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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Andy, Jan 24, 2009.

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    Couldn't resist starting this thread since I am up. Non-easy child diva is suppose to take a friend to the airport - one hour away. I asked her last night if she wanted me to come with to which she said "no". Then at about 10:00 pm, she asked if I would take K. I told her she needed to ride with. K needs to be at the airport by 6:00am and with yesterday's experience in driving to Fargo, I decided to give us an extra 1/2 hr to be there. Then, with Fargo being a small airport and plane scheduled out at 7:00, she still has a little more time incase we are still running late. So, for today, I need good thoughts of safe travels this morning. Hope to be back about 8:00 and probably back to sleep.

    Everyone have a great day today! Find a way to make your difficult child laugh!

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    Good Morning,

    Andy-It's nice of you to get up and drive non-easy child diva's friend to the airport. Wishing you safe travel and some good sleep when you return.:sleeping:

    I'm off to work in a bit. It's very cold this morning so it's a bit hard to get myself motivated. We're back in the deep freeze for a couple of days.

    After work we'll either head to the health club or I'll fall back asleep and then get to the health club. It'll also be a day of cleaning and we need to take easy child to a birthday party tonight. I'll probably drive and husband will pick up. Sounds like a fun night for her. She gets to get dressed up and go eat at an Italian restaurant. I'm glad she's getting out. husband and I didn't make it to our movie last night. The ones we wanted to see weren't playing on our side of town and with me having to work early today and husband buried in a book we chose not to go.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful, relaxing day.:bath:
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    G'day, folk.

    Andy, I hope you're driving safely. It's a nuisance when our kids drop us in it at the last minute. Very annoying!

    Sharon/WO, I'm thinking about you in the cold. I really wish we could share some of our excess heat. I hope you and husband get your movie night in later, when the movie you want is playing.

    What a day! It was forecast to be hot, but not THAT hot - the temperature passed 42 C (108 F) by late afternoon. We went to a local cafe for breakfast (easy child &BF1, me and husband and difficult child 3). After that we went for a swim (everyone except husband & BF1). By the time we got back from our swim, easy child 2/difficult child 2 had arrived. husband & BF1 had put the time to good use and done a lot of work on a garden feature I've been working towards for a few years. However, by that stage the heat of the day was getting to the point where you need to get out of the heat and stay indoors, battening down the hatches. We closed up the house, closed the doors and curtains, to keep the heat out. But with so many people plus needing to get supplies from the garage (it's free-standing), the house began to warm up - it got to 35 C inside (95 F). We got difficult child 3 to watch a couple of videos we've tried for years to get him to see. Then when the last film was finished and it was about 4 pm, we headed off for another swim, this time with difficult child 1 & daughter in law who had just arrived (hot and tired after driving through the heat).
    So in the afternoon we were at the beach with all our kids. BF1 stayed at home (he avoids swimming). BF2 was working today, but in an air-conditioned shopping centre, so he would have been content enough. It has been such a long time since husband & I have been at the beach with all 4 of our kids, since easy child 2/difficult child 2 won't usually go to the beach while the sun is out, she burns so easily. She was counting on a combination of factor 30 plus the late hour plus a large white shirt of mine, to keep her safe. Despite this, she did get a bit of sunburn. Even I got a bit of sunburn on my shoulders - at least it feels it, I can't see it. easy child & difficult child 3 have a bit of redness.

    Tonight we had a roast lamb dinner at mother in law's. We cooked it at our place to avoid heating her house up. But jsut as we got back from the beach, the cool change blew through and we watched the mercury fall to a more reasonable level.

    Tomorrow will be 25 C (77 F). MUCH nicer... easy child & BF1 leave to go home tomorrow (about lunchtime). We need to do a bit more wedding planning before they go.

    THis afternoon/evening we managed to talk to difficult child 1 & daughter in law about the financial mess. They've also talked to a lawyer friend at church - it's early days, but this mess should eventually sort itself out. However, it could take a couple of years. Hopefully not, but by the time they left to go home, they were both a lot calmer about it.

    We've opened up the house to let it cool down from today's heat. Hopefully we'll sleep better tonight; it's been really unpleasant, trowing al lthe bedding off, throwing off just about every stitch, turning the ceiling fan up. If we leave windows open though, we get woken by the really LOUD rainbow lorikeets in the morning, if you can imagine the sound of hundreds of parrots playing in the trees right outside our windows. They sound very similar to the budgies, only louder. And more of them. Try to imagine the sound of a shop full of excited budgies, then amplify it (because lorikeets are about five times bigger).

    Enjoy your Saturday, everyone.

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    :good_morning: Man, it's great to be Saturday!!!!

    Adrianne, hope you and diva had a safe trip to the airport and back. Sounds like a good morning to crawl back under the covers - don't you love Saturdays!

    Sharon, I'm with you at the gym today girl! Cool party easy child is going to tonight - bet she has a great time - good to see her being social!!!

    When the kids got home yesterday afternoon, I was showing easy child the jeans and shirts (need some longer arms) I got for difficult child - she told me that two of the jeans were the kind boys wore down their butts (don't think that will make the sensor, but you know what I mean). She told me "no way!" She said no way her little bro was wearing those!! Then she showed me the longer crotch area, the wider how would I have known that!!!!! So easy child and I went back last night and replaced them and just "window shopped".

    I was so tired last night that I went to bed at 9 with a book and read about 10 minutes before I fell asleep!!! This morning I will color my hair (I did it myself in December to save money, and really like the color - so rather than $100 I spend $8), then I'll meet easy child at the gym after her shift and she and I will do some weights.

    difficult child and I will review some math and science for the continuation of his benchmark testing next week. Oh, he got the highest grade in his history class on Thursday - only one wrong on his semester benchmark!!!!!!

    Got nothing planned for the evening........ Sounds like a nice sit by the fire and a movie perhaps!

    Have a great Saturday!!!

  5. hearts and roses

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    Andy, safe travel! Will you be home early enough to do other things today? Enjoy that time with non-easy child. I always have the best time when on a mini road trip with one of my girls.

    Sharon, stay warm. I think we're about to get another little cold snap as well, though it's fairly warm out right now. Your posts about going to the gym are very motivational. I may try to squeeze in an hour or so this afternoon.

    Marg, I just can't get over how much your temps fluctuate. While I love the hot, hot heat of summer, I don't know if I would be able to do anything more than sit in the water if it got up to 108°F!! Lucky for you, you have the beach. And how awesome that all of you could enjoy it together. The lorikeets sound like a blast-NOT. But they do sound beautiful.

    Today I have another crocheting class, can't wait. Then I'm taking our dog Sophie to the vet (she's the blonde one) because she's been losing weight and is always starved, so we think her metabolism may be off. Other than those things, she seems fine. Later I will do some necessary housework, ugh. And hopefully sometime between that and dinner, I can get over to the gym to jumpstart my workout routine - it's been a while and I am beginning to feel the effects of a sedentary lifestyle again.

    difficult child will have to go hit up some places she's applied at for a job and I think easy child will also call back a few places, as she's looking for a 2nd job. How odd to have one who is so ultra motivated and another who is so totally not.

    Everyone, enjoy your Sat (Marg, your Sunday) and hello to anyone who came after me!
  6. Good morning, everyone! I have a busy day with easy child ahead of me, much of it involving the selling of Girl Scout cookies. They go on sale in our area today, so she will be roaming the neighborhood (with me or husband, of course) getting pre-orders. The economy is not good, so I don't think she will do as well this year as last. I am going to see if I can get husband to go with her and I will take difficult child to the grocery. He is so good and useful at the grocery store IF his sister is not there, too. He's now 8 and actually no longer throws a fit whenever I won't buy some random thing he's found. "Let's think about it when it goes on sale" is something he'll accept (remember, it's bad to start sentences with "no" with this one!), which is a marvelous thing. It used to be such a misery taking him to the grocery and dealing with all the fusses. Anyway, hope everyone has a good day!
  7. Andy

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    I am back. The roads were perfect! Non-easy child diva and I stopped to fill up with gas in Moorhead (anyone familiar, the M&H on Main near the bridge to Fargo usually has cheaper gas. Today was 10 cents cheaper than others in the area.). We then went to Starbucks before heading home.

    I just called my Mom to see if they would be home today. She said they would so difficult child and I will head out for a 2 hour day trip to Brainerd. I don't know if husband will join us or not. I haven't seen my parents for a few months.

    Wiped Out - It is good when our kids can do special things. Girls just love to dress up. Is she spending hours at her friend's house just getting ready? Non-easy child diva had a few of those "all afternoon dress socials". Hope she enjoys the restaurant.

    Marg - Once again you are using up our hot weather. Wouldn't be so bad but this time I can tell you really don't want all of it. Please send some back. LOL It is annoying at times when our kids expect something at the last minute. This time I was so relieved that she did ask because I was worried about her driving before day light. I made her come with though since I figured it was her responsibility to be awake and out at that time since she did make the commitment to her friend. I didn't mind going, but not so that she could sleep in.

    Little Dude's Mom - Isn't it nice to have someone in the home that understands current fashions? I have non-easy child help me out in that area. I wouldn't be able to tell a butt rider from an non-butt rider myself.

    JoG - I had a very nice visit with easy child. Don't always get the chance with difficult child usually within earshot just itching to cause friction over anything said. I hope you can figure out what is going on with Sophie.

    Running - I love Girl Scout cookies. It is usually something many people look forward to so will be an easier sell than most anything else these days. My difficult child is also good about waiting for sales. He will always check the toaster strudels to see if they are on sale. I love taking my kids grocery shopping. I taught them at a very young age how to look for price and expiration dates. At about your difficult child's age, I started sending them to get certain items (milk, cereal, bread, etc.) - they know which brands to get and if it is something we only get if on sale.

    So, now time for good thought of safe roads to Brainerd and back - You all did an awesome job on keeping me safe to Fargo and back! Thank you!
  8. dreamer

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    Andy, hope you were able to get back and go back under the covers!

    wiped out, sounds fun for easy child, sorry you did not get to see a movie last nite. Yup, the bitter cold is back, grrr.

    Marg, glad to hear the kids are calmer about that mess. SO sad that young people have to try to start out life amidst such concerns. I hope it works out eventually. Whew, your weather sounds HOT. What does a lorakeet look like? Im glad you got to swim. Sounds like it is vital in that kind of heat.

    LDM< yikes those jeans! I accidentally grabbed one pair like that for my now 13 son, and LOL he saw it immediately, and asked me to return them. ANd yes his sisters were yelling that I better return them cuz they also said nope, not their brother. LOL. Congrats to difficult child on his history test! AWESOME!

    JoG hope your crocheting is doing good.I like to crochet. Hope the news about dog is not bad.

    Running- oh I LOVE GS cookies. Both my girls were in scouts at same time, and I was a scout, too. I love those cookies! Good luck with the sales.

    well, it is again bitter cold here. I fell asleep after my monk and psychiatric shows last nite, everyone gathered as I figured, to watch and we sure did laugh.
    Yesterday my beloved vw bug wound up needing a new voltage regulator.....lately I am frustrated cuz if one car is not in the shop, it is another. 3 cars.....its keeping me busy and broke. and the headlite went out on my durango yesterday, too. If I remember right, it is very hard to get in to do the headlite, becuz access is up under and behind something. Its the cars ages and mileage. they are a 98 a 2000 and a 2001. I got the 2000 and 2001 new, the bug was not they are now reaching this time when things break down. :-(
    No big plans for fav kind of day. Altho that does not mean I do not have a full work load. LOL. there is always more than enough to do, for sure. LOL.
    When I picked son up at he college yesterday I took him on a tour of the buildings. Then I fed him lunch in the cafeteria. LOL, he seemed to get a kick out of that. I took him over to the auto shop, my brother went there when it was brand new.and I took him up to anatomy labs.....I was going there when he was born. Then I took him to the classes easy child has been in so far. I think its great the college is haveing these classes for the middle school kids. This summer he will get to go to this other program he is involved in and stay in a dorm........

    Anyway, enjoy your saturday. I think Im gonna stay inside today. Im just so weary of the cold.