Good Saturday Morning!!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by LittleDudesMom, Jul 16, 2011.

  1. LittleDudesMom

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    :bigsmile: Good Morning All!

    A lovely summer morning here in the southeast - although that is not something you would normally hear for a southerner! The weather has been lovely the last two days - I think today the temps will rise a little and by Monday we will back to our typical swelter! The weather was so nice, I got difficult child out of the house to help me in the yard yesterday - he had on big work gloves and boots to offset his anxiety of bugs.....but he was out there with me!

    Today will be a BJs run at 9 then to the grocer. I have some things to do around the house, but nothing heavy. difficult child and I are planning on watching, ok - are you sitting down, "West Side Story". difficult child is a real Shakespeare fan and Romeo and Juliet is one of his favs. We've been exploring other works of art that have been inspired by the story. We watched the DiCaprio version of Romeo and Juliet a couple weeks ago and he loved it! So I told him to give this one a try. Not sure if all the music will keep him interested, but we'll see.......

    I hope your Saturday includes some down time.

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    Good Morning!!

    Sharon-Glad to hear your weather has been so nice. We also had a nice stretch but our heatwave is on the way. I hope difficult child loves West Side Story-love that movie! In fact, maybe I'll have to watch it tonight now!

    Going to work in a bit and then home for hopefully a nap and a visit to the health club.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day!

  3. Fran

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    Good morning Sharon and Sharon. : )
    LDM, I am loving being able to be outside on the patio in morning(like now) and in the evening. We even have a bit of a breeze. I wish summer was like this all the time. It can be hot as Hades during the day but give us a break for morning and nights. I did a little weeding myself. It's good to have difficult child help you.

    Wiped out, my baby sis, tells me there was tons of rain lately in your part of the world. How are things with easy child/difficult child lately?

    Marguerite, I saw your post from yesterday. It is nice to see you too. I haven't been on the site as usual but it's always nice to hear a hello.

    difficult child is enjoying his life. He hasn't made many strides in money management or housekeeping but he is ok. His training is good and he seems to have a life with friends and girlfriend. So far so good. Now all we need is a job.

    Enjoy your summer weekend.