. Have a look at this website:
    Plus there can be other options.

    Denita, I hope things work out with your daughter. Or if not, that the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) option is what works out eventually.

    We've had a lovely summer day here, although I wasn't able to just relax and enjoy it, I had to be at a meeting. I got asked to take the minutes as a last-minute thing, so I guess it was a good thing I was there after all.

    Tomorrow is a trains public day, we're all heading down early (including mother in law). It will probably be very crowded, as it is such warm weather plus the first weekend of school holidays. difficult child 3 works on these days too, making sure there are plenty of full coal buckets for fast refuelling of the mini steam trains. Meanwhile mother in law & I will probably be sitting in the sun relaxing. Unless they need me to help in the ticket office again...

    It's a lovely drive to this place, as well as home again afterwards. husband has been taking the slower coast road lately instead of the highway. The coast road hugs the beaches, in a part of the coast which has not been properly discovered by the tourists. By the time we're heading home, what few tourists who HAVE found the area, are already long gone. The last part of our drive home is through the rainforest remnant plus the Gymea Lilies and the waratahs, both in flower right now, both fiery red. The wattle is in full flower on the highway, a wall of fluffy gold looking luminous in the sunset.

    It makes us very glad to live where we do.

    Enjoy your Saturday, however you plan to spend it.

  4. dreamer

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    Oh my, I have always wanted a claw foot tub. If you do not really want to do away with the tub, if you LIKE being in a tub.......Marg is right, there are options. I know there are swivel chairs that also go up and down so you raise it, sit on the chair, swivel it into tub and lower it into the tub. A hand held shower head on a hose and a chair works if sitting in the tub is not your appeal for the tub. There are bench seats that bridge you over the side of the tub, or chairs with backs that sit in the tub. The safety rails near tub, toilet, and around the house were great for me. Now easy child also uses them. My son also benefitted from all of them post eye surgeries. Our family is all bath takers except husband, who uses shower chair and hand held shower head. Well, we have this familymindset about the magic of a bath. ANything and everything here is a reason to take a bath.....and ours cures so many things. LOL. Have a headache? to the bath. Upset stomach, - take a bath. Sad? take a bubble bath and pplay with the rubber duckies. Yes, I keep rbbr duckies in a basket by the tub. Go ahead and LOL.....they work. ANgry? go take a cold one. Our bath is our most busy place in our home.
  5. Stella Johnson

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    Morning all!
    I'm at SO's house this weekend. We took difficult child to Dave and Buster's for games and dinner last night. She had a blast. I hit the jackpot on one of those games that scoots the coins down. difficult child used the tickets to get a pet carrier for her baby dachsund.:D

    SO is having his kitchen gutted. We will probably be hanging around here today so the workers can finish up.

    difficult child has a birthday party to go to tomorrow. I'm so happy she has real friends now.:redface: She is so much happier and it is really helping her social skills.

    Good luck on the home modifications! You are getting rid of a claw foot tub???? Are you crazy? I love those! :surprise:

    I hope you are feeling well soon.

    What is trains public day? Sounds interesting.