Good Saturday Morning

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Wiped Out, May 22, 2010.

  1. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning Friends,

    Up way too early on a Saturday but after a not very good night's sleep I still need to get up and get to work. Although our day is starting out foggy the sun will be here in a bit and it's going to be a beautiful day.

    After work we are picking up difficult child for a 4 hour pass and taking him to see the new Shrek movie. Then we will bring him back to the hospital and come home to take a nap before going to the health club. I also need to get the lawn mowed as I never did last week and if I wait until tomorrow it will be 89 degrees when I'm mowing.

    Wishing everyone a fun Saturday:icecream:
  2. LittleDudesMom

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    Good Morning Sharon and all to follow :D

    Sharon, hope difficult child enjoys the movie and the family time and you enjoy the nap!

    I'm pretty exhausted this morning - I was with easy child for 13 hours yesterday for the move to the new place. Unfortunately she was really sick yesterday with a fever and stomach ache and, to top it all off, bonehead was being a, well, bonehead :cigarsmoker:. My cousin ended up coming over after bonehead left and we tucked her in bed and got her living room and dining area all set up. She's slated to teach a class at 10 this morning and says she feels much better. I told her to fix some soup and take it easy!

    Going to spend the morning here at the house and then go over to easy child's later to help her with her closet and drawers! difficult child is going over as well to play with the kitty!

    Hope your Saturday is a great one!

  3. Marguerite

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    G'day, people.

    Sharon/WO, enjoy your day. And I hope you really enjoy the Shrek movie. I'm not sure when I'll get to see it.

    Sharon/LDM, sorry easy child was sick and bonehead was living up to his nickname. Here's hoping easy child feels better today. There's a lot happening for her right now.

    I've had a day at home but also a very productive day. Tomorrow is a costume call for this play I've got myself involved in. It's a long story about tis play; I got involved originally to help a friend, then I thought it would be fun as long as I wasn't doing all the work. Then my friend made a mess of things with the costumes and since I had some good ideas to make it all really easily, I found myself carrying THAT can. And then my friend began to behave erratically and now is no longer involved; but I felt obliged to continue. My friend is probably no longer my friend and I didn't want it all to fall apart purely because I was the last rat leaving a sinking ship. Because the ship needn't sink, I think it has a good captain. But this director is leaning on me a bit harder tan I'm happy with.

    Still - I got the bulk of the costumes done today as well as scavenged a lot of the props. I had begun working on this back when my friend was involved, but today I pulled it all together. Here's hoping tomorrow's rehearsal goes well. If it doesn't - the play gets dropped. Or postponed. Again. I won't be too sorry, frankly, even after all my work (and some expense, buying the fabric).

    The thing is - the bulk of the work (from me) is done now, and I can begin my radiation treatment on Monday without needing to worry. I was even learning lines while sewing today!

    At the same time, difficult child 3 was working to complete schoolwork (on a Saturday? Unheard of!) and I rewarded him with some promised duet time on SingStar. I'd basically told him, "I have work to do. You have work to do. When we have both finished, we can play together."
    husband also took him for a driving lesson which also happened to be during the rain, and as it got dark. These were lessons husband wanted to cover, so that was good.

    Tomorrow is supposed to be an open day for the train club; normally I would go too, to help sell tickets. But not tomorrow, not until this play is over.

    difficult child 3 is almost certainly going to stay home (hopefully to get more schoolwork done). husband will not be able to play trains if it's raining (which is forecast). mother in law is cooking dinner tomorrow night, so I can go to the rehearsal (car is already loaded with all my sewing and my box of face paint) and just relax and enjoy myself. It's Not My Problem, if it all falls apart. It just means that easy child 2/difficult child 2 will get to play with the costume I made for her - a red tutu in the shape of a rose. She'll be the life of the next party she goes to, or Melbourne Cup Day. Or both.

    Enjoy your Saturday, everyone.

  4. timer lady

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    Morning all,

    Sharon (with-o), have fun at the new Shrek movie ~ hope difficult child does well today.
    Sharon (ldm), wow, what a day you had yesterday. Hope easy child is back on her feet today.

    Not much going on here ~ piano lessons to be followed by a trip to the nursery. I need mulch for my garden beds, fencing to keep Sally the wonder dog out of my plants. I will be purchasing a lilac bush as well. Or maybe a small tree to replace the 3 huge ones I lost in 2007. Haven't yet decided.

    Have a good day friends.
  5. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    Good morning everyone
    with-O it will be good to get a four hour pass with difficult child. You'll be able to see how he has progressed. I'm hoping for good things. I agree about
    getting a nap and then getting the grass cut.. 89 degrees is a bit much for grass cutting.

    LDM, you are a good worker bee. I'm sure easy child is appreciating it. It's tough to work when you are sick and I'm sure she felt guilty. Bonehead can't change all of his spots.

    Marguerite, too bad about friend having a falling out. It does leave a lot of responsibility on your shoulders. Now that you have dealt with it, you can go into radiation with a clear head and focused on your own health.
    Good news that difficult child 3 is doing his work.

    We hosted the neighborhood pot luck dinner. It's my first since moving here. It's still very unsettling to not have a menu planned but it all worked out nicely. We provided beverages and the house. I did desserts since I had bid on desserts for a charity auction and got it. Chocolate mousse, strawberry fusion cake, banana split cheese cake and sour cream lemon pie. Yum. Anyhow, with everyone taking their potluck pots home with them, the clean up was pretty easy. It was fun and everyone seemed to enjoy the new backyard work.

    difficult child did very well being a host.

    Today we plan to cook hamburgers and enjoy some lazy moments with my sister for tomorrow we hit the road to see mom.

    Hope you all have a beautiful day.
  6. candiecotton

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    i woke up way too early for someone who went to bed when the sun came up .
    C&S were up & hubby got D up to "help me" as he was cleaning the van hes gone fishing with his brothers i dont begrudge him going but he could of told me sooner & nicer . G is gone back for the day at least i say have her in for the night .
    i havent slept as of yet but i have found my room & the source of the ant problem in my room G had put gum under the desk ( i know it was her shes the only one who chews gum )
    so this afternoon im giving D money for icecream & he is taking C&S to the park so i can sleep . he is a great help.
    so off to bed very soon hope everyone elses saturday is good