Good Sunday Morning All!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by LittleDudesMom, Feb 7, 2010.

  1. LittleDudesMom

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    :frostbite: Good Morning from the frozen tundra!

    For those of us who live in the "south", weather like what's outside my door today just doesn't happen. While we were not hit like my fellow Virginian's north of here, it's still crippling. My sister happens to live in the county that got the highest snow total of the storm - 34"!!!

    I actually went out in the midst of the snow yesterday. My sister in law had surgery last week and I wanted to get her and my nephew something to eat. I picked up my cousin, we grabbed a tank of gas and some coffee and braved the snow storm! I delivered meals to my sister in law and her son and then stopped by exMIL's and delivered her some too! It was an adventure!

    Now the only question is how long we will be going to school in July to make up for all the snow days the last week and those to come this week!

    Hope everyone has a relaxing Sunday and a fun Superbowl!

    Sharon :frozen:
  2. Andy

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    Little Dude's Mom - I am glad you got around safely yesterday. It really is an adventure being out and about in tons of snow - especially if you are not use to it.

    We are suppose to have snow starting today and going through Monday night. My neighbors are flying home from Puerto Rico. Last weekend they flew home from Mexico and got stranded in Atlantic City (rain storms) and stayed with relatives once back in MN because the snow prevented them from driving home. I will have to tease her about bringing on bad weather on their international travel home days.

    difficult child and the neighbor boy built a fort in the cul de sac. I took night pictures last night with difficult child. I need to try and get day time pictures today and if the neighbor wants to be in night pictures more tonight. I just hope this snowstorm doesn't cause a snow plow to ruin their fort. Their task today will be to block the enterance to keep snow from filling it up. It is very cool - reminds me of a little shelter a survivist would make if stranded in a snowy prairie.

    I am hoping for a snow day tomorrow. I have some craft projects set up for the neighborhood kids once we have a snow day that our neighbor girl is home for (last Monday she was on her way back from Mexico). Fabric painting a small tote bag, a painting project, and making cards. If I get to the grocery store after church, I will get plain sugar cookies for them to decorate also. I may have another project - thought I had four without the cookies - will figure it out once I start setting up I guess.

    Everyone have a great day and find a way to make your kids laugh!

    I made difficult child laugh last night. His latest thing is to say, "Mom, look under there!" My reaction is usually "Under where?" "Hahaha" he replies, "You said underwear." Last night he was trying so hard and I was not falling for it. So, after about 5 to 10 minutes of this, we were heading out the door and I said, "I think I dropped $10 under there" difficult child looks over to where I sit a the computer and says, "Under where?" We both started laughing. He thought I did a GREAT job at making him say "underwear".
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    Good morning all. Sounds like both of you are having some extreme weather.

    Our weather has been really mellow so far, it snowed a tiny bit yesterday but nothing stuck.

    Off to work this morning. The hospital I work at is really slow right now, they closed the floor I usually work on (surgical) as we only had 2 patients yesterday afternoon! I was sent home early which was ok with me as I had some shopping to do.

    Today off to a different deptartment. Not feeling to enthused, would rather stay home and continue setting up my new laptop that I got yesterday (aren't tax refunds a great thing?). I have been putting all my music in it and making new playlists. After the dinosaur of a laptop I was using, this one moves at the speed of light! I love it.

    Hope you all have a good superbowl Sunday!
  4. timer lady

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    Morning all,

    Sharon, sounds like quite an adventure yesterday - glad you made it about in the snow safely.

    Andy, I love making my kids laugh - it makes the day a bit easier.

    CM, have fun with the new laptop.

    Both kt & I slept in this morning - just up & moving. kt has a friend from school coming over this afternoon. I told E's mom that I'd feed the girls before I drove E home - asked if E had any allergies. Nope - then told mom in that case I'd be tossing food at the girls & I hope they could catch, because what they caught is what they ate. Took E's mom by surprise but kt was ROFL.

    I really need to stop before I talk - getting to much like the tweedles. ;)

    Have a good Sunday. Enjoy your friends & family during the SuperBowl. I, myself, will be doing anything but watching football.
  5. Farmwife

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    That under where joke is just the sweetest thing I have heard in a long time. Thanks for the smile.

    My difficult child is almost 16 and still in the land of fart jokes and big burps. *sigh* On a good day he drags husband into it too. Based on that I am guessing that neither will outgrow it.

    Expecting a lot of snow here. Did a late night run to store for milk and a couple things. As long as we have power and don't run out of propane I am ready for all the snow we can get. Sunday is always such a sad day because it is the end of the weekend when everyone is finally relaxed but just about to head out again. Even difficult child is in a decent mood?!?!?:surprise: I would love to get snowed in, take a pause, play some monopoly, pop some corn, watch old movies and just pretend the world doesn't exist for a couple days more. Then life can speed up again. For now, this peaceful moment...I just want it to linger just a little bit. I may even sink to an all time low and make a fart joke for difficult child. I know how it warms his heart, lol.

    Here's praying for snow.:angel3: