Good Saturday Morning

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    Good Morning Friends,

    Happy Saturday! For being up so early, I'm surprised at how well rested I feel. Of course, it helps I was in bed a bit after 9:00 last night! In a bit I'm heading off to work. I haven't been on a scale in two weeks and I don't think I'm going to like what I see one bit! I've been doing lots of emotional eating lately and not exercising (due to sprained ankle-but I did go yesterday)!

    After work, it's home to quickly pack and head off in the car to Mich. father in law's surgery is Monday which is why we're going. We hope to get there in time this evening to watch the lighting of the city's Christmas tree. The city approached my brother in law and asked if they could cut it down and use it as the city Christmas tree in the local park. He'd been thinking of getting it cut down so this was a bonus because it would be done for free. He even gets to be the one to light the tree tonight!

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful:
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    Good Morning Sharon and all to follow.

    Sharon, hope you guys have a great trip - drive safely.

    I've got a dinner party here tonight and this morning difficult child has a new friend coming over. This young boy moved to the area a little under a year ago. This is his first year at difficult child's school. They have pe/math/lunch together. They both love gaming. difficult child has mentioned him several times. When I picked him up on Wed he had this young man's cell number on a piece of paper and asked if he could come over during the holiday.

    Well, when difficult child wants a friend over, I jump. I'll be picking him up (he lives with his dad and dad works today) at 10 and will return him home at 2. I figure if they are occupied in the play room, I can work on the rest of the downstairs without interruption! difficult child asked if they could have Wendy's for lunch and asked me wake him up a little early this morning so he could get the room ready!!!!!

    Hope your day is as noisy and exciting as mine is shaping up to be!!!!!!!

  3. Marguerite

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    G'day, folks.

    Sharon/WO, go easy on yourself if your weight is up. Just go see father in law and enjoy the Christmas tree lighting. The more you stress about weight, the more you are inclined to comfort eat!

    Sharon/LDM, you sound like you've got a busy day coming up. I hope things go smoothly with difficult child's friend. Enjoy the dinner party!

    It's Sunday here already (only just).

    I did get to the beach this morning, for just over an hour. And got sunburnt even though technically I was outside the danger hours, in the time the doctor had said was safe. So next time I will do what I know is safer for me, and avoid going in the mornings.

    It was lovely there today, though. The beach was empty except for a family from interstate, coincidentally a family with difficult children. About the time they left, a couple of other people drifted in and settled to sunbathe. A fleet of yachts sailed past, racing across the bay. But I had to head home, I had a meeting in the afternoon.

    easy child 2/difficult child 2 rang my mobile phone, she discovered her car had a flat tyre and she didn't have a wheel spanner the right size. I told her to call difficult child 1.

    After my meeting I headed over to see easy child 2/difficult child 2. She had the car up on the jack and just as I got there, difficult child 1 drove up. He got out his wheel spanner, it was too small. So we checked the one for my car - and it was just right! It was soundling like a car mechanic's version of Goldilocks...

    It was good to see the kids working together to change the tyre. easy child 2/difficult child 2 is a tiny little thing, she looks too young and too blonde to be able to change a tyre but she prides herself on her capability. They both commented on how glad they are that husband taught them well.

    It was still very hot, tomorrow will be almost as hot. Summer is definitely here. And because I got burnt today, I now have to stay covered up until it heals. Blast!

    Oh well, maybe it will only be a day or two...

    Enjoy your Saturday.

  4. Fran

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    Good morning everyone.

    with-O hope the weigh in isn't as bad as you anticipate. The tree lighting sounds lovely. Hope f i l does well. Our parents are all aging and it's a worry isn't it?
    You are a gem to care enough for in laws to make the trip and enjoy the holiday celebrations with b i l and family.

    LDM, sounds like lots of fun going on at your house. I do love a little hustle and bustle especially around the holidays. Have you decorated yet? I think I remember that you put your tree up with the kids and watch "It's a Wonderful Life". What's on the menu for the dinner party? How many people?

    Marguerite, ouch about sunburn. I hate when that happens. Sounds like a lovely day at the beach though.
    Good for your daughter for having the ability to change her tire. I was shocked when my son's did it. Neither has shown any interest in cars but they pulled out the manual and followed the directions. They were just fine. Mom was a wreck. LOL. Hope the weather isn't too horrid so that you can't get a break from the heat.

    We are still in Florida with easy child. The four of us have had a very pleasant time. Last night we had a few bouts of hysterical, hyena laughing. It's been a long time it seems. Finally, I lost it and laughed until tears were streaming down my face. I'm sure the other guests at the theme park thought we were a little off. I am really grateful to have a family that does find humor and can laugh together.

    We head back to NC Sunday AM but in the meantime we will spend another fun day together just enjoying our time together.

    Have a fun day.