Good Sunday morning, friends &

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  1. timer lady

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    fellow :warrior: parents! :good_morning:

    It appears I'm up for the rest of the night....ah well I got in 3 and a half really good hours of sleep. This sleep thing will get better - I just know it. :talkhand:

    husband & I have a couple of errands to run this morning before he heads out to visit wm. He's not looking forward to the wm visit as our boy is on restriction for various & sundry "antics" he pulled last week. I keep thinking wm needs his one passion that will keep him out of trouble. We just can't find it.

    I, on the other hand, because of various medications am not going far from a bathroom - GP ordered a diuretic for me to lower my BiPolar (BP) (all steroid side effects) & get rid of this water retention. Ewwwwww - sorry too much information :stopglass: this early in the morning.

    So during my time of "confinement" :rolleyes: I'm sketching out a potential still life for my niece's kitchen as a wedding gift. I've pulled her main colors into it. My sister emailed me a picture of her kitchen with her dishes & other colors. Wish me luck - only have a little over a month to do this painting. :painter:

    kt is due home from respite between 3 & 4. She appears to be having fun - no goofy episodes or poor choices.

    Linguine & clam sauce for dinner with a big old salad & a baguette. Simple, fast & easy clean up.

    Have a good day, my friends. Find some time for yourselves today; the dust & vacuuming will be there tomorrow. I hope all your difficult children are in good form, your problems easy to solve & all in all the day is pleasant for you & yours.

    Find one reason to smile & hold that to you throughout the day. :morethanchocolate: I choose chocolate. That was easy. :rofl:

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    Good Morning, Linda

    I get up early, too. It's my time of QUIET.....since I don't get much. difficult child hasn't been doing very well lately and I'm intent on finding a reason so I lean to alone time with computer research. I have to be on him like a June Bug all the time or he goes haywire. He cries at the drop of a hat, school isn't going near as well as it was, he's belligerant, heck...he even looks bad. I just don't know what's going on. Anyway, all that makes for a very long day, every day.

    Last evening I got to webcam with my daughter and my grandchildren. She had lots more time to do it since her hubby is gone for a few days. It's very difficult for me to live so far from them....TX to MA. But I can't live where it's cold for so long....I just hate it. Guess we can't have everything.

    It's going to be cloudy today, but 80 degrees. I think we'll drive to Galveston and walk the beach for awhile.....I love it.

    SO, the rest of you find something, anything, that could give you even a short time of relaxation......we need it more than most.

    Good morning to those of you joining Linda and me.......grab a cup of coffee!!!! :coffee:
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    G'day, everyone. Linda, that linguine sounds delicious.

    PamelaJ, I'm sorry to hear difficult child is being a problem right now. Glad you got the webcam link with your daughter and family though. It really helps when you're far away. Enjoy your walk on the beach - we love the beach too.

    We played trains today. It was a quieter day than usual because it had been postponed a week because of Easter Sunday, so a lot of people didn't know it was on. I helped out a bit selling train tickets while husband finally got a chance to drive a train. We had brought mother in law and husband's niece and we finally got an opportunity for us all to have a ride with husband driving the mini steam locomotive.

    It's getting cold overnight but the days are still sunny and warm. We bought some fish from the fish market on the way home, it was really delicious.

    difficult child 1 has just dashed out to 'rescue' girlfriend who is having a panic attack. He's got an important phone call to make tomorrow, about a possible apprenticeship. I gave him the information, I hope he remembers to make the call.

    difficult child 3 is in bed, supposed to be going to sleep, but fretting over a noise he heard either in the ceiling or on the roof. Possum, or rat. A big difference. Possums are welcome, rats definitely not. It's heading for 10 pm and I really wish he'd just go to sleep so we could all get to bed a well. It's been a busy day and I'm very tired.

    Tomorrow is my last quiet day at home before a busy week. Here's hoping I get some sleep! Linda, I think I may have your problem when it comes to sleeping!

  4. tiredmommy

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    Good morning. :coffee:

    Linda- The still life sounds like the perfect gift! Better get to work. :)

    Pamela- We've used our web cams when husband is away for more than a night or two. Duckie really loves staying connected.

    Marg- I hope you are asleep and enjoy a quiet day today.

    I'm heading out for church in a bit, Duckie is staying home with husband. She's tired and had a bit of a tummy ache last night. I'm one of several people that are hosting a Home & Garden party at a lodge for a friend today. I hate these things, but I promised.

    Have a great day. :cheers:
  5. LittleDudesMom

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    :i'mback:Good Sunday Morning my Friends!!!!! I've been away from the board a week and glad to be back!

    Linda, the watercolors for your neice sound lovely - I would love a gift like that! Hope wm has a good visit with dad - maybe a visit is what he needs to bring in back together. Oh, and I never vacuum on Sunday :musicdance:!

    Pamela, that's nice that you can webcam with your daughter and your little prides! It makes the distance a little easier doesn't it? My really good friend web cams with her daughter and grandsons in Nebraska and they just love it! A walk on the beach sounds like a great prescription for a joyous Sunday :its_all_good:.

    Marg, glad your days are maintaining some warmth. It's a drag to go right from summer to winter!! I love that we are slowly nudged into the extreme seasons of winter and summer with fall and spring. They are my favs. I totally understand about difficult child 3 staying awake. My difficult child is overally cautious of sounds at night...... :scared:.

    TM, hope the weather is nice at your day for the Home and Garden party. Is this some type of selling party or just a gathering of woman party? Hope your day is a good one. :flower:

    We are bound and determined to enjoy the last day of spring break!! We have had a wonderful break with lots of great family time and no easy child or difficult child conflicts and no difficult child molments. It was the best! Both easy child and difficult child did save some last minute school work for today :dissapointed:, but hopes are high that they "whip it out" early. easy child's boyfriend is in town and we will all go out for an early Sunday dinner together this afternoon. Other than that, the kids want a bike ride and a movie and it sounds great to me.

    I hope your Sunday is a relaxing one :good_morning:.

  6. Good morning everyone!

    I'm just back in the warmth of our house after cheering husband on in his 17th mile of the ING marathon here today. Fortunately the cheering station was right behind our house, so I didn't have nearly as far to go as he did! It's cold though, the low 40's. The runners love it, but the cheerers weren't so happy! This is husband's fifth marathon, he's gotten quite serious about his running in his middle age,and I'm so proud of him.

    Linda, what a wonderful gift for your niece. I know she will always treasure it. So sorry about the sleeping problem. I'm in there with you. I try to capture some sleep whenever I can, some days are harder than others. Here's hoping that tonight you will get some good rest!

    Pamela J, the webcam with the grandkids sounds wonderful. So sorry to hear about difficult child, I hope the walk on the beach will give you some moments of serenity.I can almost hear the relaxing sounds of the waves from here.

    Marg, the trains sounds like such fun. I know your husband gave everyone a good ride. My husband and I both are train enthusiasts. We always try to work some sort of train experience in our vacations. The most excitining ones thus far have been the train through the Copper Canyon of Mexico from North Central Mexico to the Pacific coast and the "jungle train" through the center of Costa Rica from San Jose to Port de Limon. Let's just say , though, that the facilities were, um... primitive. Meals consisted of whatever you could buy from enterprising salespeople who sold their homemade food at the various stops and the restrooms were... enclosed areas with holes over the track. LOL... We have the same problems with critters running around in our walls. I'm not a fan of possums or rats - but I agree the rats are really the worst. We have flying squirrels as well - pesky little creatures.

    Tired Mommy, I hope that Duckie starts to feel a little better today. Everyone here at our house has recently had a little stomach upset, but it passed quickly. I know the party will be a great success! I hope you get to work in a little rest.

    Littledudesmom, enjoy the last day of freedom :) . Here's hoping that the school work gets done quickly and the bike ride and the movie are fun for all.

    Have a great Sunday everyone!