Good Saturday Morning

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Wiped Out, Nov 8, 2008.

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    Happy Saturday Friends! It's been a long week at our house and I am so glad the weekend has arrived. In a bit I'm heading to work. Should be interesting this morning as we will finally have our ww meetings at a center. Up to this point we've been holding them in a church which meant tearing everything down on Saturdays and putting everything back up on Mondays for the people working on those days.

    Not much on our agenda this weekend. I should probably figure out a way to mow my lawn one more time because it should have been mowed at least two weeks ago but then I hurt my back. Of course, my efforts today could be foiled by the fact there is a dusting of snow on the ground which means it will be too wet. I haven't even raked yet this Fall!!

    I promised difficult child I would make chocolate chip cookies with him-hopefully I can resist eating too much dough! Tonight husband suggested that (since I always complain between Thanksgiving and Christmas that I don't get to watch all my Christmas movies) we should start watching some. Don't know if we will or not, he makes a good point but it also seems weird to start watching them now.

    Wishing everyone a very relaxing day:flower:
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    Ah, Saturday at last!

    Sharon/WO, I'm glad you have got a friendlier venue for your ww meetings. It's difficult when you try to double up like that. I think I mentioned the situation a few months ago in our village, when one of our artists needed to use our large community hall to put together and finish the very large mural he, his wife and their friend had been working on. There is a church that meets in that hall also, and at first he had been asked to take the mural apart and put it away for Sunday, so it wouldn't be in the way for church. But they got around it when the pastor specifically asked him to not only leave the mural up (thereby saving a lot of trouble and worry over possible damage) and to also talk to the congregation about the painting and what it was for.

    Unfortunately, a weekly ww meeting loses novelty value quickly!
    And about cookies - I made three different batches of cookie dough on Tuesday (in between nursing invalids) and every so often I get it out and make another tray of biscuits. I have many different shapes of cutters and like to mix and match the colours/flavours for some fun effects. I've left 'bits' out but add them to the top before cooking.

    Our Saturday - I had to keep difficult child 3 home from the trains today so he could finish his Geography exam. We checked out a local garage sale first, I got a couple of good kitchen items for difficult child 1 & girlfriend and a lovely bromeliad plant for me. And a book about train journeys for husband, he's already well into reading it and he only started when he got home!
    After he got home he & I went to check out the art exhibition in the school hall (I always come home and want to CREATE!) then dropped in on mother in law. She hasn't seen the exhibition yet. I had earlier walked to mother in law's but she was out - on the way back I chatted with the artist neighbour (wife - the one who worked on the mural I just mentioned) and she gave me some loofah seeds which I immediately planted out.

    Tonight on sunset I was picking some herbs when I heard some rustling in the peach tree - a small possum. I had a closer look and realised it was young, its mother nearby. I called difficult child 3 and he spent the next hour and half photographing this mother possum and baby as well as a spider spinning its web. We never get to harvest fruit off this peach tree - between the possums and the parrots, the tree gets stripped. But I really love our Brushtail Possums - they are beautiful and even the wild ones will eat from your fingers. Although not tonight, I think the mother was more nervous, looking after her baby. I understand your Opossums aren't considered pretty or popular - not like our babies.

    Tomorrow is the school fair, the final day of the art exhibition. easy child 2/difficult child 2 has her first stilts gig in 20 months helping to promote the event. I'm on duty (unpaid) as her walker, along with difficult child 3. I emailed her to make sure she would get here in plenty of time to have a quick practice and make sure her costume still fits - her reply was that she will try to get here early "so I can knock the spiders out of my stilts, at least."

    We have a busy week coming up, everything is getting timetabled tightly. Publicity photo with difficult child 3 on Monday afternoon, MRI Monday night, Tuesday checking out reception places with easy child 2/difficult child 2 plus interview for part-time circus performer's job then evening the final wedding planning session for difficult child 1. I've got some school phone conferences pencilled in for Wednesday and Thursday as well as X-rays on Wednesday and cleaning on Thursday. Somewhere in there I need to do more sewing on my petticoat for the wedding. I also have to make another litre of Bearnaise Sauce - I meant to do it tonight but got distracted by the possum family. Hmm, maybe I can start it tonight...

    Sounds like bounce back time. Maybe I'll have a multivitamin before I get going in the morning...

    Enjoy your Saturday.

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    :autumn: Good Saturday Morning Friends!!

    Sharon, glad to hear about the new ww diggs. Stay away from that cookie dough - wait until they are cooked to indulge!!!!! Perhaps you should hand off the lawn mowing to husband while you are still recovering from back issues. Hey, easy child and I were at Macy's last night. She was trying on a pair of boots when the music finally penetrating my brain - Christmas music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Marg, I would advise the vitamins! You have an incredibly busy week coming up. Hope you are in bed now and have the ability to get some down town Sunday. Sometimes taking that little downtime can really make a difference in a busy week. Kinda gives you that mental boost.

    I know you haven't posted yet Fran, but if you do check in this morning, enjoy the weekend and early Thanksgiving with easy child. I know you are looking forward to spending time with him and have cooked his favs. Enjoy your time.

    Not much on the agenda today. I will be taking easy child's class today at the gym (10:00). After that, I've nothing major on the agenda. There are a few little things I would like to accomplish around the house - I may do that and reserve later this afternoon for a little quick nap on the sofa!!

    Wishing everyone a Saturday wtih some reserved down time :peaceful:

  4. Rabbit

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    Good Morning All! Hope u have a nice day!
    I have to post quick, my computer is going up and down like a yo-yo. I am not sure why!Hugs Rabbit
  5. Fran

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    Good Saturday morning.

    Wipedout, how nice to have a more stable WW meeting place. I know you will get used to the extra time not spent putting things up and down.
    I like the idea of Christmas movies especially since you have snow on the ground. It may be a thought for easy child since he only has 4 or 5 days off at Christmas. I made cookies yesterday. It's hard to resist the dough. Not a good thing for someone who has been pretty strictly watching calories all week. Ugh! I'm sure I blew it.

    Marguerite my biggest annoyance with all the cooking and baking is the clean up. I don't know how you can clean up the kitchen with all your cooking, teaching,doctors appointment, gardening etc when you are not at the top of your health. I made 3 different cookies yesterday and started the dough for pie and made homemade calzones. I spent the whole day washing dishes, sweeping the floor and cleaning up. Ugh. It's the worst part. Good for you that you can do all of those things. I find it tough and only do it for the holiday season and special occasions.

    LDM, thanks for the good thoughts. My easy child is in the air as I type. I'm excited to see him. Hopefully I won't speak my mind about his gap year unless he asks. (although I think he has learned to not ask my opinion unless he wants to hear it)LOL. Which means I agree with him. He is doing well and feeling the pinch of a very small paycheck for rent, gas, food,medications, utilities, and anything else he may need. :bigsmile:My plan is working. Consequences work really well on easy child's. Too bad they bounce off of difficult children. He is a good kid though as he likes to remind me. Doesn't mean he doesn't need parenting.

    It is rainy this morning but promises to brighten up this afternoon. It was warm enough yesterday to take the top down on the car. Now that all my hair is sheared I don't have to worry about messy hair. I love autumn. :fall:

    Guess I better get in the shower and get a pie in the oven.
    Have a lovely weekend everyone and hope the snow in the upper middle states don't have too many problems with snow.
  6. Andy

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    (could probably say cold)
    Wiped Out - I hope you get to your lawn. This snow and cold is putting me in the holiday spirit. I would say go for the movies. They will also make the holidays seem longer.

    Marg - You certainly are getting super busy again. Glad you took time to enjoy the possums.

    Little Dude's Mom - Enjoy a quiet day.

    Rabbit - I hope your computer starts behaving. So frustrating when you can't count on it.

    Fran - Have a great day today! Glad easy child is figuring out the costs of being independent.

    We had a very late night last night. difficult child does not want to get going this morning. I have signed him up for a babysitting clinic. I need to get there early to figure out if I can get in without using the elevator. I do not want to get into that box.

    difficult child's legs are very achy this morning. I don't think I like that - he should be able to be active for long lengths of time without that happening. Doesn't sound right.

    easy child made it home safely last night. She unwisely drove 30 miles to pick up a girlfriend and then another 60 miles to another town. At 10:00 pm I called her and she said they were leaving the town and not to call her again because the roads were icy and she won't answer the phone while driving. Her very little car is not good on bad roads.

    I better get breakfast for difficult child and get going for the day. Sounds like an early to bed night for him.

    Have a great day and find a way to make your difficult child laugh.
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    Good morning:coffee:

    I woke up today with my back in major pain again. it's been getting so bothersome lately. difficult child is already flying off the walls already fighting with easy child. She is often very charged on saturday mornings, she doesn't get up relaxed and calm put t.v. on, breakfast. She's usually feverishly working on something and very irritable while she's doing it. I'm just so used to it now it's like Par for the course sort of thing. So, saturday's and sunday's can be a challenge. We're heading to my mom's tomorrow for dinner so that'll be good. It'll redirect her focus onto them for the afternoon and maybe i'll get a break.:tongue:

    Sharon - Be careful mowing with your back!! As far as xmas movies go, we watched Elf last night i love that movie!!! We've already started. Holidays' only last so long so i like to strech it out!!!

    Marg - The possum thing, so cute. I love those moments with them. Yup vitamins would be good and rest also. I'm glad your feeling better though :)

    Fran - I hope you have a great time tomorrow it is your celebration i believe.

    Rabbit - Computer's stink mine was all over the place the other day also!! ugh

    Andy - I"m glad easy child got home safe last night wow that's alot of driving!!! That's my thing keep them busy during day than early to bed!!! It never works yet I still strive.

    Little dude's mom - enjoy your day, and enjoy your nap :)

    Hope everyone has a great day