Good Saturday Morning!!

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    :flirtysmile3: Good Morning!

    I woke up early this morning - about 5:15 - so I decided to come down, sit by the fire, and have a warm cup of tea. Nice way to start a Saturday morning - quiet and peaceful!

    So, yesterday afternoon I spent an hour an a half in the rug store looking for an oriental for my living room. The room size and arrangement makes it tough. It's 28' long and 14' wide - but nothing in the room is centered - there are three "conversation" areas and some open spaces.

    So last night my cousin and I made a cocktail and took "blue" tape and marked off a bunch of options on the floor. It seems the best bet is a series of carpets - however I don't want anything to match - just be in the same color family. So I will go back to the store today and purchase one. Can't afford to do them all at one time, but I will purchase the largest one first and then go from there. I would love to put this big old house on the market and get something smaller (waiting for the market to improve), so I don't want to purchase a rug that is so big I couldn't use it in a smaller home.....

    My new lemon chicken recipe (in the slowcooker) was great. Only change I would make is to figure out some veggies that would go along in the crock and not fight with the sweet/spicy sauce. I'm thinking pineapple, carrot and onion next time.

    difficult child went on his first field trip yesterday without a parent or a 1:1 EVER!!!!!!! He had a great time. Huge confidence builder for him.

    As my cousin and I were heading out to the carpet store he asked if we could go to the bookstore later - I asked him what he was interested in and he wants to read Hamlet! I think I mentioned sharing my old leather books with him a few weeks ago when he expressed interest in Hamlet (I have some old leather-bound Shakespeare books in with my collection). We had meant to go out a few weeks ago know how time gets. So we hit the bookstore and he got his book. Who would have thought the kid who hated to read and write anything would ask to read Shakespeare?

    Hey, have a great Saturday!

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    Good Morning,

    Sharon-Awesome that difficult child did the field trip with-o support!! How cool he wants to read Hamlet! Have fun buying your rug today. Be sure to post your new recipe!

    Hitting the health club, cleaning, and napping are on the agenda for today. We plan to take difficult child with us to the health club even though it is a bit more stressful-he needs to start exercising.

    Tonight husband and I are planning on going to see "The King's Speech".

    Enjoy your Saturday!