Good Sunday morning friends....

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Up early again - sleep has begun to be a precious commodity in the tweedle household.

I promised kt hamburgers on the grill today. She really wants hamburgers with cole slaw & baked beans. I think I can accomdate that.

husband has some work to finish this morning then it's to be a family type afternoon. He & kt are taking Sally for a walk along the Mississippi River. I'm going to read a Lisa Gardner novel this afternoon.

I hope to attempt to play my piano again this afternoon.

Enjoy your day, friends. Keep it calm.


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It does sound like a lovely relaxing family day. You're certainly getting a lot of reading done!

Good luck with the piano - don't expect too much of yourself to begin with, this is going to take time. Keep to slower pieces without too many fast arpeggios. You may find some fingers weaker than others so chords will be tricky, but are probably the easiest to get back into. You WILL get there. Maybe "Moonlight" by Beethoven?

We've had a quiet day at home. difficult child 3 & I were feeling a it unwell. I'm a meanie, I got difficult child 3 back to schoolwork again today. He's a bit behind with a couple of subjects, one of them we'd brought with us to New Zealand and I thought he'd done it there but it was a misunderstanding (not his fault at all). Today, he got it finished so I could put it in the post tonight. easy child 2/difficult child 2 had to drive to the mainland to collect BF2 after work, so I took the school envelope with us to drop it into the larger regional post centre, it should get to the school much faster now.

Tomorrow I have to keep difficult child 3 working, also get difficult child 1 doing some labouring work in the garden, also chase up difficult child 1 & easy child 2/difficult child 2 as far as applying for more jobs. easy child 2/difficult child 2 has an audition opportunity on Wednesday, but she needs to email the people to get details. She wants to do it but is really bad at organising herself.
And somewhere in there, I have to get on with working on the book publishing.

Not sure if it's tonight or tomorrow night - an Aussie comedian/chat show host went to New York to film his show. There is a possibility you guys could be getting him more permanently from next year (you lucky people!). He's already been on Jay Leno once, is back on tomorrow your time (I think). His name is Rove McManus. True. Not a stage name, either. Watch for him - I hope you enjoy it. He's going through some life decision times at the moment, his wife Belinda died last year of cancer, she'd been fighting it for ten years or more. It was very hard on him and he just cancelled everything, for about six months. There is talk of him moving to New York permanently, taking his show there.
He looks like a clean-cut teenager but has a mind like a steel trap.

Keep your eyes peeled for Rove. Our loss will be your gain...



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Good Morning everyone!

Linda- the hamburgers sound pretty good, hope you have a nice day

Marg- hope you feel better.

So a lot has been going on with my niece, which is why i have not been on, the good news her husband can not go near her or the baby for at least a year. Hopefully by then the divorce will be final. difficult child and i went to the Harry Potter release Friday/Sat. morning. It was fun and totally crazy, i never knew the store could fit so many people. The good news i love the book, but best of all. It has inspired difficult child to start reding the other books. As he has learning problems he reads at a very lower grade level, but to see him pick up a book yesterday was awesome. Well i hope you all have a great day, this is my last week at work, thne we are off for vacation!


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Good morning. :coffee:
Linda- Don't be too upset if the piano doesn't go too well today. You'll get it back in time. :kisses:
Marg- Have fun directing the kids tomorrow. :faint:
Jen- Glad to hear difficult child decided to pick up the book. I hope he gets through it okay. :thumb:
We have church this morning and visit my in-laws later. I'm hoping for a quiet day. The surprise party was fun last night. Friends and family came in from all over the country. My friend told me it felt like she walked into heaven when she looked out to see all the people she loved. I'm glad she was pleased. :smile:
Have a great day. Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:


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Good morning everyone. Sorry to be so out of touch lately but this househunting is wearing me out. I think we are making an offer today so hopefully that phase will be closed.

difficult child is working this weekend and is hoping to earn enough to visit a friend in NY sometime in August. He seems more settled lately.

easy child and his roommate are not a match made in heaven lately. I think he will be glad to be away from that sort of irritability. Big life lessons being learned that's for sure. He loves his job and has made a few nice friends. I doubt he will ever be at our home for longer than a few days in the future. At least it's so he can work.

Talk to you soon. Have a good day y'all. :smile:

Morning all.

Linda, keep feeling better. Enjoy playing the piano.

Marg, I'll keep an eye out for Rove. If he's half as good as Keith Urban (thank you for him, by the way), we're in business.

Razz, Harry Potter fever!

TM, I also hope you have a nice quiet day.

Fran, happy continued house hunting.

It's been a bit cooler & drier the past couple days, so my breathing has improved. Today, however, I'm not doing so good, and I am not sure if it is because I went out last night (AA meeting, first time in a loooong time). I had a coughing fit this morning, coughed till I got a migraine, peed, and threw up.

Nice, huh?

Anyways, little by little, figuring out what is wrong with me. I've got till 6 to relax, that's when DEX brings home Tink.

Hi to anyone who snuck in. Have a blessed Sunday, find something beautiful to look at!