Good Saturday Morning

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Wiped Out, Aug 28, 2010.

  1. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning Friends,

    Summer has returned here with temps reaching into the mid 80s yesterday-it still is beautiful although the humidity is due back today so we will probably be turning on the ac today.

    Long day yesterday! I always forget how going back to work zaps so much energy. I did conferences all day that were great but now I'm feeling exhausted and wish I wasn't working this morning. Oh well, it's only for a couple of hours. Next week it's back to full time with two teacher days Mon. & Tues. and then the kiddos come on Wed!

    After work I will have to decide between a nap and the health club. Right now I'm guessing the nap but hoping for the club!

    This afternoon I'm getting my hair cut.:hairy: I'm having several inches cut off-probably about 5 or 6 so for me it will be quite different. Right now my hair is below my shoulders and I think I'm going for more chin length unless I chicken out!

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful:

  2. LittleDudesMom

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    Good Morning!

    Sharon, I've been rehearsing and trying to get up by 6 this week (although when school starts I'll be getting up around 5) and I am pretty tired by 2 or 3!! Once off the schedule, it's tough to get back on! I'm getting my hair cut this week too - trying a new thing. There is a salon downtown near one of our local universities and it's an apprentice studio. Tuesdays are $20 cut and style/dry. I think I will give it a try.........

    Not too much on the agenda today. I have company for dinner and I'm roasting pork to make pulled pork burritos - just need to get the rub on and get it in the oven by like 10 and then make some sauce (make my own spicy and lighter version), saute some peppers and onions, cook the rice, and make some pico de gallo (fresh tomatoes and jalapenos from the farmers market yesterday). Going to get everything prepped this morning so all I have to do later is heat things in the oven later. Then I'm going to do my pantry! Got all the containers from IKEA yesterday and looking forward to organizing. Bought a few things for the fridge so I'll do that too. Maybe a little nap before company.....

    Have a great Saturday!

  3. hearts and roses

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    Sharon WO, I hope your hair comes out nice. My sister went back to work (also a teacher) this past week - says she's exhausted. I guess it takes a while to find your groove again.

    Sharon LDM, I hope your haircut comes out nice also! That's funny. Enjoy your dinner, it sounds delish.

    The pups woke me very early this AM. I guess H woke them as he was off to work early. So, I'm on my second cup of joe and meeting a friend at 9AM for another! Then I have some errands to run and then we're attending a baby shower this afternoon. I had such fun shopping for baby things last night. I cannot believe the items this girl put on her many useless and silly things that she will use once and then realize she doesn't need (I mean, I'm older, but not that old). I bought a few things from the registry to make her happy and then some practical items I thought she should have. She can always return them if she doesn't want them, right? My H says that I am going to be a maniac when I have grandkids - there will be no stopping me! lol.

    Tonight we're having a Tex-Mex dish, a sort of veggie fajita-like thing. I have some tomatos & jalapenos from my sister's garden so I am going to throw a nice salsa to go with. We also have some nice avacados that are perfect today! Yum.

    Enjoy the day everyone!
  4. Marguerite

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    G'day, people.

    Sharon/WO, first days back after such a long break can be tiring, especially if the heat and humidity are high. It really saps your strength.

    Sharon/LDM, I hope your hair works out well. A friend of mine gets her hair done this way, she generally looks amazing. Your dinner sounds great!

    Jo, enjoy that baby shower! I've never heard of a baby shower register - a lot of the fun of a baby shower is, in my opinion, getting practical but fun gifts from people who have been there and KNOW what is a good thing!

    We've had a fairly full but enjoyable Saturday. I had an appointment back with the breast care fitter who had ordered my partial prosthesis and some other gear. husband came with me; the fitter works form home and it was lovely organising all this in privacy, no large department store lingerie section.

    My prosthesis is exactly right. I tried on a few bras and a couple of swimsuits, came away with the prosthesis and two new bras (wearing the new stuff) and also bought a swimsuit. I was fussing about whether I will need to 'de-fuzz' and the fitter commented that as I'm fairly fair (judging by my hair colour) I shouldn't have a problem. I pointed to me (black) eyebrows and told the fitter that my hair colour is NOT natural, it is carefully streaked grey. I had it done just last week, I KNEW my new hairdresser is a genius!

    From there, husband & I drove back home, lodged the health insurance paperwork (Aussie government Medicare covers the full cost of the prosthesis and the special bras - yay!) and then husband & I walked a few houses away to a friend's birthday party. I felt good to be able to show off a cleavage without the v-neck slipping to one side because of the boob imbalance. Everything now is looking more naturally even (although unless you really look, it was passably OK before the prosthesis).

    The party went all afternoon, they were continuing into dinner at a local restaurant. husband & I got invited, but we had to go cook dinner with mother in law and we'd also been away from difficult child 3 all afternoon. I was tired, looking forward now to heading for bed.

    This afternoon I got talking to a friend who is a SpEd teacher, we were discussing discipline methods. I could have sworn I'd given her my review of The Explosive Child before this, but I told her about it and she wants to borrow it from me (I was asked to bring it to her at church tomorrow morning).

    Spring is definitely coming in - today we could smell the spring flowers and see a cloudless blue sky and the ocean view from our friend's balcony. They have views right into the heart of the city and today (after the winds yesterday) it was really clear.

    Enjoy your Saturday.

  5. joneshockey

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    Good Morning!
    I am just trying to relax after a very LONG 3rd week back teaching... I can totally relate to those of you are just heading back to the classroom - EXHAUSED is the word that comes to mind. At least I seem to be getting back into the whole routine. I just picked up B1 from a sleepover birthday party and I plan to spend the rest of the day doing house chores. One of my friends will be coming over later for dinner - yet I am unsure what we will be having, but something on the grill for sure!

    Enjoy Your Saturday Everyone!