Good Sunday morning, friends

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by timer lady, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. timer lady

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    and fellow :warrior: mums.

    I'm sipping on a fresh cup of HMJ & enjoying quiet jazz. The world about me is quiet. Almost eerily so.

    Nothing on our agenda today other than housework & laundry. I'm working on our tax return. I also need to order in groceries.

    I ordered 2 pieces of music that I love by Clapton. Tears in Heaven & Running on Faith (I think). I really cannot remember the second piece however I love Clapton & am trying to play my piano on a more regular basis. I hope to be able to start lessons once again.

    Hope your Sunday is filled with fun & family time. :try2fly::woohoo::princess::jumphappy:
  2. Marguerite

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    G'day, people.

    Linda, it will be good for you to get back to your piano playing. "Tears in Heaven" is a lovely piece. Do you know the story behind it - why he wrote it? I watched a documentary about him and the story was so touching.

    It's been raining quite heavily at times here tonight. Quite bizarre. husband & I did some gardening today at mother in law's, a little at home as well. mother in law is getting very frail, but she also hates having her plants pruned. Unfortunately, it is necessary. She complained that she didn't want to cut the dying flowers form her lavender bush because she loves flowers and wanted to enjoy them for as long as possible; I told her that cutting the flowers would make more flowers and she didn't believe me, so I insisted. Just before Christmas I cut her a lovely bunch of lavender for a vase inside, and today I cut some more flowers from the second flush of flowers she got as a result of cutting before. She should get even more flowers now, plus the bush is safer from falling apart under its own leggy weight.
    I planted some tiger lily seeds for her today too. We have one that she had growing where she used to live - she had brought it there in a pot. When husband was born, someone brought her some flowers which included these lovely tiger lilies. All down the stem of the flowers in her vase, were the seeds forming. She planted them, and every year since then she has had a tiger lily in flower for husband's birthday. Quite a few years ago we planted some seeds from her clump of plants, and we've had at least one tiger lily flower in full bloom for husband's birthday.
    So now, at her new house down the road, we have taken some tiger lily seeds from our plant, and put them in her front garden. It helped her over the hurt of my insisting on pruning her favourite tree!

    The sun is due to come out on Wednesday at this rate. Still overcast, still a bit cool (by summer standards). I've been wearing my old (ventilated) ugg boots and at times even wearing a light sweater. It feels like autumn but it can't be, not yet. However, while we've been having a break from swimming at the beach, it's perhaps been a good thing because of the recent shark attacks. We're probably safe from them in our area because they believe the shark attacks are because fishing has been banned from Sydney Harbour and just outside, and the sharks are now enjoying feasting on the large fish we have accumulated in breeding stock. But our waters near us - we have trawlers going out every day. But it does persuade me that maybe the next time we go to the beach, we might go further inland to the shallower, warmer (and still) waters, far less likely to have sharks. Besides, the water is so clear that we have great visibility.

    Maybe by the weekend, we'll be swimming again. However, we'll be at PCs by then, up on the shores of the lake in Newcastle. We're going up to talk wedding stuff. No sharks in Lake Macquarie (at least, I don't think so). OK, she has a swimming pool. Maybe that will do!

    Enjoy your Sunday.

  3. Kjs

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    good morning to all.

    Linda - you deserve a quiet day. I wish I could hear you play your music. I love piano music. Maybe someone can tape you and put it on U-tube for all of us to enjoy!

    I have nothing planned today either. Rest of the week is full so I will enjoy my Sunday.

    Hope everyone has a pleasantly quiet and relaxing day!
  4. Kjs

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    Sorry Marg - missed you, we must have been posting at the same time. Sharks !! I haven't heard about that. Have there been a lot? That would definately scare me and for sure keep difficult child from ever going into the water. Heck, my difficult child is afraid the fish will bite him. Have a good day.
  5. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Linda-Sounds very peaceful at your house with the music playing. I'm glad you are playing the piano more.

    Marg-The tiger lily story is very cool. I love that they are always in bloom for your husband's birthday. Be careful in the water!

    Kjs-Don't you love a day with nothing planned? Relax and enjoy!

    We were going to take difficult child to a wrestling tournament today. He changed his mind and decided he didn't want to go. We told him tournaments are almost done for the season but he didn't want to go so we're not going to force him.

    For us this means we can get to the health club today which is a good thing. Napping and grocery shopping are also on the agenda.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day.:peaceful:
  6. Marguerite

    Marguerite Active Member

    Sharon/WO, you snuck in on me. Enjoy the health club!

    Hi, Kjs. Two shark attacks in two days. Both were in the water at risky times - dusk and dawn. The first was a Navy diver at Garden Island (right next to difficult child 3's school) who lost a handand may still lose a leg. Suspected bull shark. The second was a surfer at Bondi Beach, just outside the Sydney Heads and to the south. Shark unidentified, but MO could be bull shark. He's had his hand reattached, both are still in hospital. The surfer actually paddled himself in to shore. We breed 'em tough.

    Most of the sharks in Sydney Harbour are placid and not a danger. But we get ocean sharks still coming in. Many of our beaches are actually netted, so they're safe from sharks. I think Bondi is also netted, but the surer must have been beyond the nets. Not sure about this one.
    Our village beaches are not netted, but nobody's been attacked by sharks in our area in the 30 years we've been living here. I do think there is a link to the fishing ban in the Harbour. The authorities may re-think the ban, which will be good news for husband's & my favourite restaurant at Watson's Bay - a seafood restaurant run by a fisherman's family, right on the beach. You can eat your dinner with your feet almost dipping in the water, if you choose. Barefoot and sandy, or a bit more formal inside if you prefer.

    Maybe we need shark on the menu?

  7. timer lady

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    I do know the story behind the song Tears in Heaven. After learning of Clapton's loss of his child, I felt a connection of sorts (my 4 y/o sister died & then I had a 4 y/o niece die).

    It hit home hard. Now, for some reason it's a comforting song for me.
  8. LittleDudesMom

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    :thumbsup: Good Sunday Morning all.

    Linda, is that a pastel drawing? I wish I could see it larger - it looks like a woman in deep thought or emotional pain/exhaustion. I've laundry on my agenda today as well!

    Marg, perhaps holding off on the swimming is a good idea given the recent attacks! The warmth here has our spring bulbs shooting up and your talk of pruning and gardening has me thinking about spring planting.

    Kjs, wonderful to have a day with nothing planned. Those are my favs. Sunday is a great day to feel no guilt for doing nothing!

    Sharon, sounds like you have a nice day ahead as well! Enjoy the gym and the nap!

    easy child has come down with the flu that is going around her school. Her best bud came down with it Friday and she came down with it yesterday afternoon. The ex boyfriend came in town to visit, take her to dinner, and deliver a box of chocolates! She wasn't feeling well so they ordered Thai carryout and ended up sitting watching movies here. They usually talk about once a week now.

    Who knows.......he's such a nice guy with so much awful stuff in his childhood that needs working prevents him from acheiving his potential. But he has such a great heart.....

    Today I don't have much on the agenda. easy child had wanted to go to the gym together and work out a new routine. That won't be happening! I've a few loads of laundry then I'll be going over the my cousins to cut my aunt's hair this afternoon. Other than that, I'm free!

    I hope all of you enjoy this day of rest.

  9. Andy

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    Timer - You sound so relaxed this morning. I hope you have a quiet peaceful day.

    Marg - The flowers sound beautiful. I suppose after the instense hot weather you had for a long time, any cooler weather would feel colder than it actually is. I remember as a kid one of my sisters convinced our youngest sister that there were sharks in a lake we were at (in Minnesota the only sharks we have are in aquariums). It is a common thing for kids to do to try to scare each other here. I don't go in the water much because I hate wet feet but I think I would hate sharks even more.

    Kjs - Enjoy a great Sunday. The little tiny fish do nibble on swimmers at our swimming beaches. I don't like that either - but still better than a shark bite.

    Wiped Out - Sounds like you will have a nice day also. Maybe difficult child just needs a break and will go to the next tournament. We are considering taking our difficult child to a bowling tournament the beginning of April. husband thinks it is a waste of time to drive an hour or more to bowl! I just need to look at a map and figure out the roads on how to get there. If he does well, he will not be able to go to State since that will be the weekend he is in NYC with his aunt and uncle. I don't expect he would make it that far anyway and want him to have the experience of a tournament.

    I need to go to church early again to set up for Sunday School. The youth group have a Valentine's Dinner at noon today that I haven't decided to attend or not. I need to check to see if we were suppose to sign up ahead of time. At first I wasn't going to go because they had set the cost of $15 per plate but must have received a lot of feed back on the cost and changed it to a free will offering.

    Non-easy child diva is in South Dakota. Now we just have to pray that the roads stay dry for her to come home tomorrow morning. I think she needs to get up and get home tommorrow before a 3:00 funeral for her friend's dad who died of a hear attack this past week. I think if she knew for sure if her friend would be back home for the funeral than she would come back for it.

    Yesterday was such a big day! We did go bowling in the afternoon and difficult child got 161. So, he does have it in him. One of the staff at the lanes had showed him how/where to figure out to stand. He started the 1st game with 2 strikes. Just needs time for practice. His average is 102 and going up fast. I think he has a great shot of being "Best improved" at the end of this season. As mentioned above, I might take him to a district tournament to gain that experience.

    Everyone have a great day today! Find a way to make your kids laugh.

  10. Andy

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    Little Dude's Mom - You snuck in on me. I hope easy child feels better today. My Non-easy child Diva was sick Wednesday night into Thursday. I am glad she waited until Saturday to leave on her adventure. She called me Wednesday late afternoon stating she needed to get to the bank that day and couldn't drive because she was sick. Have a great day!