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    :warrior: parents.


    The hmj is brewed & I'm ready to start my day - the rest of the world needs to catch up today. I believe I have to utilize this energy when it hits; not when it's convenient for others to help.

    Looks like the tweedle household needs a new schedule :rofl: :geek: :smile:

    It snowed yesterday - there is over 7 inches in our backyard. It really is a very pretty sight even if just by the flood lights that go on every now & then. kt, while I was sleeping yesterday, filled my bird feeders (god bless 'er) & told me the cardinals looked so pretty against the new snow. I may have converted another to the delights of keeping a bird sanctuary in their yard.

    I believe today entails shoveling, menu planning & since I have a bit of energy & a great deal of time before my family arises, a batch of banana nut muffins, followed by pumpkin bread. I'd like to freeze the bread for upcoming holiday meals & such.

    Enjoy your day - stay warm & dry. Here's to cooperative & loving difficult children & never, ever forget to hug your loved ones. :flower:
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    Glad you have some energy this morning. Maybe your body was simply telling you it needed sleep and forced you to listen.

    I don't miss snow but I do miss seeing some things against the snow and cardinals are high on that list. They are truly my favorite birds. The ones I've seen in Florida are rather dull in color. For that, we get to see egrets and cranes around every other corner and that almost makes up for the bland cardinals.

    I'm back to decorating. Have dribs and drabs done throughout the house. Will do more drabs this am and maybe a drib or two this pm.

    Happy December everyone!
  3. Marguerite

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    G'day, everyone.

    Linda, the snow and the cardinals sound lovely. I do hope you have got kt hooked.

    MB, your egrets sound lovely. I enjoy watching egrets fly, they look so slender and graceful. Enjoy your dribs and drabs!

    A neighbour dropped in this morning to get some of our lovely chook-boosted compost for her pot plants. Nothing like chicken manure for the garden!
    I also had a busy day dribbing and drabbing - didn't get as much done in the garden as I hoped, and NO cooking, although I have a lot of tomatoes which need to be cooked. But I did get to begin my sewing - BF2 cleaned up the sunroom (which he and easy child 2/difficult child 2 live in) so I could get to the sewing machine easily, so I began work on my reversible skirt. I cut the fabric this afternoon, pinned and gathered it while watching a movie with mother in law and I've got it about half made. Tricky, being reversible, it's going to be fairly heavy too. But it will look good - one side is a sort of emerald green Hawaiian print, the other side is the same print in a gold/brown. Each side is the petticoat for the other side. Very full skirts - 4 metre hem - should be cool in the worst of the summer heat. Hopefully I'll finish tomorrow, apart from needing waistband elastic. easy child 2/difficult child 2 wants me to put in a drawstring instead, so she can borrow my skirt. No flamin' way! I'd never get the thing back! She can make her own. AND buy the fabric - all the material cost about A$50, and I'm not making it for her to nick it.

    Down at mother in law's today, we surprised a possum sleeping tangled up next to the downpipe. It looked like she had tried to get into the garage and found it blocked up, so she just settled where she could. As the afternoon sun moved round and shone in her face she fidgeted a bit, trying to get more comfortable and out of the heat. That's how we realised she's a female. Dear little thing - we knew she was living nearby, we don't often see her. Here's hoping she doesn't eat the begonias I left for mother in law. And remember, this is an Aussie brushtail possum, very different to the US opossum.
    We had some mangoes get frozen by a too-cold fridge so husband left them out for our possums to eat - we don't see ours very often but even though they are wild, we've been able to hand-feed them in the past. And about a week ago, husband saw "Monty", the local very large Diamond Python, sliding into our garage roof. He's a big fella (or female) - a bit over 3 metres long. having a python living in your backyard is a good thing, they keep down mice & rats. And maybe the occasional bandicoot.

    Tomorrow is another school day for us, me nagging difficult child 3 to get work done because Tuesday is a History excursion (and I'd like to wear my new skirt). It's a busy week, school-wise. And it's already late, so I'd better head for bed soon.

    Enjoy your Sunday, everyone.

  4. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Linda-You sure do have a burst of energy! You can come bake at my house anytime! I'm not sure how the rest of the Tweedle household will enjoy their new schedule :rofl:

    Meowbunny-Enjoy the decorating. I think a little at a time makes a lot of sense. Usually I try to do it all at once and am exhausted but this year I started last week and still have a few finishing touches to add and it feels good doing it this way.

    Marguerite-Fresh tomatoes-I'm so jealous-there is nothing like fresh tomatoes! Your skirt sounds beautiful! You are a way braver woman than me having a snake around and thinking that's a good thing!

    Yesterday we were pretty much snowed in from late morning on (didn't get any Christmas shopping in)but I did have to venture to the grocery store (luckily the snow had just started). I've never seen lines so long!

    We have only about 4 inches of snow but on top of that we have at least an inch of ice! It does look pretty though. I think this morning I'll make a big breakfast-eggs, bacon, fried potatoes while I send husband out to clear the driveway and sidewalk!

    I hope they get the roads cleared as I really will need to get in a workout after not exercising yesterday and eating that big breakfast!

    Later I will made homemade chicken soup for dinner!

    I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful Sunday :christmasgift:
  5. LittleDudesMom

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    :xmasdancers: Good Morning Everyone!!

    Linda, nothing prettier than cardinals in the snow! A lovely sight. Glad you have a burst of energy this morning. Must have missed something - didn't know you had family coming today. Enjoy :gingerbread:

    Meow, enjoy your dribbing and drabbing :thumbsup:

    Marg, "boosted compost for her pot plants." - I was thinking to myself "wow, Marg has a neighbor who grows pot!!!!" I guess she got some manure for her potted plants!!! :smile:

    Sharon, we saw on the news about all the snow and ice in the midwest. It's good to get those days on the weekend because it forces you to slow down and enjoy :snowman: Chicken soup sounds good - think I'll make a pot of vegatable soup today!!

    easy child and I got the outside of the house decorated. We did the conservative, lovely white lighting on the front of the house (although part of our design this year was strands and strands of cascading while lights - different types of white strands - over the front door). easy child, being who she is, said that we should put a strand of blue up right as we reach the middle. She said it would look like snow. So, that we did. In the back we did the colored lights, which are my favorite! :lights: Something for everyone!

    difficult child has a little homework, easy child is spending a few hours with boyfriend, I'm up for watching Hairspray in my evil chair by the fire this afternoon. Think my cousin is joining us for dinner so I'm going to get started on making that vegatable soup Sharon inspired me to do.

    Have a relaxing and quiet Sunday :rudolph:

  6. mstang67chic

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    Morning all!

    Linda - SEVEN inches? Gaaaaa!! Noooooooo thanks!!! LOL HOpe you get the help you need today.

    Meow - enjoy your day

    Marg - Pythons might be helpful with unwanted critters but if I knew it was in the garage you couldn't pay me enough to go in there. :surprise:

    Sharon - be careful out there. We had some last night too. Not a lot but enough to make driving a little fun.

    LDM - sounds like a good day! Enjoy!

    I'm just sitting around being lazy. husband and I drove with my dad and step-mom last night to Marshall, MI to meet some cousins at a nice restaurant for kind of a holiday get together. The cousins are actually my dad's cousins but they are only a few years older than me and we all had a blast! MI got some of the snow and ice though so it made the 80 mile drive home a bit interesting.

    Hope everyone enjoys their day before back to the grind tomorrow!
  7. Fran

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    Good Morning all you snow bunnies. Happy winter. It's great that it's a weekend and traffic isn't so awful. :blizzard:

    Linda, I haven't put up bird feeders at this house but I have a huge bag of bird seed. Maybe I'll give that a go soon.

    As for today, I did the grocery shopping on line(thank you Linda for reminding me it's there) I have to pick it up and I like to pick my own bread and fruit but the big stuff will get loaded into the truck tomorrow morning. Maybe difficult child can pick it up for me. :smile: My motto being "got kids, use them".

    Now to get on with the day. I have lots on the to do list but I think going out to the plant nursery for poinsetta's may be big on the list.

    The Christmas party was perfect. I didn't know anyone, everyone was nice, great food, no speeches, no loud music and then home. My favorite sort of obligatory function.

    I could use a work out after the creme brulee last night but walking the pups through the woods will have to do.

    Hope you all have a wonderful day.