Good Saturday Morning!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by tiredmommy, Apr 17, 2010.

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    Good morning! :coffee:

    I'm sitting here sipping my coffee and trying to wake up. I think I must be fighting a cold... I've slept a ton in the last 24 hours. I'd still be asleep if the kitties hadn't staged a mutiny for food right on top of me. :ghoul:

    I'm rather apprehensive today... Duckie has a birthday party to attend. "A" will be there as will her mother. It's supposed to be a sleepover but Duckie isn't staying... thank goodness we have family coming to visit tomorrow! Her friends' mom is nervous too. We don't want to pull the girls, though, because it's a small party and that would be hurtful to the birthday girl.

    So, I'll sip my coffee from my R&R Hall of Fame coffee mug to channel all Duckie's board aunties to lookout for Duckie. ;)

    Have a great day! :salute:
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    :dance:Good Saturday Morning!

    TM, I'm curious as to why the mother will be there - is it typical in your area for the mothers to stay at birthday parties? Here's hoping that the talk at school this week taught the girls something - now if only the mothers could have attended as well!!!!

    On my way out the door to hit the grocer - our local family-owned grocery store (in business since the 30's) sold all 25 of their stores the end of last year. They are being converted into Martin's four at a time. The one I go to, which opened the week I had easy child, will be closing this afternoon only to reopen as a Martins in one week. It's kinda a sentimental thing around here for those of us that are natives or long time residents - the family-run business was a landmark. They hired the disabled, were involved in most large charity events in the area, were wonderful sponsors for local school programs and were so ingrained in our community.

    Not too much on the schedule today. The grocers this morning and then I have to go through two boxes of items someone brought me to sell on Ebay. Oh, great news - difficult child got into his first choice highschool :jumphappy: We just go the letter yesterday!!!!

    Wishing everyone a great Saturday!!

  3. Marguerite

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    G'day for Saturday.

    We've had beautiful weather the last few days. Temperatures in the mid to high 70s (F). So much for autumn...

    Yesterday was a difficult day though. I didn't even get to post here in yesterday's thread, things were so messy. mother in law had a very nasty incident that included a total stranger (female) running into her house to verbally abuse her. She's a bit rattled by it and I'm a bit ticked off that the police don't seem to be taking this seriously.
    This morning I took mother in law for a drive down the road to check out a garage sale; then she sat on the beach while I visited a client. All good for her, to get her out of the house.

    Tomorrow we have church in the morning, then in the afternoon we have an opera session, a special family-friendly opera plus clown presentation we bought tickets for, a few weeks ago.

    The last few days have been interesting. On Thursday husband, difficult child 3 & I were out and difficult child 3 got his Learner's Permit (to drive a car). We also bumped into our opera singer while shopping, difficult child 3 was in awe that the lady remembered me. He's heard her singing on the CD and in his mind, she has to be famous with a voice like that. So I'm looking forward to his reaction tomorrow.

    I gave difficult child 3 a driving lesson yesterday (in my car) and this afternoon husband gave him a tougher lesson in his car, which has to be the main car he learns on, since it is manual. So far difficult child 3 is doing really well; but tonight has been stressful, he's got to the really unpleasantly talkative stage where he can also get argumentative, and husband just walked away from him, leaving difficult child 3 screaming abuse to his departing back. NOT a good idea, son, when you want your next favour!

    Oh well, tomorrow is another day...

    I posted in Watercooler about a newspaper columnist of ours who has written a wonderful piece about the nasty practice of criticising "parents of today" and getting us whichever way we're going. I wanted to cheer when I read it!

    Enjoy your Saturday, everyone.

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    Sharon- It's normal for the moms to stay for maybe half an hour to chit chat with the other moms but then they leave. Parents usually only stay if the hosting family need an extra set of hands or if it's an all-age party. I usually encourage parents to stay at our end-of-the-year pool party simply because I have 30+ kids over and can use all the help I can get. It's normal at a large party (say, 15+ kids) for a few parents to hang out to help cut the cake, write gifts down and give out gift bags. These are usually friends of the hosting mom. ;)