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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by somerset, Mar 5, 2012.

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    I met today with the VP and counselor at difficult child's school today and showed them the psychiatrist's recommendations, and they decided she should have an IEP! They will start the paperwork immediately. It will take time to complete, but they are making accomdations for her already. I am so freaked out because the experience with this school is the exact opposite of her last school. They are so nice and caring I am overwhelmed. It's hard for me to trust it - I keep waiting to see if they change and become mean and unhelpful like the last school.

    We're going to start with difficult child going to one or two classes and see how it goes.

    I met the attendance person and one of the sped teachers, and they were nice too. So sympathetic! The attendance person is going to find out whether difficult child can do an independent study for one class even though she's attending school (even one class is considered attending) . difficult child has history after lunch, then pilates, then science. We were thinking maybe she could eventually go to history and science, and do ENglish as an independent study but do the work at school instead of pilates. The psychiatrist doesn't want her doing independent study at home, and I already know it won't work.

    Also, they said a new anime club is forming. This is an incentive for difficult child and will help her make more friends. :biggrin:
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    I'm thrilled for you and difficult child. Some people believe bucks and luxurious items are the best reasons to celebrate. Those of us in the family know that the two best gifts are a supportive school system and top quality mental health personnel. Fingers crossed that your meeting is the first step toward a quality life. Great news! DDD
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    So true DDD! So glad to hear your update! I am just really happy for your difficult child to get the gentle, supportive help she will need. Really amazing stuff.
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    Yes, DDD... those are worth SO much... the other one, if we have it, is supportive extended family.

    Somerset... so glad your meeting went well!
    We found we got more sympathy when we arrived with reports in hand that told the school what to do. (not all schools are like that... some won't listen to "outsiders"... our's won't listent to their own people!)
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    YAY! So glad thing went well! Here's to things continuing to do so!