Good Saturday Morning

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Good Morning All,

I'm off to work in a bit but thought I'd say good morning quick. I'm so excited that the new Harry Potter book is out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I'm sending husband out for it at 8:00 this morning. First he has to drop off easy child because she is headed to Great America today with her group to celebrate the end of the program. One great thing is it is totally paid for. They pay for the bus, park, meals! I hope she has a ton of fun.

I may decide to skip the club today so I can start reading the HP book. :reading: I'm laughing because husband wants to buy 2 copies because he doesn't want to wait to read it (he just finished #6 two nights ago. easy child was upset because she wanted her own copy too!

I may take difficult child to the pool at some point because he won't appreciate me reading all day and my sister in law & brother in law are coming at some point to help with some cement pouring we want done.

I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful day! :dance:

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Good morning friends,

Sharon, sounds like a busy day ahead for the book at the pool.

I woke up early & another pretty day is in the forecast. husband helped me into the shower already & I feel ready to go. Don't know where to go yet as I expect this energy burst won't last long.

No staff in today - it's just me & husband against kt. wm wants to see us all - I laughed hysterically at the boy. Who started crying. FM got on the phone & I couldn't stop laughing. Poor husband had to get on & explain the situation. FM started laughing as well. wm will never ever develop any self esteem at this point.

Enjoy your day - I'm laying out back on the patio & reading the new JD Robb novel (I think it's out today)


Good Morning.

Great America...difficult child goes all the time. he has a season pass, as do most of his friendds. But they are all on again off again friends. Saturdays are so crowded. If they stay until close, that is the best time to get on the rides. When everyone is watching the parade.

Wish I enjoyed reading. Haven't read a good book in a very long time. Never read any Harry Potter books. difficult child saw all the movies.

Have a good Saturday.


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G'day, all.

It's been a day of work for us all here. I've been helping difficult child 3 with some schoolwork backlog as well as doing more work on the book layout for a friend. husband has been pottering around with various small jobs and we just sat down to watch a movie all together. Lovely - we don't do it often enough.

It's bedtime now, plus husband is planning another day playing trains tomorrow. I was expecting to go too, but difficult child 3 seems to have come down with something. He was complaining of a sore stomach earlier, he thought it was from me making him do schoolwork (at least he's recognising that he does get these symptoms from anxiety) but now we think it's something more.

So if he's sick tomorrow, I'll have to stay home with him.

We have friends who will have rushed out to get Harry Potter. difficult child 3 hasn't read or watched movies past "Goblet of Fire" because we felt he wasn't ready for it. He probably could watch Goblet of Fire soon. Then he'll be able to read the book.
I'm waiting until we can borrow a copy. I don't mind waiting. We're bookaholics in our house but we have plenty to fall back on, even better than Harry Potter. Now, the next Terry Pratchett book - THAT has us queuing at the bookstore! (Harry Potter for grownups - fantasy satire)

Good morning, all! husband is taking easy child to the new Harry Potter movie; I think I'll take difficult child to Costco. He actually likes going to Costco with me and I don't even think it's because of the free food samples.

We pre-ordered the last Harry Potter book but with the cheap shipping, so I don't know when it will get here. Between husband and easy child being home in the day, I doubt I'll get first crack at it. But, I do wake up earlier in the morning than they do! easy child and I have a running argument on whether Snape is on the right side or not, so I'm looking forward to this book settling it. Naturally, I hope I get to be the one saying, "I told you so!" :wink: Hope everyone has a good day!


Yawn good morning (10 am)

difficult child II was up playing gameboy way too late, which at least allowed me to sleep in, although I have a ton of things to do today. None of which I've started LOL

We will be heading out for a free concert being held by our local chritian radio station to see Mandisa! She was on AI last year, and I think she's awesome and difficult child II is an AI fan as well so he's excited.

difficult child I made it in last night safe from camp and I'll retrieve him later today from my parents house. My Dad was kind enough to pick him up last night at midnight from the airport for me.

I am hoping for a productive weekend, although I always do, we'll see, happy Saturday all.


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Good morning. :coffee:
Sharon- I agree with Linda: read the book at the pool. :reading:
Linda- I hope your energy bursts get longer everyday. :thumb:
Kjs- Enjoy your Saturday! :princess:
Marg- I hope difficult child 3 is feeling better. :flower:
Running- Have fun at Costco. Duckie likes riding on the front of the extra large carts. :smile:
Ianav- Enjoy the concert! :dance:
I have some puttering and a few small errands to complete today. husband and Duckie let me sleep in (despite difficult child Kitty's valiant attempts at 6:30 am :hammer:), so I'm feeling a lot more rested than I have been. I go with friends to a surprise birthday party this evening, it ought to be fun. She turned 60 last week and doesn't seem to have a clue that something is up, lol! :rofl:
Have a great day. Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:


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Good morning all,

easy child and I were at the local grocery store last night at midnight to buy the Harry Potter book. In fact, we bought two copies so easy child and I can read it at the same time.

I couldn't wait. :rofl:

We saw lots of people we knew and the people at the grocery store were serving cake and punch while we waited in line. It was actually kind of fun.

I made it to page 131 before I fell asleep last night. I am trying so hard to be good and not take a peek at the end.

Back to reading. . .