Good Saturday Morning

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Wiped Out, May 29, 2010.

  1. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning Friends,

    Saturday is here and we have a beautiful day! They are forecasting for a high of 84 with low humidity!!

    Yesterday I mentioned the clay stomp-it turned out to be the most fun day! We literally were stomping in the clay. The artist that was hired for this was a hoot and had all the kids (and adults) enjoying themselves. At one point my face and hair were covered in clay-the artist liked to do it to the teachers to get the kids fired up. He spike my hair about 4 inches high-it was hilarious.

    Today will be fairly low key (we hope). We will go to the health club and then have lots of cleaning to do. difficult child and I may go to the pool today but if not today then tomorrow for sure.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful:
  2. LittleDudesMom

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    :hot:Summer has arrived in Central Va!!!

    Sharon, our temps today will be similar to yours, but with really high humidity - and tomorrow will be low 90's and Monday will be mid-to-high 90's! Happy Summer! Glad the clay stomp was fun. Enjoy your quiet weekend.

    Today will be pretty busy for me. I worked about six hours in the yard/garden (with easy child's help) yesterday and will go back out shortly. My cousin is coming over to help me expand my "bird area". When we are done, I have a few other things to do in the yard then I'll shower and head to easy child's place. She asked for help with the last few "mishmash" boxes at her new place. So I'll head over there for a few hours, come back home and pick up difficult child, then head back as we are having Thai delivery and a movie on easy child's big screen (we had to repro/take pocession all the equipment - back rent - in a commercial space we had leased out and four big screen tvs were part of the lot. easy child convinced her dad to give her one - much bigger than my tv)!

    Hope everyone has a relaxing Saturday and, if it's filled with errands and work, hope you find a time to chill later! :peaceful:

  3. Fran

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    Good Saturday morning all.
    with-O sounds like a blast. Glad it was fun.
    LDM, cool about easy child's big screen. I bet the yard is wonderful.

    difficult child and his friend have left for Day 2 of animae convention. They have dressed up in costume and are having a blast. I packed a lunch for them today since food was pricey for
    their budget. They will be gone for the day. Yay!!!!

    Our plan is to work on the yard for a bit, do some housework and then do nothing but enjoy the back yard. It was pretty stormy last night but it looks bright and crisp out there at present.
    Hope you all have a glorious Saturday.
  4. candiecotton

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    well its sat evening here i havent had a chance to do much . this morning G went back she was in a "mood" because i gave D my old blackberry because his old phone died & it was just as easy to give it to him than it was to pay out for another phone ( he has never ran up the bill & is very responsible with it & its pink lol ) this morning she was up (G) before me 7 had it set in her head she was going to value village i told her that we could go tomorrow afternoon when we picked her up ( both hubby & i are working tonight so she has to go back to the group home because shes not allowed to be here without an adult) & she decided to go back early .
    D slept most of the day & S&C were in my bed with me watching movies all day so that was my day