Good Sunday morning friends &

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    fellow warrior parents. :good_morning::warrior:

    Today is the day ~ the tweedles are 15 years old today. How many of you remember when I hit this board & they were 8 or so?

    Well, my babies are 15 & asking for their learner's permit. :talkhand::rofl:

    I've set up birthday celebrations for Monday for kt; Tuesday for wm.

    Today is another quiet day ~ as it rained yesterday we never made it to the garden center, so today is another attempt. Yesterday kt, PCA & I watched the early Star Wars movies & Spaceballs.

    I'm prepping the house for another week of construction. Tuesday everything needs to be cleared out on the east side of the house (kitchen, hall & my bedroom) as the hard wood floors are being sanded & something else. Wednesday is more of the same.

    Have a good day all - keep it calm.
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    G'day for Sunday.

    Linda, we LOVE Space Balls in our house. difficult child 3 has the script memorised. As for Star Wars - difficult child 1 is a walking encyclopedia on it.

    With reference to yesterday's thread - the strawberry jam recipe uses equal parts by weight strawberries & sugar. I weigh the strawberries then cook them in the microwave unutil soft - no sugar, no liquid (except maybe juice of a lime). Then I add the sugar and cook in the microwave (lower power) until the jam reaches setting point (if it does - doesn't always). Because of how microwave ovens work, it's easy to bottle the jam while it's still bubbling. The main thing to watch out for is boiling over. I put the container inside another, to catch any boil-over. Then once I've bottled it all, I pour milk in to rinse it clean (and give the strawberry milk to whoever wants it, to drink).

    The ribs - the treatment these days is to NOT strap them. But in my case, I think binding up is helping a bit.

    I just got back form the evening's outing into the city. The show was fabulous, but hard to describe. My friend & I go on an outing like this every year as a birthday treat for both of us. Usually we go have dinner afterwards to talk about the deep & meaningful stuff raised by the production, but this improv has none of that; they literally made it up as they went along, from ideas suggested by the audience. The audience then voted on which of 6 ideas we liked best, then the cast of four had to make up and perform a Broadway musical on the spot. You could see the terror in their faces through all the comedy. They had two racks of costumes and two tables of props, they would grab stuff and use it depending on what other cast members were doing. There was also a pianist who took his cues from the cast and who made up all the music as they went along. No intermission for them to prepare - they just went in, cold.

    THAT takes courage! Four of our best improv comedians in Australia. It was called "Spontaneous Broadway" and was thoroughly enjoyable.
    Here is a link -

    We were at the Opera House in one of the smaller theatres. It was lovely walking outside and seeing the lovely harbour, the Bridge, the old Bond Stores - the whole thing. And as we were leaving the lights had just come on, the white 'sails' were lit up and the Opera House looked just beautiful, sparkling. As I said to my friend, it's like meeting up with your cousin who you know really well - but who also happens to be a world-famous supermodel or rockstar. YOU know her well and you enjoy everyone else's admiration of her even more, for your own intimate acquaintance.

    We finished early in the evening so we went to dinner afterwards (as we usually do) but this time decided to avoid eating by the harbour (we've done it so many times before and it really is much more expensive). Instead, we headed for the more bohemian areas in Newtown which I suspect were half the price and probably nicer. We ended up having a progressive dinner, working our way through the suburbs towards home. Chinese food in Newtown, then dessert and hot chocolate further out (Lebanese). I brought home a plate of pastries for husband.

    I'm off to go change out of my grey suit. I did have a ruffled cream blouse on and a black brocade vest, but I realsied as my friend & I were sitting together at various tables for two in a series of restaurants, coupled with my friend's authoritative air of control and her close-cropped mannish hair style, that we must have looked like a lesbian couple, out on the town together. At the Chinese restaurant we were eating off each other's plates too. And at the Lebanese place too, come to think of it...

    Well - we did nothing to sway opinions one way or another.

    Just good friends.

    Time for me to turn back into a slob and take the pressure off this rib.

    Definitely on the mend - I was out in cold air tonight and no coughing. I haven't coughed all day and I might skip the cough medicine tonight.


    Enjoy your Sunday, everyone.

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    Good morning. :coffee:

    Linda- Happy birthday to the tweedles! The younger story that I remember best is that you had gotten a new coffee maker with an alarm which went off when brewing was complete. The alarm scared the kids and they would run screaming from the house like it was on fire. Not funny then, but humorous now. :)

    Marg- I have very short hair so I'm occasionally confused for a lesbian. I figure if someone makes a judgment based on a hair style then they are nothing more than an idiot and not really worth my concern. I'm glad you enjoyed your evening and had no coughing!

    The BBQ at my friend's went well... only one skirmish between the girls which I shut down quickly. My bff even opened up to me and asked what we should do if our girls don't end up friends. I told her that we can remain friends, we can't force them to be friends. We can just insist they treat each other with respect.

    We meet up with my cousins today and their brood of kids. There will be 8 children today, we're headed to a local amusement park. Duckie is so excited to spend time with her cousins and do something really fun with them! I, of course, will be the pack mule...

    by the way, my sink still doesn't work. It's getting old real fast. :mad:

    Have a great day! Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:
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    Good Morning Everyone!

    Linda, sounds like you had a nice quiet 4th. Hope you get a chance to get your plants today - we are having a cool, rainy Sunday and I am really enjoying it! Happy Birthday to the tweeds (I think they are getting too big for tweedle!!!!!)

    Marg, sounds like a fabulous night out!! It's good to hear that the ribs are feeling better and there was no coughing today. Perhaps you are finally on the mend.

    A lazy day here. Everyone is still asleep. It is dark, cool, and raining - a great day for sleeping in! The 4th celebration was great last night. Great company, good food, difficult child and easy child's boyfriend put on the fireworks show....the weather more than cooperated...a great day.

    Today is about staying in and chilling! Fortunately the weather is just right for a lazy Sunday.

    Take care all,
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    Morning TM - we must have been typing together! Have a fun day with family!

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    Timer - I suppose the Tweedles would not appreciate the humor of you getting them a certificate stating that they had "Permission to Learn" (Learners Permit but not as they are thinking). Next week will be busy for you with continued construction and birthday parties.

    Marge - I am glad you are heading back to a healthy self.

    Tired - It is hard when our kids don't get along with friend's kids. I hope you don't have to pack too much as your pack mule role today. It sounds like a great day!

    Little Dude's Mom - I am glad you had a great day yesterday.

    I was up way too late last night and can tell that going back to work will be a challenge tomorrow. We have a special service to say goodbye to our DCE at church today. I am very dissappointed that there is no farewell meal for her - just the normal fellowship time of coffee/juice and rolls after the service. She has become like a daughter to me. We will make sure to take her out and give her a proper goodbye from our family.

    The weather was beautiful yesterday. I hung out two loads of clothes. I was very frustrated when I couldn't find the bucket of wooden clothes pins. husband had hung out clothes on Friday so I asked him where they were. He told me they were still hanging on the line and I had better dump the water out. This after one inch of rain from Friday during the day. I am still angry that they were not brought in or taken care of after the down pour on Friday. I had no clue they were out there! We were gone during the downpour so husband had called Diva to bring in his clothes. I did notice she left the pins clipped to the line but my view of the clothes line does not include the corner the bucket of pins or hanging from and I thought they were brought in. I expect this from Diva but I was sure husband would have known better than to not take care of them when the rain stopped.

    difficult child and DCE did a few fireworks last night. We are waiting for neighbor boy to be home tonight to do the bulk of them. difficult child took a cardboard table out to the cul de sac and set up the fireworks. He then put our two camp chairs next to it and sat there much of the evening waiting for dark. It looked like he was selling the fireworks. I called our DCE to see if anyone had included her in 4th of July plans. She was packing and came over for awhile.

    Everyone have a great day and find a way to make your kids laugh.

  7. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Linda-Happy Birthday to the Tweedles! Wow 15, I dread when my difficult child starts asking for his permit-not gonna happen at 16 for him (unless we see a ton of progress).

    Marg-Sounds like a fun night! I love improv!

    TM-Glad the bbq went well and that your friend opened up with you. I hope your sink is working soon!.

    Sharon-Enjoy your lazy Sunday! Glad the 4th celebration was fun!

    Andy-Sorry about the clothespins. Enjoy your day.

    No fireworks for us. difficult child always wants to do sparklers and things but they are illegal in our city. We didn't go to watch any because the skeeters are so bad. We just had a nice quiet night at home.

    Today I'm hoping to get to the club but we'll see. husband and easy child are going to the movie they didn't go to yesterday and we have to have easy child back by 5:00.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful: