Good Saturday Morning!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by tiredmommy, May 21, 2011.

  1. tiredmommy

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    Good Morning. :coffee:

    I have an especially long day today after a long day (& difficult evening with-Duckie) yesterday:

    Morning committee meeting at church for both husband & I, so Duckie must wake up in a few to come along).

    Dance Class for Duckie @ 12:30

    Audition call back for Duckie @ 2PM

    Pick up Duckie's pal

    Go to dinner

    Take in a musical that's playing a few towns over.

    I'm tired already! I better spike the coffee with a little extra caffeine, lol!

    Have a great day! :salute:
  2. hearts and roses

    hearts and roses Mind Reader

    Good morning TM! Enjoy your day, despite the busyness! And good luck to Duckie at today's audition.

    Had a leisurely morning lying in bed, looking forward to my first cup of coffee only to realize that we have no half and half left! Yuck. I think I will go to the gym this morning, come back home to do some household chores, aka, laundry. I think I will take our dog Sophie over to see my mom this afternoon for a bit. She loves having the animals visit with her. A very laid back day for me - it's been a long time coming so I'm going to enjoy it.

    Hope everyone has a great day!
  3. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    Good Saturday morning. It's a beautiful, cloudless, quiet day in the Fran family back yard. Lots of birds, butterflies and dogs. Squirrels lurking in the trees waiting to get to the bird feeder if my vicious puppies don't notice them. LOL.

    TM, it seems like Duckie really has more problems at this time of year or is it my imagination. I know she is highly allergic and of course, spring is just full of stuff to be allergic to. Any hopes that she will be less sensitive to those allergy triggers as time goes by?

    h & r sounds like a great day for you. Those furry family members do a great deal of good for the elderly.

    Wiped out, I saw your post about how hard of a time you are having keeping your weight off that foot with crutches. I have a suggestion that worked for husband. He is a big guy and when he had ruptured his achilles tendon he had to be non weight bearing on that foot for several weeks. He is a pretty high energy guy and the crutches were wearing him out. He got a wheelchair and turned it around. Put the knee of the operative leg in the chair and used it like a chariot to get around the office building. He pushed with the good foot. It was less difficult than trying to maneuver with crutches. Just a thought. If you don't have access to a wheelchair, get an office chair with wheels.
  4. ML

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    TM praying for the callback. Hope you can enjoy your day despite the chaotic tone.

    H&R I'm so happy to hear you're finally getting some down time.

    I slept in a bit till almost 8 which is always a nice surprise. Gotta blow through the house cleaning and then I'm taking my mom down to Colorado Springs to see my stepsister who has mitochondrial disease and not doing so well. Later tonight it's date night with manster at his dad's. These days "date night" often means bringing home takeout and watching a movie on the couch. I'm just too tired for much else.

    WO -- Fran's idea for the office chair sounds brilliant!
  5. P-nut2004

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    Good morning everyone

    TM, it does sound like you have a busy day ahead of you but atleast the good kind of busy so I hope you & Duckie enjoy it :) Best of luck to her on the audition! I wish I could channel Ls energy into some dancing or acting classes, she'd be a natural if she could just focus for longer than 5 minutes LoL

    Hearts, I had the same problem this morning only we are out of coffee :( so I'm starting my day with a Pepsi Max and some diurex for a caffeine boost to avoid dragging L to the store this early *sigh* Sounds like you are having a good lazy Saturday & I know those are rare for most of us so enjoy!

    Fran, it is a beautiful Carolina morning isn't it!? Was just watching my ‘pack' run laps in the back fence and it's already bright & sunny and getting warm. I need to get a good squirrel proof bird feeder, the varmints knocked my last one down and broke it but we do have a wonderful bird population here and I love to watch them from my kitchen window. Unfortunately both of our pits have become expert hunters and will even attempt to jump and snatch birds from the air. Thankfully they rarely succeed in catching anything because it hurts my feelings horribly and even tho I know its natural instinct I hold a grudge for days. We have a ground hog family we have been watching for a couple months now and I was so angry when I found that one of the babies had gotten into the fence and one of the dogs got ahold of it last week. I'm still mad and don't know which one killed it.

    As for my day it will be crazy busy; DHs birthday is Monday and I have convinced him that everyone is too busy to celebrate this weekend…..I have a surprise party planned for tonite. He works Saturdays but gets off early so my bro is keeping him away from the house until this evening. I have to finish cleaning, go shopping, prepare food, make a cake etc all today because I didn't want to arouse any suspicion from husband. He was already curious as to why I bothered to clean off our front porch (it is all the way across the front of the house but husband insists on keeping tool boxes and equipment on my potentially beautiful porch). L was up before me this morning and has created more work for me by making her own breakfast and dragging toys into my living room so I am now fighting with her over cleaning up her mess, even tho I know I'll end up doing it shortly. Thank goodness DHs dad has agreed to take the girls for the night and I'm about to call and see how early I can drop them off LoL Miss L is in not-so-rare form this morning, running around singing at the top of her voice and refusing to listen to anyone Yay! At least I know I'll have a good night with some good friends when it's all said and done.

    To those of you yet to post I hope everyone has a good day.

    *ML u snuck in while I was posting LoL Hope you enjoy your visit and your date, even sitting at home with take out can be romantic :biggrin:
  6. shellyd67

    shellyd67 Active Member

    TM, good luck to Duckie on her audition !!!

    It is a beautiful day here in my neck of the woods.

    Gonna do some housework,yardwork and grocery shopping...

    Have a great weekend all !!!