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    We visited a different church a little while back. When it was time for the sermon, the lights went down and they projected a video on a big screen behind the pulpit.

    It was a country music video. I can't remember the artist -- maybe someone will recognize it and tell us. The video goes like this: a man is holding a woman, presumably his wife or girlfriend, prisoner in a basement, singing about how she's done him wrong for the last time. While he's singing he's mixing up cement and building a wall to seal her in to this basement (much like the Poe story, "The Cask of Amontillado"). Very disturbing image. Then comes the twist -- the singer finishes the wall, apparently entombing the woman, but then she gets up and it becomes clear that the man walled himself in, not her. As she walks out of the basement, he is calling, "Honey? C'mon, you know how I get!..."

    The sermon went on with lots of good advice about resolving conflicts, but that video has stuck in my mind -- it was a pretty good sermon in itself.
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    I remember seeing a "Twilight Zone" story that did this as a sketch. That was back in the Rod Serling days, late Sixties. Cute concept. I always like stories with a twist at the end. Or maybe another twist after that twist...

    And a quick change of subject (sort of) - does anyone remember that old country song, "Oh, it's been lonesome here in the saddle, since ma horse died yesterday, and ma spurs is growing rusty, and ma hair is goin' grey..."

    That video sounds like a different segue into a discussion on conflict resolution...

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    Thanks for the link BBK .. I enjoyed it.
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    bet Toby would get a charge out of knowing his video was used as a sermon!