Good Saturday Morning

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Wiped Out, Jan 29, 2011.

  1. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning!

    Why is it that difficult child bodies have a way of knowing when it is Saturday and wake up super early? Actually he has been behaving fairly well this morning (for difficult child); I just wasn't ready to be up before 6:00!!

    The temperature this morning is 31 degrees! I can't remember the last time we were in the 30s!! It isn't going to last long-early next week they are calling for some frigid temps to move in.

    Today, I am going to the health club and hoping to get some cleaning done along with squeezing in a nap!!

    Wishing everyone fun-filled day!
  2. HaoZi

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    We're doing another blood draw today, this one for the new psychiatrist to get baselines. She had to do a 12 hour fast for this one, so I've been listening to whining and crying since last night about how horrible it is (even with the emla cream). Doesn't take much of this before every squeak makes me want to put my head through the wall. Got the cream on her, got her to down a glass of water to make it easier, she's been whining about being hungry since 10pm and her 12 hours are almost up. This draw can luckily be done at the local hospital instead of the hour long drive the last one took to a specific lab, I just hope hope HOPE the tech here is as good because otherwise they're going to have a real fight on their hands when she flips out (note I say when, not if, because she will, the other tech got her calmed real fast with just words) and I am NOT going to help hold her down or let anyone else do it. If it all fails then I'll try again next weekend and make the drive to the other lab. If they can keep her moderately calm they'll get one shot with her - no way will she allow a second try if they screw it up.
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    Happy Saturday ! HaoZi wishing difficult child good luck today and you too for that matter been there done that ... My difficult child was in rare form last night, very defiant and nasty ... hopefully today will be a better day. I am letting him sleep and then plan on making a big breakfast. Hoping everyone will chip in and help me clean today. Yeah right ! LOL
  4. HaoZi

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    Everyone survived, yay! I told her if she needed specific support from me she would have to verbalize it. Asked her if she wanted me in there with her, on the way there she said yes but when she got there she said no. There was only a partition between us, so we could hear each other and everything that was going on, she did pretty well. Then to the cafe to eat, then upstairs for the EKG test that slipped in on there that I was wondering about.