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    Good morning friends,

    Ohhhhh, it's so chilly here this morning. :2cold: Our temps are sitting around 25 degrees or so. Far to cold for this early in the season ~ I fear it's a foretelling of the upcoming winter. I don't mind the season change & the cold; just seems early this year.

    kt is at respite this weekend. husband is struggling to find something to do with wm this weekend. We're kind of out of ideas ~ if it were me I'd take up the pre-made cookies & have wm frost the heck out of them to share with his foster family. Or play a game of checkers or something. husband will figure it out.

    I rec'd my art supplies this past week (small order). It's so nice to have my wrist bridge back; also I ordered new sketching pencils (mine were down to nubs) ~ the whole set. It's nice to have the right instruments to work with. I tend to sketch out my ideas then trace the basic picture to water color paper (sometimes I do a colored drawing of my subject matter & that turns out better than the painting). I save all my sketches for whatever reason. I'm willing to give away or ever sell (I've sold 2) my paintings but I must hold onto my sketches. :painter: Couldn't tell you why & you probably don't need to know all this. I've found an art class that I'm signing up for ~ hopefully the instructor is willing to start after the holidays. Maybe that shouldn't matter.

    Other than a run to the pharmacy & cleaning up about my bird sanctuary & refilling all my feeders there's nothing on my agenda today. I have a new recipe, pan fried beef filets, that I'd like to make this evening. Hoping husband will be willing to help out .

    Have a good Saturday friends. I hope all is calm & you find many reasons to smile.

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    Good Morning,

    Linda-Sounds like a nice day you have planned. Glad you received your art supplies and I know you will enjoy the art class:D

    It's not too cold here this morning but we are receiving light snow. The other day though we hit a low of 18 degrees-brrr! They are calling for only a high of 30 by late in the wek next week. Today we are suppose to hit 39.

    difficult child is at respite. It was a rough transition, he exploded at first and then when we were dropping him off he had tears running down his face:(

    We had a quiet day and night planned but it looks like only the quiet day will happen. We are going to the club this morning then napping and watching the Michigan game.

    We were going to just watch movies and have a quiet dinner but now husband's sister is in town so we are having 5 people over for enchiladas. Two dogs will also be visiting. It will be fun just different from the quiet evening we were expecting.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful:
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    Good morning Linda. :coffee:

    We're getting your cold weather tomorrow, with possibly some s... sn... sno... snow! Ugh! I'm so not ready for that yet! I'm glad you've freshened your art supplies. I can say "I knew her when" at your first gallery show. Fingers crossed that husband and wm enjoy each others company today.

    I have to get on some Christmas shopping this morning then we have Duckie's award banquet for cheer this evening. I've been assured that it won't be six hours long like last year. Even with nearly double the kids in the organization. :rolleyes:

    Have a great day! Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:
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    G'day, people.

    Linda, I'm glad you got your wrist bridge back. And your fresh art supplies - you sound very busy. I hope husband finds something to do with wm. Enjoy the respite.

    Sharon/WO, it really tears your heartstrings when your child rages and then gets remorseful - if only they could remember better how to hold things together. Enjoy your impromptu party.

    TM, I hope Duckie's awards banquet is better organised this year and doesn't run overtime. In case it isn't, take a notepad, crossword book or Sudoku book. And maybe extra supplies for Duckie!

    It's cooler here today, weird after yesterday's heat. I'm definitely a much darker colour now on my driving arm, after yesterday! And today - I had to go back inside to change from my summer dress when I felt the cold wind. We've had a quiet but productive Saturday here. husband defrosted the fridge instead of playing trains. Then we went for a short walk to try to track down a local service club barbecue. We're going to need it for difficult child 1's wedding next Saturday. A week to go! It's girlfriend's hens night tonight, she was just talking to difficult child 1 on the phone. She's coming over tomorrow to try on her dress - it's finished. I was sitting with my friend today while she finished the dress and I worked on my skirt and together we watched "The Black Balloon" which she hadn't seen. It's picked up more awards - I'm losing count. It's got 11 nominations for the upcoming AFI Awards so at least critically it's doing well. It's odd now to see such a young difficult child 3 in his scene - it was filmed 18 months ago and he's grown so much since then.

    Tomorrow difficult child 1 has organised his groomsmen to visit - one of them is easy child 2/difficult child 2's ex-boyfriend, so it's going to be VERY interesting. easy child 2/difficult child 2 says she's fine with this, so is BF2, but things still could be awkward with mother in law still VERY annoyed at her granddaughter being slighted. Mind you, I think she's much better off now - while I quite like exBF, he was NOT a good catch, he's got a lot of growing up to do and I suspect a great deal of therapy needed. I can put up with him for one weekend...

    Tomorrow we're hoping to head for church (visitors permitting) and then I'll get more sewing done, maybe more cooking (the last half-litre of bearnaise sauce required for the wedding). Somewhere in there I want to work on the wedding music playlists (just for my own peace of mind for back-up - exBF has promised to have it all under control and he's not that great at follow-through). At least it all requires mostly sitting and staying home (other than church, which is close by anyway). So I can still be busy, network, and take things quietly.

    husband is very tired, falling asleep too easily and needing a lot more sleep than usual. He's got one day of work next week and then home, to be available and to help. Not a great deal to do until Thursday - I think it will be good to have him home, good for him to potter around for a few days.

    Enjoy your Saturday.

  5. Wiped Out

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    Marg-It did tear at my heartstrings, I'm not sure how much was remorse for blowing up (I think he thought maybe we would keep him home), this was a planned respite-suppose to be fun for him and give us a break. Just wish there were some other kids around when he was their, sometimes the woman does have her grand child and then difficult child has more fun. They were going to do lots of crafts and cooking which he likes to do, he just hates going.

    Sounds like a busy week ahead for you!

    TM-Enjoy and I hope the evening event isn't as long as last year.
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    Morning all. It's a cold and dreary day here too. Not below freezing....yet....but it's windy and rainy and just all around hoover-y. Blech. I think they are calling for that nasty s word here too but "no substantial accumulation". What the heck is THAT supposed to mean??? LOL

    Linda - It's always good to have your hobby supplies in stock. That should make a difference. I'm sure husband will come up with something to do with Wm and I hope Kt has a good weekend. The other day sounded like she was packed and ready for all sorts of things.

    WO - enjoy the quiet time you'll have. Visiting dogs? That can be fun too watching them in a new environment!

    Marg - Enjoy the weather...mumblegrumblemumble. Good thoughts and wishes being sent out for the remaining wedding preparations and the wedding itself. I still remember stressing over mine so relax when you can!

    Nasty as the weather is here, I just got a great laugh. husband and I both slept in (ahhhhhhhhh.....bliss!) but puppy princess Cloe decided that Daddy had been in bed too long. I didn't latch the door when I got up so she head butted it open, jumped up on the bed and stuck her cold, wet nose in the crook of his neck. Normally she'll just jump up on the bed and lay against his side or at his feet so this was particularly funny! *snort*

    I found out mid week (ARGH) that we are having Thanksgiving for husband's side tomorrow so I'm off in a bit to get supplies. (No...we're not having it HERE but I still need to cook) I always make deviled eggs and a dessert but I'm getting tired of the dessert I usually make. I'm going to see what I can come up with for something new and hopefully something that involves the oven. I love the smells from baking and the way the kitchen gets all cozy. (And I already have a list going of things to get and a card for Janet is at the top of the list. Let's just hope I remember the LIST!)

    difficult child is sprawled on the couch with quite the pile of stuff around him. husband is, as I type, trying to "encourage" him to tear away from the cartoons and clean it up. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh...............the sounds of a difficult child family. :crazy2:
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    It's the beginning of a weekend of nagging for me. husband has taken Monday and Tuesday off to finish a project before I have people over to the house on Thursday. Of course, my week long pleas to get organized and figure out exactly what was needed fell upon deaf ears. My repeated attempts to understand what it is that I want as an end result have been ignored, apparently, as last night I finally checked out what it was he was hearing by showing pictures on the internet. Huh? He had no clue what I had been talking about.

    So, he's snoring and leg jerking and keeping me awake all night. I've been up since 5 AM and will make him breakfast soon. He will not be turning on his computer. I won't be able to do anything I enjoy because anything I enjoy will distract him. And he will spend the weekend pouting because we aren't having wild and wonderful sex, instead of just getting even 1/4 of what he should done in a reasonable amount of time so that I might not spend the whole day nagging at him and angry because he won't ever make the connection that I find stick-to-it-ive-ness sexy.
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    Sorry Witz, I got just a little chuckle out of your post.
    You know you could always put in practise the carrot theory and let him have a "bite" every now and again. :)
  9. witzend

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    There's never a bite with this man. Always a meal. Then a nap. Then he'll have to go to Home Depot to get whatever it is that he forgot to get. Then he'll need lunch. Then check his e-mail. Before you know it it's 2 in the afternoon, and he's ready to stop by 4.
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    Maybe he'll just have to take his meal in "courses". :) You have control over that! We're gonna get sent to the corner soon, so better stop! Sometimes life can just be a three ring circus can't it?

    If you hired the work done, would he be concerned about the money it cost, embarrassed that he didn't take care of it, or if you did nothing about it, would he care the day you had company over? You are a smart and clever woman, so I'm sure you've thought all this thru, but I really try hard not to nag, not that I haven't on an occasion or two or three.... I am all about each of us "owning" our own successes and faults. Will he own his actions? Sometimes my silence is more powerful to my husband than any naggy words I could speak. I work to be pleasant and to remember that my husband didn't marry a "mother" and I didn't marry a "little boy". And then there is that phrase that each of us should have imprinted in our brains (husbands especially, sorry guys!) "Do you want to be right, or do you want to be happy!" Good luck today, I hope he gets everything done, you want him to do!

    And in keeping with the good morning thread............. Good morning everyone! I hope each of you have a productive and happy day. :) I'm waiting for my childcare relief to get home and then I am taking off to go visit my middle daughter who is going to school 3 hours away!!!!! She called me yesterday and choked up crying, I miss you Mom and want you to hurry and get here! She wants me to cook for her and we'll do a little sight seeing.
  11. susiestar

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    Sounds like you all have productive weekends planned. I hope that all goes well and no one has to do too much nagging.

    I discovered Jess watching movies on husband's portable dvd player in her bed last night - at 3 am! She was allowed to have it in her room 3 weeks ago, and decided that that permission extended to whenever she wanted. She un-decided that this morning. husband was ****** and upset because he had to run a bunch of errands and the house was a pit and the kids (mostly Jess) were being mouthy.

    I sent him off on his errands (with only ONE that had anything to do with me! ) and I sat the monsters down for a "chat". Then we worked for 1 1/2 hours straight just to find the living room and part of the kitchen. I couldn't do anymore (actually REALLY overdid it) and we all took a break when husband got home. Now Jess wants to cook and the kitchen is a disaster. She has been told to cook AFTER the dishes are DONE (and not just the dishwasher loaded, LOL!).

    Mostly it is teen PITA stuff with her. thank you is just in his own world. I wish I could see the world the way he does sometimes. The interest in a simple object, the way he combines things for new uses (tried to blow the wrapper off a straw with a nose flute to see if he could make music AND have "confetti" flying for example). It is challenging to get him to clean as every object has some fascinating use that never occurred to me. But he DID overcome that, and his normal Saturday sensory overload reboot (after a long school week he is kind of overloaded as a normal weekend rule) to work at cleaning with us.

    Now I have the kids settled with things, husband is on the couch where I told him to take a nap (he worked a lot of extra hours this week), and I am here online.

    mstang - If you want a new take on pumpkin pie I have a recipe for a pumpkin crumble. It takes a lot less work and is really really YUMMY. You make the pumpkin pie filling like usual and then put it into a 9X13 pan that has been sprayed with pam or bakers joy (either one works just fine). I use the recipe on the Libbys can for 2 pies to fill the pan.

    Then you take a white or yellow cake mix and put it into a bowl with 1 stick of butter or margarine that has been melted. Combine the cake mix and butter thoroughly, then sprinkle it on top of the pumpkin pie filling.

    Bake as usual for pumpkin pie, until the knife or toothpick comes out clean.

    (for an extra decadent treat use half and half instead of the canned milk in the pie filling. Fat Free half and half works very well adn makes it a bit healthier)

    Happy Saturday!
  12. mstang67chic

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    Oooh! That sounds good! pie that I baking time. None.

    It's a Jello recipe that I came across years ago in a magazine. Use a graham cracker crust and the bottom layer is basically cool whip, cream cheese, a bit of milk and sugar. The top layer is a can of pumpkin, ginger, cinnamon, clove, milk and 2 boxes of instant vanilla pudding mix. You mix, layer and stick in the frig. It's not hard, I just get sick of it after making 4 or 5 in a week.
  13. witzend

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    Actually, I was ready to wait for it to be my Christmas present, so I'm cool with him deciding that this is how he wants to spend the weekend. This is the last project in the house, unless something breaks and has to be fixed. It's the poor planning that makes me crazy. The three trips a day to Home Depot because things weren't thought through. It's as much wasted time as work time, really. That's why the guys you hire charge the big bucks. They know how long it would take you if you did it yourself! ;)