Good Saturday Morning!

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  1. tiredmommy

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    Good morning. :coffee2:

    I figured I'd start the morning thread since I can't seem to sleep. We had drama at last's night football game... some parents are real difficult children, Know what I mean?? I hate drama. Anyway, Duckie did an outstanding job. I'm really proud of her. :cheer:

    We have a picnic to attend today. Hopefully I will get a little nap in later. :bloodshot:

    Have a great day, hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:
  2. SRL

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    :rolleyes:Cat wake you up at 4AM, too, TM?

    Sports seems to bring out the best and worst in parents. The only drama at our football game was the new announcer playing rock music on the loudspeaker and drowning out the band. Songs like "Highway to H***" :surprise:just didn't set the same tone as the usual pep songs, if you know what I mean.

    Ballet, and then mostly a catch up day for me. I started homeschooling my youngest a few weeks ago and I'm having a worse time than usual keeping up with the house and laundry so a long weekend is welcome.

    I feel like crawling back in bed though.

    Have fun at the picnic TM, and all the rest of you who are in the holiday weekend mode.
  3. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning Friends,

    TM-I'm sorry there was drama at the football game, I do understand about some parents being difficult children. Enjoy the picnic and I'm crossing fingers you fit in that nap!

    I'm up way too early for having worked all week but I do have to work at ww this morning. difficult child knows my cell phone number and will probably call me a few times at work. I'm home by 9:30 so he won't be home alone long.

    Later today difficult child and I will watch the football game and hopefully we'll get to the health club.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful:
  4. Wiped Out

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    SRL-I love the marching bands. easy child's school doesn't even have one and they are a huge high school. Last year at homecoming the band was to play. We were all excited until they stepped on the field and it was only a 5 people band! They do have a pep band for basketball though. Hope you are able to catch up with everything today.
  5. tiredmommy

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    Yes! How did you know?

    Sharon- I hope you enjoy the big game today!
  6. LittleDudesMom

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    :beautifulthing: Good Morning All!

    TM, sorry about the drama - I agree, kid's sports seem to bring out the worst in many adults :2scared:. Here's wishing you can get a nice nap in this afternoon :sleeping:.

    SRL, see that's why I don't have cats!!! Too bad about the choice of music on the pa. Will he take some constructive feedback? Hope you can get your chores and errands done today to you can enjoy the remainder of the holiday weekend :picnic:.

    Sharon, hope your ww run this morning is not too taxing and you and difficult child can get to the gym and then get home in time to watch the game together - that way you won't have to go back out unless you want to. Enjoy the game :cheerleader: who will you be rooting for again:faint:!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Not much on the agenda around here today. I'm going to 1/2 empty the hot tub, clean the filter, and then add some fresh water. While that is going on, I'm going to do some backyard clean up to prep for Monday's cookout. difficult child needs a haircut today so I'll play barber, he then needs to go next door and get instructions from our neighbor who has hired him to be her cat sitter for 2.5 weeks!!

    He is being paid well, but this is the longest she has been gone so she has a few additional things for him to do. He and I will hit the video store to return two movies we rented this week and perhaps pick up another one or two for the long weekend.

    Our day will end by going over to bonehead's condo and letting the pups out for some romping and play. They are out of town and easy child is watching the pups, but she'll be an hour or so away at boyfriend's until late tonight so difficult child and I will handle late run!

    I hope your day is good one and filled with too many chores and errands!

  7. Marguerite

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    G'day, folks.

    TM, what happened at the game? Doesn't sound good. Some kids parents in Australia are getting banned from attending games, their behaviour has been so bad.

    SRL, take it easy for your weekend. Sounds like you need to re-charge.

    Sharon/WO, you sound very busy as usual. Take a good break while you watch the game.

    Sharon/LDM, sounds like you have a lot of animal-related things to do today.

    Everyone seems os busy toda. I've been really tired today. Even though I got to bed before midnight last night, I still had trouble waking up before 10 am. difficult child 3 &I had agreed to visit his tennis coach and clean some bricks for her - we had arranged to go possibly at 10 am. OK, difficult child 3 was still asleep at 10 am! Unheard of!

    We got there about 12.30 and he cleaned about 100 bricks. The tennis coach is building a house (slowly) in a beautiful setting - Aussie seaside bush. The roads in this part of the next village aren't even on the map. I tried to use the street directory to find the place, and I had to give up. I waited in the car while difficult child 3 worked - I could see the tide slowly coming in over the mud flats and we were surrounded by tall cabbage tree palms and huge gum trees. I could her a whipbird calling, over and over. Finally I could hear the call of the female, who adds her call at the end of his only during mating season. A very peaceful afternoon. A pair of Water Dragons came to sun themselves on the pile of bricks.

    It's spring. Today felt like early summer, it has been so warm.

    Tomorrow is Fathers Day here. In Australia, Fiji, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea, we celebrate Fathers Day on the 1st Sunday of September.

    Four weks to the wedding and counting down...

  8. tiredmommy

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    The cheerleaders are required to wear their full uniform, including bodysuit. The only exception is that they may remove their bodysuit in hot weather IF they are wearing a sports bra or tank top under that vest. This is for modesty purposes as the vest is low cut and somewhat loose. Too much skin would show without the under garment. Also, they are required to wear colored "lollipop" panties over their underwear and/or bodysuit. This is because the skirts are very short and they often billow up during jumps and mounts.

    Well, two girls weren't appropriately dressed and were sat out. One was also very late. The moms had a fit... texted the cheer co-coordinator (she was working late at her paying job) and confronted the association president (he said the girls need to be dressed). One accused the NICE coach (the one all the girls love) of yelling and screaming at the girls.

    Now this is all bad enough. But these two are friends with the cheer coordinator. We shall see how this is all handled... I plan on having a heart-to-heart with the coordinator to make sure she understands how it will be perceived if these moms are allowed to go forward with this sort of behavior. I know she's in a tough position but her friends are abusing her friendship. Also... it's bad for the girls. Double standards are not acceptable.